A smartphone company you haven’t heard of has big plans for 2024

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The folded Tecno Phantom V Fold and Tecno Phantom V Flip.The Tecno Phantom V Flip (left) and Tecno Phantom V Fold Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Tecno, a marque that mostly makes waves successful nan East while surviving nether nan fund shadows, is erstwhile again fresh to make an invention splash. At Mobile World Congress 2024, nan institution has lined up immoderate alternatively promising announcements, and among them is simply a caller return connected nan thought of rollable surface phones.

So far, Samsung has only shown moving rollable surface concepts, while Motorola and Oppo’s respective phones pinch a rollable surface ne'er made it past nan demo stage. Tecno wants to springiness it a effort arsenic well, and will beryllium unveiling nan Phantom Ultimate smartphone featuring rollable surface exertion later this month.

It’s still going to beryllium a “concept phone” that will employment an “innovative double-sided screen.” The surface goes from 6.5 inches to 7.1 inches erstwhile nan rollable surface system kicks into action. We don’t cognize what precisely it is going to look like, but nan dimensions propose that it will spell from a portrait-first telephone predisposition to a tablet mode, somewhat for illustration the Oppo X 2021 concept.

A adjacent up of nan Tecno Phantom X2 Pro's camera.Tecno precocious sold a telephone pinch a motorized pop-out camera. Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

On a akin note, Tecno is besides going to showcase its return connected a foldable telephone surface that is borderless. So far, we person seen brands ditching nan accepted bezels and replacing them pinch coagulated raised lips. It would beryllium absorbing to spot what nan marque has been cooking up successful its labs and whether specified a displacement is simply aesthetical aliases if it holds immoderate applicable worth arsenic well.

Talking astir aesthetics, Tecno is going to showcase immoderate environment-friendly materials that spell into designing telephone shells. Among nan ideas that will beryllium connected nan MWC 2024 show level are “organosilicon cloth leather, layered fiberglass, 3D stereo optical grating, colored textured glass.” A fewer months ago, nan institution launched its Camon 19 Pro smartphone, which features color-changing blocks that change their quality erstwhile exposed to light.

Tecno says it will besides stock much specifications astir nan activity it has done pinch tegument colour mapping for smartphone cameras courtesy of its Universal Tone efforts. It intends to propulsion disconnected nan aforesaid algorithmic instrumentality that Google did by baking nan Real Tone tech astatine nan bosom of Pixel smartphones. The institution besides has immoderate mobile video imaging advancements successful its container of announcements for nan upcoming event.

On nan much eager broadside of things, Tecno has besides created a robotic canine called Dynamic 1 that is inspired by nan German Shepherd breed and wants to beryllium your intelligent pet pal. This robotic canine companion relies connected AI to assistance pinch “intuitively knowing commands and performing lifelike actions.”

The Tecno Phantom V Flip, pinch different folding phones.Tecno besides made 1 of nan world’s astir affordable foldable phones. Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

And finally, we person nan Tecno Pocket Go, touted to beryllium “the industry’s first Windows AR gaming” kit. It fundamentally combines nan ocular versatility of AR glasses pinch nan dexterity of a handheld console and is aimed astatine pushing AR gaming into nan mainstream. Apple’s Vision Pro headset is yet out, and it seems Tecno intends to showcase what it has built connected its ain while latching connected to nan newfound AR activity successful nan user electronics segment.

Dspite its comparative underdog status, Tecno isn’t really a copycat — rather nan contrary. The institution precocious launched a phone pinch physically retracting camera lens hardware. It was a pop-out camera tech dissimilar immoderate that I’ve ever seen before.

Last year, it launched 1 of the world’s astir affordable foldable phones called nan Phantom V Fold. And to guidelines retired successful a oversea of clamshell-style foldable phones, nan company introduced nan Phantom V Flip and equipped it pinch a one-of-a-kind information secondary display. The institution precocious announced a unsocial return connected camera strategy tech by integrating liquid lens tech successful a periscope module, and it besides revealed a unsocial lens aperture module to heighten image quality.

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