All stash locations in Alan Wake 2 and how to open them

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FBI supplier Saga Anderson and her partner, Alex Casey, are called into Bright Falls to analyse a execution committed by a unusual group calling themselves nan Cult of nan Trees. These vulnerable cultists are your main force successful Alan Wake 2, and they put up rather a conflict contempt mostly utilizing basal devices arsenic weapons. They look mindless and primitive, but nan truth that they person a bid of Cultist Stashes hidden each astir nan world suggests otherwise. These wealth troves are very good hidden, and they’re protected pinch a mini puzzle to effort and forestall those who whitethorn stumble upon 1 from grabbing each nan goodies inside. You’ll find yourself short connected supplies fundamentally each nan clip successful Alan Wake 2, truthful scooping up immoderate other ammo and batteries is ever welcome. Here is wherever you tin find each nan Cultist Stashes successful Alan Wake 2 and really to unfastened them.

All Cultist Stash locations

There are a full of 21 Cultist Stashes to find and unlock successful Alan Wake 2. Each area has its ain group to find, and they each person different puzzles you request to lick to unfastened them. None are missable, but immoderate can’t beryllium obtained until you make communicative advancement aliases get circumstantial tools.

Bright Falls Cult Stashes

A representation of agleam falls successful alan aftermath 2.Remedy Entertainment

The first Cult Stash you tin find comes arsenic soon arsenic you scope nan municipality of Bright Falls for nan first time. Instead of going consecutive to your destination down nan block, move astir and caput toward nan dormant end. Behind nan motortruck will beryllium a large locked box. To unfastened this one, each you request to do is play a small crippled of Simon Says. The keypad will flash 3 buttons successful a series that you simply request to repetition to unfastened nan container and drawback nan loot.

Way up retired of municipality to nan northwest of Bunker Woods (across nan span and past nan prevention room) is simply a small area wherever nan roadworthy loops. Another stash is connected nan northbound extremity successful nan mediate of nan circle. Follow nan series to unfastened it.

Back by nan safe room, spell southbound down nan roadworthy until it curves, and look for a wrecked motortruck connected nan northbound side. The stash is successful nan back. The operation is 177.

The adjacent stash needs nan Bunker Woods Stash key. To get it, spell down nan Valhalla Nursing Home and travel nan main roadworthy south, and past look for a bunch of woody signs pinch arrows connected them. They will lead you to nan key. Head somewhat northwest and find nan stone pinch a large yellowish arrow connected it indicating nan stash is down it.

Keep heading down this aforesaid main road, but extremity earlier nan roadworthy splits and caput to nan northbound broadside disconnected nan road. You will spot arrows pointing to numbers successful nan situation to springiness you tohe code, and nan container itself will beryllium adjacent to 1 of nan marked trees. Play nan small representation crippled to unfastened it.

Take a extremity astatine nan Ranger Station and scoop up nan Ranger Station Stash cardinal connected nan extracurricular adjacent nan ceramic chimney. Take this to nan stash itself, which is up connected nan elevation to nan eastbound of nan position and crossed nan main road.

Back successful Bright Falls proper, unfastened nan locked obstruction down nan constabulary position utilizing nan bolt cutters. You request to get nan codification by uncovering nan symbols connected nan radar dish, by nan benches, and successful nan gazebo to unfastened it.

Go wrong nan Sheriff Station and downstairs to nan Evidence Room. The stash is successful nan backmost area and tin beryllium opened pinch nan codification 146.

Cauldron Lake Cult Stashes

A representation of cauldron reservoir successful Alan Wake 2.Remedy Entertainment

From nan execution site, spell southbound to find a trailer pinch a small picnic area outside. Next to nan picnic array and immoderate woody pallets is nan first stash adjacent to 1 of nan cultist symbols. The statement will springiness you a hint arsenic to which symbols you request to put into nan lock, which are: Two triangles overlapping astatine their points facing diagonally left, 2 triangles pointing up and down, and 2 triangles pointing distant from each different horizontally.

When you are put connected Cauldron Lake Shore during nan story, spell to nan absolute acold southbound extremity to spot this stash adjacent immoderate washed-up logs. This 1 asks you to do nan aforesaid Simon Says game arsenic nan 1 successful Bright Falls.

After nan flood is drained and you tin research nan stream area of Cauldron Lake, you will find this container up connected a mini ridge shown above. The insubstantial connected nan container sounds “Rock, Rock, Tree” and gives a hint astir being “bright.” Hidden connected a adjacent brace of rocks and a character are 2 numbers — 1 number and a 2nd that either adds aliases subtracts from it. You request to do immoderate elemental mathematics and past input nan numbers successful nan correct order, which is 6,5,8.

From nan Witch Sign, spell westbound and support your ray connected to spot immoderate yellowish arrows pointing you toward nan Streamside Stash Key connected a rock. Pick it up and past spell to nan campsite to nan northbound connected your representation and usage nan cardinal to unfastened it.

At nan northbound extremity of nan Rental Cabins area, you will spot immoderate numbered trees. Look down nan 1 branded pinch a 2 to find nan Lake Cabins Stash cardinal and return it wrong Cabin 1 to unlock nan stash itself.

Coffee World Cult Stahes

A representation of java world successful alan aftermath 2.Remedy Entertainment

Go northbound from nan Downtown conception of Coffee World to nan small loop conscionable supra nan Kari’s Garage logo connected your map. This is nan adjacent representation game-type stash, truthful repetition nan shape to unlock it.

Just a spot to nan northeast from nan past stash, find nan shack pinch a prevention spot successful it. Just extracurricular connected nan northbound extremity is nan stash. The operation to nan fastener is 527.

Right adjacent to nan metallic barricade extracurricular nan Slow Roaster thrust successful nan parkland proper, you’ll spot a crate correct retired successful nan open. The codification for this 1 is 147.

You first request to make a extremity by nan Mr. Drippy statue successful nan mediate of nan park. Behind it is nan Coffee World Stash Key that you request to drawback and bring to nan Houtari Well. The stash you tin unlock pinch it is correct up against nan backmost cliff.

We request nan Trailer Park Stash Key for nan adjacent box, but tin only get to it aft nan flooding has receded. Once you get there, nan cardinal and nan stash are almost connected apical of each other. The container is successful a mini shack on a woody fence, but if you spell astir down i,t you tin drawback nan cardinal from nan adjacent ray pole. It is precocious up, truthful you request to locomotion up a woody committee to scope it.

Head complete to nan lighthouse connected nan confederate portion of nan representation and spell to nan northbound broadside of it. Tucked down by a cliff is nan stash that has different glowing overgarment puzzle wherever you request to usage nan numbers to lick nan code.

On nan small dock sticking retired to nan eastbound conscionable southbound of nan Downtown Watery section, you’ll fins a stash correct down immoderate bluish crates. The operation is 496.

Once you tin unlock nan gross down nan Kalevala Knights Workshop, nan stash is sitting conscionable down nan building. The operation is 542.

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