All charm locations and effects in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 features an abundance of collectibles to find if you’d for illustration to spot and study astir everything nan crippled has to offer, and immoderate of them tin really travel successful useful for combat, too. While playing arsenic Saga, you’re going to want to support your eyes unfastened for charms to find and equip, astir of which tin beryllium obtained by completing nursery rhymes astir each of nan game’s 3 main maps. Below, we’ve listed each of nan charms successful nan game, what effects they provide, and wherever you tin find them.

All charm locations and effects

Logan’s Charm

Effect: Increases your maximum health.

Location: Obtained automatically astatine nan opening of nan game.

Coffee Mug Charm

Effect: Saves you from dying erstwhile your wellness is depleted, but it breaks instantly after.

Locations: There are aggregate Coffee Mug Charms successful Alan Wake 2.

  • Cauldron Lake – Solve a nursery rhyme adjacent Witchfinder’s Station, past travel nan prints connected nan crushed to a furniture upstairs.
  • Cauldron Lake – Solve a nursery rhyme successful nan Rental Cabins area, past cheque wrong Cabin 6.
  • Cauldron Lake – Solve a nursery rhyme adjacent nan Ranger Station, past travel nan prints connected nan crushed to nan furniture upstairs.
  • Watery – Solve a nursery rhyme successful nan northeastern conception of nan map, past sojourn nan adjacent moose statue.
  • Watery – Solve a nursery rhyme successful nan building down Suomi Hall, past cheque nan mailbox outside.

Mayor Setter Charm

Effect: Shows each collectibles connected nan map.

Location: Obtained by visiting Mayor Setter successful Watery successful Return 6.

Hammer Charm

Effect: Attacks will stagger foes much frequently.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme successful nan acold occidental conception of Cauldron Lake, past checking nan picnic array beside nan puzzle.

Kalevala Nights Charm

Effect: Increase nan long and area of effect of your Hand Flare.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme astatine nan Private Cabin successful Cauldron Lake, past stepping northbound into Streamside to a character pinch a fallen birdhouse.

Deer Charm

Effect: Makes it truthful you’re staggered and interrupted little intensely/frequently.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme adjacent nan Radio Tower successful Watery, past checking a cervid corpse very adjacent to nan Radio Tower itself.

Coffee World Token Charm

Effect: Improves nan value and amount of recovered resources.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme astatine nan wharf successful nan Watery trailer park, past checking nan food cleaning position nearby.

Lighthouse Charm

Effect: Increases really overmuch wellness is restored astatine Safe Havens.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme astatine nan Watery Lighthouse, past heading northbound to cheque nan formation adjacent nan span backmost to downtown Watery.

Mr. Drippy Charm

Effect: Improves your harm erstwhile your wellness is low.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme astatine Coffee World’s Latte Lagoon successful Watery, past checking nan small vessel that floats up correct after.

FBC Charm

Effect: Increase nan harm you woody anterior to enemies noticing you.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme extracurricular of nan Ranger Cabin successful Watery, past checking nan furniture upstairs.

Deerfest Charm

Effect: Increases clip earlier Darkness Shields regenerate.

Location: Obtained by completing a nursery rhyme astatine nan trailer parkland successful Watery and past checking adjacent nan exit of nan aforesaid trailer.

Lantern Charm

Effect: Adds an other complaint to your flashlight.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme recovered successful nan area betwixt Bunker Woods and nan Wellness Center successful Bright Falls, past pursuing nan way backmost towards Bunker Woods.

Valhalla Nursing Home Charm

Effect: Improves nan treatment of trauma pads and painkillers.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme astatine nan Ranger Station successful Bright Falls, past checking nan formation to nan northeast.

Anchor Charm

Effect: Grants a chance that your flashlight boost will stun an enemy.

Location: Obtained by solving a nursery rhyme astatine nan vessel gait successful Bright Falls, past checking adjacent a vessel nearby.

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