All Captain Toad locations in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is taking nan bid backmost to its 2D roots pinch a caller and breathtaking creation style and a ton of caller mechanics. Alongside caller power-ups and badges, this title has possibly nan largest magnitude of collectibles and hidden secrets of immoderate game successful nan series. Between each nan Wonder Seeds, Wonder Flowers, Flower Coins, and more, there’s nary shortage of things to do arsenic you run, jump, and flip your measurement done each nan various worlds. Among each nan playable characters to take from, 1 non-playable characteristic makes his triumphant return. Captain Toad has managed to make his measurement to nan Flower Kingdom, but this intrepid explorer is not truthful easy to find. Each clip you interact pinch him, he will reward you pinch immoderate Flower Coins and a hint astatine an upcoming world, truthful let’s hunt down each his locations successful Super Mario Wonder.

All Captain Toad locations

Toadette talking to skipper toad.Nintendo

Captain Toad appears successful 5 unsocial spots connected nan Super Mario Bros. Wonder world map. Talking to him astatine each spot will springiness you a small spot much of his story, positive nan aforementioned rewards.

First Captain Toad location

CAptain toad giving toadette flower coins.Nintendo

Our first brushwood pinch nan infamous Toad is successful World 1 — Pipe-Rock Plateau. To get to nan portion of nan representation wherever he’s found, you must first participate and find the concealed exit on nan Piranha Plants connected Parade level. From that exit point, you tin now spell to a caller tube that leads to nan apical of a skull-shaped volcano connected Petal Isles. Captain Toad will present himself and springiness you 50 Flower Coins to thief you connected your quest.

Second Captain Toad location

A concealed tube successful a yellowish Super Mario Wonder world.Nintendo

Further into World 1, wherever nan area becomes much of a desert, you will spot a way starring northbound that is blocked. You will request to salary to clear it truthful you tin spell to nan precocious area of Pipe-Rock Plateau wherever nan Parachute Cap I situation is. Keep going toward nan upper-right area of nan representation to get a punctual to participate a concealed pipe. You will beryllium spat retired successful Fluff-Puff Peaks correct adjacent to Toad. He still hasn’t recovered his wealth yet, but will springiness you different 50 Flower Coins.

Third Captain Toad location

A concealed entranceway down immoderate trees successful Super Mario Wonder.Nintendo

The past location successful World 1 is adjacent Angry Spikes and Sinkin’ Pipes. From that stage, spell backmost and to nan correct down nan foreground to different concealed tube entrance. As always, Captain Toad has a gift of 50 Flower Coins for you aft talking to him,

Fourth Captain Toad location

A hidden tube successful Super Mario Wonder.Nintendo

You won’t brushwood Captain Toad again until you make it each nan measurement to World 4. Starting from The Desert Mystery stage, caput up nan stairs until you travel to a fork. Take nan span up and past nan adjacent near and spell each nan measurement astir nan extracurricular way down nan elevated level pinch nan mobility people artifact connected it. Directly down it is different concealed pipe. Talk pinch nan very brave Captain Toad for an easy 50 Flower Coins.

Fifth Captain Toad location

A hidden tube successful a godforsaken successful Super Mario Wonder.Nintendo

The past extremity connected Captain Toad’s travel tin beryllium recovered correct aft nan anterior one. After coming backmost done nan pipe, caput backmost down to nan godforsaken level and guidelines connected each 3 chromatic quadrate tiles connected nan crushed to unfastened a concealed way successful nan northbound wall. Run past some stages present and down nan wall connected nan correct to find nan past hidden pipe. Captain Toad will have, you guessed it, 50 much Flower Coins to bestow upon you.

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