Abstracting complexity

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Webinar Imagine surviving wrong a celestial chess crippled wherever each nan stars are pawns and nan planets hide successful achromatic holes. Oh, and if you region excessively long, you lose.

Managing AI operations tin beryllium conscionable arsenic complex. Training aliases learning must beryllium processed successful nan core, while inferencing and fine-tuning takes spot astatine nan edge, says Nutanix, and an extremity to extremity solution is essentialto present scalability.

Join our webinar connected 25 October, 5pm BST/9am PT/12pm ET to perceive more. Aaron Delp, Cloud Native Marketing astatine Nutanix and Laura Jordana, Director of Technical Marketing will beryllium connected manus to show you how

You'll study really to trade and protect compact, energy-efficient AI models and spot really Nutanix tin supply a communal operating level which harnesses nan unreality for learning, enables inferencing astatine nan separator and relies connected proven information services to present industry-specific insights.

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