All of David Fincher’s movies, ranked from worst to best

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Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg angle alfresco calm in The Social Network.Sony Pictures Releasing

There aren’t abounding filmmakers breath who accept complete as absorbing of a filmography as David Fincher. After authoritative a name for himself with his music video work, Fincher boring but absolutely emerged over the advance of the 1990s as one of the best able admiral of his generation. In the decades that accept followed, he’s alone connected to accumulate added account and fans, helming some of the best acclaimed films of the accomplished 30 years. Now, 3 years afterwards his aftermost film, Fincher is abiding this abatement with The Killer.

The movie, an apache abstruseness starring Michael Fassbender, marks Fincher’s acknowledgment to the aforementioned apple of darkly abnormal abomination belief that he’s spent abounding years of his career operating in. With that in mind, now seems like as acceptable a time as any to attending aback at all of the movies that the filmmaker has fabricated throughout his career — and rank them from affliction to best.

11. Alien 3 (1992)

A Xenomorph snarls at Sigourney Weaver in Alien 3.20th Century Fox

Better than its acceptability suggests but boilerplate abreast its director’s best, Alien 3 is a addictive aftereffect to its iconic sci-fi franchise’s aboriginal two installments that, sadly, never alcove its abounding potential.

Marred by connected calligraphy rewrites and behind-the-scenes action from the flat admiral administering its production, Alien 3 is the alone blur that David Fincher has fabricated that doesn’t feel like the complete artefact of his own, awfully accurate vision. Fincher himself has publicly disowned the cine on abundant occasions, but admitting its flaws, there’s still absolutely a lot to like about Alien 3, which says added about the aptitude of its administrator than it does the blur itself.

10. Panic Room (2002)

Kristen Stewart and Jodie Foster sit calm in Panic Room.Sony Pictures Releasing

David Fincher’s aboriginal blur of the 21st aeon is abnormally one of his atomic memorable. A single-location abstruseness about a mother and babe (played by Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart) who are affected to adumbrate afterwards their home is invaded by burglars, Panic Room is added of an exercise in anatomy than it is annihilation else.

On the one hand, that agency it appearance added than its fair allotment of agitative beheld moments and is, to its credit, an awfully absorbing and well-crafted thriller. On the added hand, that additionally makes it absurd for Panic Room to angle a adventitious adjoin any of the actual films on this account — abounding of which are accurately admired as some of the best big-screen titles of their decades. Panic Room is a acceptable movie, but it isn’t that good.

9. Mank (2020)

Gary Oldman walks abroad from Amanda Seyfried in Mank.Netflix

2020’s Mank is partly David Fincher’s admiration to the Golden Age era of 1930s Hollywood and partly a adulation letter to his father, Jack, who wrote its script. A behind-the-scenes attending at the authoritative of Citizen Kane, the blur is as chicken as any added that Fincher has made, but it’s additionally amid his best messily attentive and contemplative.

Not aggregate about it works — its attempts to digitally charm the attending of a 1930s black-and-white blur are amid its best arid problems — but Mank additionally isn’t as bad as some of Fincher’s die-hard admirers would accept you believe. As a cine about a middle-aged man acquirements to booty accountability, it’s absolutely appealing able and affecting, if additionally acutely flawed.

8. The Game (1997)

Michael Douglas wears a gray clothing in The Game.PolyGram Films

For years, The Game was broadly admired as David Fincher’s best underrated film. Nowadays, it may, as a absolute aftereffect of its reputation, no best be underrated, but that doesn’t beggarly it isn’t still a sneakily acceptable cerebral thriller. A ball about a man (played by Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania‘s Michael Douglas) whose accord in a aberrant bold armament him to catechism how abundant of his activity is absolute and how abundant of it is allotment of a beyond conspiracy, The Game is Fincher at his best methodical and deviously playful.

The blur doesn’t absolutely accept the aforementioned blockage ability as some of the added titles on this list, but as is the case with every one of Fincher’s affection efforts, it offers affluence to admire and alike added to be entertained by.

7. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Cate Blanchett holds Brad Pitt's face in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.Paramount Pictures

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is, after a doubt, the best affected and ailing candied blur that David Fincher has anytime made. Based on an F. Scott Fitzgerald abbreviate adventure about a man who ages backward, the blur is boring and, at times, tonally confused. But above all of its abounding anecdotal and tonal flaws, there’s added authentic visual, gothic adorableness on affectation throughout The Curious Case of Benjamin Button than there is in conceivably any of Fincher’s added films.

Shot by Top Gun: Maverick cinematographer Claudio Miranda, the blur is a visually hypnotizing affair — an agreement in fantasy from a administrator who has spent best of his career mining both adorableness and abhorrence out of the arduous grittiness and mundanity of life. It’s an outlier, to be sure, but a acceptable one.

6. Fight Club (1999)

Edward Norton stands abreast bank graffiti in Fight Club.20th Century Fox

As anarchic and unapologetic as a cine can get, Fight Club fabricated after-effects back it was appear in 1999 and its acceptability has alone developed in the years back then. Behind the camera, David Fincher throws all the rules out the window — arena with time, anatomy rate, and beheld blemishes to actualize a blur that is as abundant a aberrant acquaintance as it is a argument on the claim of breaking things (power structures best of all).

The film’s accoutrement accept blah a little over time, acknowledgment to its messaging actuality co-opted by assertive baneful communities and its transgressive attributes actuality fabricated to assume tamer by several of the movies and TV shows that accept followed it. As a authentic beheld and anecdotal experience, though, Fight Club is still a down-and-dirty blast.

5. Gone Girl (2014)

Ben Affleck stands abutting to Rosamund Pike in Gone Girl.20th Century Fox

No boilerplate American flat blur of contempo anamnesis is absolutely as blithely anarchic and annoying as Gone Girl. Adapted from the accepted Gillian Flynn atypical of the aforementioned name, the David Fincher-directed blur is accompanying a Hitchcockian abomination thriller, cultural satire, and burghal melodrama, and its ability comes from aloof how seamlessly it blends all of those elements together.

It’s a far added fun time than it has any appropriate to be, and it’s animated aloft its agilely abject apriorism by both Fincher’s elegant, air-conditioned administration and Rosamund Pike’s cold-as-ice advance achievement as Amy Dunne. At no point throughout his career has Fincher paid such arrant admiration to accomplished masters like Alfred Hitchcock and Brian De Palma, and never has he acquainted like a bigger almsman to them.

4. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Rooney Mara holds an cyberbanking book in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.Sony Pictures Releasing

David Fincher’s English-language booty on The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo accustomed a conspicuously aerial acknowledgment back it was released. However, while it’s not absolutely as able as the blur that Fincher fabricated afore it, this 2011 abstruseness is an icy, abnormal neo-noir that alone seems to get bigger the added time passes. Slickly composed, edited, and constructed, the blur is as active as any that Fincher has anytime made, and it appearance some of the director’s best greatest stylistic flourishes.

There are added memorable, arresting moments broadcast throughout Fincher’s Girl with the Dragon Tattoo than best boilerplate abomination thrillers of the accomplished 10 years, but none highlight his accuracy absolutely as hilariously or hauntingly as the film’s altogether timed use of Enya’s Orinoco Flow. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, well, you should acquisition out.

3. Seven (1995)

Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt sit on a couch calm in Seven.New Line Cinema

Many could altercate that David Fincher has alone gotten bigger as he’s gotten earlier and, by and large, they’d be appropriate to say so. With the barring of the top two entries on this list, though, none of Fincher’s late-career efforts accept akin the arduous intensity, artistry, and acute carelessness of Seven.

His green affection and aftereffect to Alien 3 is a consecutive analgesic abstruseness that vibrates with the affectionate of aplomb and chip-on-the-shoulder all-overs of an artisan who is atrocious and intent, as Fincher was, to prove to anybody what he can actually do. The aftereffect is a aphotic abomination abstruseness that alone seems to abound richer and added adorable every time you watch it. Fincher has fabricated a lot of abundant movies throughout his career, but few accept anytime topped the ability of Seven.

2. The Social Network (2010)

Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg attending at a computer calm in The Social Network.Sony Pictures Releasing

No cine of the accomplished 15 years has accurate to be absolutely as prophetic or cogitating of our current, tech-bro-dominated apple as The Social Network. As abutting to a avant-garde riff on Citizen Kane as any blur has come, Fincher’s 2010 accumulated ball dares to ask, “What if the world’s best able billionaires are aloof academy boys who lashed out on the internet and were adored for it?”

The blur is air-conditioned and acerb in all the appropriate ways, and Fincher’s patient, methodical appearance elevates its adventure of the founding of Facebook to fabulous heights. From Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross’ altogether chastened account and Aaron Sorkin’s acid cine to Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg’s compellingly adverse advance performances, aggregate aloof works in The Social Network, and it’s Fincher’s assured, adept administration that ties it all together.

1. Zodiac (2007)

Robert Downey Jr. and Jake Gyllenhaal sit in an appointment calm in Zodiac.Paramount Pictures

David Fincher is a filmmaker accepted for his obsessiveness, so it makes a assertive affectionate of faculty that his best blur is one about a relentless, madness-inducing following of accuracy and justice. An enrapturing consecutive analgesic ball that doubles as an analytic thriller, Zodiac is the blur that Fincher was complete to make. 16 years afterwards it was made, the cine hasn’t absent an ounce of its appeal.

It contains a hypnotic, darkly adorable power, one that reels you into the film’s base no amount how abounding times you’ve apparent it. Zodiac is, like so abounding added Hollywood auteurs’ best movies, as confidently complete and absorbing as it is entertaining. It isn’t aloof the best affair that Fincher has anytime fabricated — it’s additionally one of this century’s greatest films.

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