A YouTuber created a truly bezel-less MacBook

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Alan Truly

By Alan Truly February 12, 2024 4:32PM

This MacBook has nary bezels, acknowledgment to Luke Miani's surface removal and Vision Pro replacement.Luke Miani

We’ve each seen nan conception creation of futuristic MacBooks that wholly destruct nan bezels astir nan screen. Those are axenic fantasy, moreover though Apple has importantly reduced bezel thickness connected its astir caller MacBooks.

However, those millimeters of wasted surface abstraction connected a MacBook tin beryllium infuriating, particularly compared to nan concepts retired there.

As concocted by YouTuber Luke Miani, that problem’s been solved. Kind of. If you haven’t already guessed, nan concealed is to use a $3,500 Apple Vision Pro connected to your MacBook arsenic a virtual display. While nan Apple Vision Pro has this expertise without immoderate request to modify a MacBook, you tin herb this conception up rather a spot by removing your MacBook’s screen, making it a headless laptop.

The Vision Pro sees nan MacBook and offers to connect, moreover though it lacks a screen.The Vision Pro sees nan MacBook and offers to connect, moreover though it lacks a screen. Luke Miani

A headless MacBook sounds spooky, but Luke Miani’s YouTube video will locomotion you done nan steps to person your 2022 Apple M2 MacBook Air into an ultra-slim headless slab that’s eager to link to a virtual display. The Vision Pro still sees nan MacBook and offers to connect pinch a fastener that hovers complete nan absent screen.

Before opening this agelong and dubious journey, statement that you tin execute a akin effect without disassembling your MacBook. It takes a adjacent magnitude of clip and typical devices to teardown a MacBook and region nan screen.

Of course, nan Vision Pro tin make a Mac virtual show overmuch larger.Of course, nan Vision Pro tin make a Mac virtual show overmuch larger. Luke Miani

Miani admits it’s a crazy idea, but astatine nan aforesaid time, it’s beautiful cool-looking. The only reasonable excuse for doing this would beryllium if you already ain a Vision Pro and a MacBook pinch a severely damaged screen.

You could besides connect a brace of next-gen smart glasses to your MacBook for an inexpensive 1080p show for astir $400.

There are plentifulness of top-quality USB-C displays if you don’t mind nan awkward physicality of that aged tech.

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