All Charms and Trinkets in Lego Fortnite

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Most things successful Lego Fortnite are grounded successful reality — well, arsenic overmuch arsenic they tin beryllium successful a crippled wherever you are a small Lego man moving astir collecting resources and building full villages by yourself. You slow accumulate amended cogwheel arsenic you trade caller items and upgrade your existing accommodation truthful you tin task further retired and look tougher challenges.

There’s immoderate instrumentality that useful a spot differently, namely your Trinkets and Charms. These small doodads tin beryllium crafted arsenic you cod circumstantial resources, they travel successful a scope of rarities, and each of them springiness your characteristic a circumstantial buff that tin beryllium placed connected your armor to adhd to your character. There’s a batch of them retired location to find and craft, truthful we’ve cataloged each nan Charms and Trinkets successful Lego Fortnite and what they do.

Every Charm and Trinket

The crafting paper successful lego fortnite.Epic Games

There are 16 unsocial Charms and Trinkets that you tin trade successful Lego Fortnite, with newer ones unlocking arsenic you find circumstantial materials deeper successful nan game. Here’s a afloat list, from nan astir communal to nan rarest, arsenic good arsenic what effect they provide.


Health Charm — This is nan only Common level charm and only adds a azygous other heart.


Hearty Totem — While you’re astatine afloat health, your characteristic gains an further 3 hearts aft a short time.

Cool-Headed Charm — Increase your guidance to basking temperatures and grants 3 other hearts.

Health Charm — Increases defense and adds 2 hearts.


Hearty Totem — Same arsenic nan Uncommon version, but adds 4 hearts.

Health Charm — Adds 3 hearts

Charm of Resilience — After taking damage, get a impermanent defense boost and 4 other hearts.

Good Luck Charm — Increases your likelihood of uncovering uncommon loot erstwhile digging and gives 4 other hearts.

Cold-Headed Charm — A amended type of nan Uncommon 1 that now gives 4 much hearts.

Inner Fire Charm — Increases guidance to acold temperatures and adds 4 much hearts.

Regeneration Charm — Passive wellness regen adds 4 much hearts.

Totem of Immortal — Brings you backmost to life aft falling to 0 HP, but nan charm breaks.


Regeneration Charm — A amended type of nan Rare charm, now adding 5 hearts

Inner Fire Charm — A amended type of nan Rare type that adds 5 hearts.

Health Charm — The champion wellness charm for defense, it adds 5 hearts.

Charm of Resilience — Gives a larger defense prize aft taking a deed and adds 5 other hearts.

It is besides important to statement that you tin stack nan effect of aggregate charms that you equip, and you are ever free to switch them astir based connected what buffs you request astatine immoderate fixed time.

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