A Mac gaming renaissance is upon us

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake December 16, 2023 6:30AM

I don’t often get to opportunity this, but this has been a awesome twelvemonth for Mac gaming. And I don’t conscionable mean location person been a fewer positives present and location — I’d spell arsenic acold arsenic saying it’s been a transformative 12 months for games connected Apple’s platform.

Of course, things aren’t perfect, and there’s a batch I’d for illustration Apple to change to make nan Mac a existent location for gamers. But looking backmost complete nan past decade aliases so, I can’t deliberation of a amended clip to play games connected nan Mac than correct now.

Hot hardware

A personification plays Firmament connected an M3 iMac utilizing a crippled controller.Apple

How did we get here? A ample portion of it comes down to hardware. Apple has been connected a rotation ever since it ditched Intel processors and shifted complete to its ain Apple silicon, but astir of nan gains present person been pinch axenic CPU power. That each changed pinch nan preamble of nan M3 bid of chips this fall.

Here, nan main summation was recovered successful nan GPU. When we tested nan M3 Max spot successful nan 14-inch MacBook Pro, we recovered that it outperformed each RTX 4070 laptop GPU we’d seen, moreover beating nan all-out-gamer Razer Blade 14. Results for illustration that consciousness almost unbelievable, yet they’re very real.

Apple has done an astonishing occupation here, considering really atrocious Mac gaming capacity utilized to be. It’s not conscionable astir stuffing successful other cores either — nan latest MacBook Pros now travel loaded pinch hardware-accelerated ray tracing, mesh shading, and more. Whatever witchcraft Apple has been performing successful its top-secret Mac labs, it’s working.

The AAA breakthrough

Astrion holds his chin successful Baldur's Gate 3.Larian Studios

All that earthy hardware powerfulness would beryllium for naught if location weren’t immoderate bully Mac games to play. But again, 2023 has travel up trumps successful that regard.

As usual, location were a ton of superb indie (or “indie-like”) games to travel retired connected nan Mac successful 2023, from Dave nan Diver to Stray. Macs person ever been beardown here, and location person been rich | pickings so complete nan past year. But I cognize indie games are improbable to supply nan benignant of displacement Mac gaming needs to really spell mainstream.

What was different this twelvemonth was nan summation of a heap of genuine AAA titles, pinch Lies of P and nan afloat merchandise of Baldur’s Gate 3 swelling nan ranks of nan best Mac games (Resident Evil 4 is conscionable astir nan corner, too). Big-budget prestige games connected nan Mac aren’t thing I’m utilized to, but successful 2023, it happened pinch a bang.

It wasn’t each cleanable — pinch nan update to Counter-Strike 2, CS: GO is nary longer connected nan Mac, while different AAA franchises for illustration Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty are still notably absent. But we’re nary longer fighting for leftovers successful Apple Arcade, which alone fills maine pinch hope.

Just nan beginning

Lies of P being played connected an iMac.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

As happy arsenic I americium pinch really Mac gaming developed successful 2023 (I can’t extremity reasoning astir Baldur’s Gate 3, moreover erstwhile I’m not playing it), I cognize we shouldn’t position this arsenic thing much than a awesome starting point. Apple can’t remainder connected its laurels present — it needs to spot this twelvemonth arsenic a jumping-off constituent from which Mac gaming tin spell connected to amended things.

I’m optimistic that’ll happen, and it’s not conscionable wishful thinking. We cognize Apple is taking a much proactive stance to get developers connected board, pinch Tim Millet, nan company’s VP of Platform Architecture, hinting that Apple is working pinch developers to get their games onto nan Mac.

Beyond that, nan institution has brought retired nan game porting toolkit successful an effort to radically simplify nan process of bringing Windows games crossed to Apple’s computers. It’s not successful awesome shape correct now, but it’s a start.

All that activity needs to continue. Apple has nan hardware successful spot to make a existent push into gaming travel 2024. Adding big-name games that will pull players is nan final portion of nan puzzle. Given really good 2023 went successful that regard, location are reasons to beryllium hopeful.

Apple has agelong said it is superior astir gaming. In 2023, it yet proved it. Now, it feels for illustration we mightiness beryllium yet turning an important corner, and I’m looking guardant to immoderate comes next.

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