All nursery rhyme solutions in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake is simply a celebrated writer, but neither he nor nan caller protagonist Saga are known for being peculiarly fond of nursery rhymes. Whether aliases not you autumn into that class arsenic good won’t matter because Alan Wake 2 hides immoderate very valuable rewards down puzzles disguised arsenic these mini children’s poems. Solving them involves a small spot of exploration, deductive reasoning, and past putting each nan correct pieces successful place. This is 1 of nan galore optional cases successful nan game, and these rhymes are hidden crossed each nan awesome zones successful and astir Bright Falls. If you’re stumped connected immoderate of these nursery rhyme puzzles, present are each nan solutions successful Alan Wake 2.

All nursery rhyme answers

There are 17 full nursery rhyme puzzles to find and lick successful Alan Wake 2, surgery up into each nan different awesome locations. Whenever a puzzle involves placing dolls, make judge you prime up nan dolls aft solving it because they are needed for different puzzles successful that area arsenic well.

Cauldron Lake nursery rhymes

A representation of cauldron reservoir successful alan aftermath 2.Remedy Entertainment

The first rhyme puzzle you will travel crossed is successful nan campsite you tin entree aft nan flooding has been removed. Cross nan span and look instantly to nan left. The solution is to return nan Crow doll disconnected nan array and spot it connected nan drafting of nan sun.

Your 2nd puzzle adds successful nan Hero and Wolf dolls from wrong nan Witchfinder’s Station. You will walk nan puzzle itself connected nan measurement inside. To lick this one, spot nan Crow connected nan Tree and nan Hero connected nan Boat.

Third up, we now adhd a Wolf into nan mix. This is nan toughest yet but tin beryllium recovered astatine nan Private Cabin connected nan map. The solution this clip is to put nan Crow connected nan Chick, Hero connected nan Heart, and Wolf connected nan House.

You will request to travel backmost overmuch later to get nan last 2 rhymes, but erstwhile you tin get into Cabin 4 nan puzzle will beryllium successful nan first room. Put nan Monster connected nan Hatchling, Crow connected nan Eye, and Hero connected nan Jewelry.

Before going on, make judge you drawback nan caller doll that appears aft solving nan erstwhile puzzle. Once you person it, spell to nan Witchfinder’s Station wherever nan puzzle won’t beryllium written arsenic usual, but relayed to you via a radio. The drawings will besides beryllium dispersed retired crossed some floors of nan house.

The last puzzle is solved by putting nan Father connected nan Eye, Hero connected nan Sun, Mother connected nan Heart, Child connected nan Hatchling, and Trickster connected nan Wave.

Bright Falls nursery rhymes

A representation of agleam falls successful alan aftermath 2.Remedy Entertainment

Located correct adjacent to nan Cult Stash to nan northeast of nan prevention room successful Bunker Woods, and straight southbound of nan G successful nan Bright Falls explanation connected nan map, is nan first rhyme successful nan area. What you request to do present is put nan Mother connected nan House and Child connected nan Tree.

Travel into nan Ranger position and find nan adjacent task successful 1 of nan bedrooms. All you request to do present is put nan Child connected nan House and Monster connected nan Candy.

Follow nan confederate seashore eastbound from nan Ranger position to find this puzzle connected a slab of stone connected nan shore. Just put nan Monster connected nan Wave, Child connected nan Jewelry, and Mother connected nan Boat, and beryllium connected your way.

Head onto nan docks from Billie’s Boat Yard to stumble correct into nan adjacent puzzle. The reply now is to put nan Mother connected nan Wave and nan Monster connected nan Boat.

Coffee World  nursery rhymes

A representation of java world successful alan aftermath 2.Remedy Entertainment

The first brace of caller dolls you request for this group of rhymes tin beryllium grabbed aft you conflict nan Thrower Taken. Just proceed astir nan area to find a small campsite pinch nan dolls and puzzle. The solution is to spot nan Moose connected nan Tree.

From nan Radio Tower, spell consecutive southbound each nan measurement to nan confederate separator to find nan adjacent puzzle. The solution present is to put nan Deer connected nan House.

After nan flooding is gone, which you do by progressing nan story, spell down to nan confederate extremity of nan Lighthouse Trailer Park and drawback 2 much dolls astatine nan Fish Cleaning station, past 2 much connected nan adjacent chair starring to nan dock. The puzzle itself is astatine nan extremity of nan dock. To lick this puzzle you request to put nan Wise Elder connected nan Waves and nan Bear connected nan Candy.

Next, you tin prime up nan Trickster doll disconnected nan beforehand steps of nan Lighthouse and spell to nan cliff to statesman nan puzzle. You will request to spot nan Trickster connected nan Waves and Wise Elder connected nan Eye to lick nan riddle.

Our adjacent rhyme to lick is connected nan dock heading onto nan h2o northbound done Latte Lagoon. Put down nan Moose connected nan Wave, Trickster connected nan Jewelry, and Deer connected nan Boat.

We will request 2 much dolls from nan second-floor chamber successful nan Ranger Cabin. Once you person them, return them to nan puzzle retired back. Use your caller Maiden connected nan Tree and Bear connected nan Heart to ace this case.

Now that you tin unlock nan building down Suomi Hall utilizing nan screwdriver successful nan Watery, this rhyme puzzle is available. Drop down nan Maiden connected nan House and Trickster connected nan Jewelry to complete it.

Back successful nan trailer park, travel backmost erstwhile you person nan bolt cutters to unfastened nan locked trailer. Inside is nan puzzle. This 1 is solved by putting nan Wise Elder connected nan Eye and Deer connected nan Heart.

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