A major era in Intel chip technology may be coming to an end

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An Intel processor complete a acheronian bluish background.Intel

Intel’s next-generation Arrow Lake chips are said to beryllium coming retired later this year, but we don’t cognize overmuch astir them conscionable yet. However, a caller leak shows america that 2 important features whitethorn beryllium missing from nan next-gen CPU lineup: hyperthreading and support for nan AVX-512 extension. If Intel is ditching hyperthreading, it’s not wholly unexpected, but it mightiness make it trickier for moreover its best processors to hit AMD.

Hyperthreading allows beingness cores successful Intel processors to execute 2 tasks simultaneously, improving ratio and capacity successful multi-threaded applications. Intel first introduced it successful 2002, but it hasn’t utilized nan exertion successful each procreation of its CPUs betwixt past and now. The tech was each but gone from customer processors for galore years pursuing its launch, though it was still coming successful definite models. Since then, Intel has selectively implemented HT crossed its merchandise stack. In nan past fewer years, it became a staple, particularly successful midrange and high-end chips.

No matter its legacy, it sounds for illustration hyperthreading is connected its past legs, and we’ve now heard this from a mates of different sources. First, a leaked Intel descent was shared by X (formerly Twitter) personification YuuKi_AnS. It was later deleted, but VideoCardz snapped it up earlier it was gone. The descent mentioned a pre-alpha Arrow Lake-S (desktop) spot pinch 8 cores and 8 threads. If it featured hyperthreading, it would person had up to 16 threads.

I spotted a caller #ArrowLake-S (CPUID C0660, 24 threads, 3GHz, w/o #AVX512) among nan #Intel trial machines:https://t.co/xiSjhpEcPP https://t.co/X7iBnRq9gW pic.twitter.com/Dasjo0L6Fp

— InstLatX64 (@InstLatX64) February 1, 2024

Now, InstaLaX64 spotted different Arrow Lake CPU pinch conscionable 24 threads, besides suggesting nary hyperthreading. The leaker besides notes that nan CPU lacks support for AVX-512 instructions, though it’s imaginable that this was conscionable abnormal successful this early engineering sample. If not, those who request this characteristic will person to default to AMD’s Ryzen 7000 lineup, which wouldn’t beryllium awesome news for Intel.

Although its CPUs almost universally see hyperthreading now, Intel has been slow phasing nan characteristic retired since nan motorboat of Alder Lake and nan move to a hybrid halfway architecture. Since businesslike (E) cores don’t support hyperthreading, nan tech only applies to capacity (P) cores. With nan merchandise of Meteor Lake, Intel has besides introduced different type of core, nan low-power halfway (LP), which besides doesn’t support hyperthreading.

While it’s champion to return nan supra pinch a patient dose of skepticism, nan leaks we’ve had truthful acold each look to constituent to nan aforesaid thing. Is this because it’s still early days, aliases is Intel really giving up connected hyperthreading — a exertion that’s been astir successful immoderate style aliases shape for complete 20 years? I’m starting to thin toward nan latter.

This could springiness AMD an advantage, seeing arsenic Intel’s typically been amended astatine multi-threaded tasks, and hyperthreading plays a large portion successful that. We’ll person to spot really it pans retired erstwhile Arrow Lake hits nan shelves successful nan 2nd half of 2024.

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