A major Windows update just launched. Here’s what’s new

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Microsoft has conscionable announced nan latest update to Windows 11, which brings nan operating strategy up to type 23H2. This is simply a cumulative update that comes pinch immoderate of nan astir breathtaking features already announced successful September, including Copilot, and brings immoderate changes to Teams, among different things. Here’s what’s caller and really to get it connected your ain PC.

When Microsoft first announced Copilot during its September event, galore thought that it’d beryllium disposable correct distant — and it was, but not widely. Now, pinch nan 23H2 update, Copilot should beryllium downloaded and toggled connected by default, alongside everything other that was announced during nan Surface event. Some caller things are connected nan way, too.

There aren’t that galore things that Microsoft hasn’t previewed before, but location are a couple. For one, nan Chat usability is now nan free type of Microsoft Teams and will beryllium pinned to your taskbar by default. Teams is nan cardinal hub for each things related to communications connected Windows, including matter chat, calls, meetings, and organization chats. In addition, you’ll beryllium capable to nonstop and person SMS messages done Teams — a characteristic galore mightiness retrieve from Skype. Lastly, you’ll beryllium capable to find group you whitethorn cognize done Teams easier than earlier pinch nan caller “People” experience.

Microsoft has besides streamlined uncovering strategy components successful nan Start menu, making them easier to find successful their ain dedicated section.

Windows Copilot taking an image arsenic a prompt.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Let’s besides quickly recap what we tin expect from nan update, and a batch of it mightiness consciousness for illustration a repetition of what we already know. However, Microsoft has been rolling these features retired slowly, and now, we’re expected to get each of them.

Microsoft’s Copilot is nan biggest change. It’s woven into nan OS and it tin do a full bunch of things, from organizing your files to penning a blog post. It’s fundamentally Bing Chat for Windows, and it tin beryllium controlled by voice, too. We person a guideline connected how to usage Copilot to get you started.

Further updates see AI capabilities coming to Paint, Snipping Tool, and Photos. Paint now supports layers and intuitive inheritance removal, but besides allows you to move matter prompts into images, supported by nan DALL-E 3 model. Video editing gets easier pinch Microsoft Clipchamp, and Snipping Tool will now fto you surface record, complete pinch audio.

Microsoft is besides making it easier to move to a caller PC by utilizing Windows Backup, allowing users to download their backed-up information straight from nan unreality conscionable by logging into their Microsoft accounts. Microsoft is besides promoting Passkeys, a characteristic that mightiness 1 time switch passwords, which only requires that you grin astatine nan surface successful bid to log on. There’s much — cheque retired nan afloat database of features that started rolling retired successful September successful Microsoft’s blog post.

How to download nan Windows 11 23H2 update

Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 rear position showing lid and logo.Mark Coppock / Digital Trends

As agelong arsenic you’re already moving nan erstwhile Windows 11 22H2 update, you’ll beryllium capable to download nan caller type by opting in. It appears that nan update won’t go mandatory for a while yet, but it’s a batch much wide disposable now than it was before. To get it, caput to Settings, then Windows Update. Select Check for updates and turn connected getting nan latest updates arsenic soon arsenic they’re available.

If you’re successful nary unreserved to effort this caller spot retired correct away, it’ll astir apt travel to your PC astatine immoderate constituent successful nan adjacent fewer months. However, if you’re excited to effort retired Copilot, now is your chance to acquisition nan improvement of AI successful Windows firsthand.

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