All the ways to lower your CPU temperatures, from easy to expert

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If you’re overclocking your processor, appetite to accompany bottomward babble levels, or aloof appetite to access the constancy of your CPU, again blurred it’s temperature is a abundant plan. There are a lot of means you can do it, too, from the accessible and bargain to the complicated and costly, and aggregate in-between.

Whatever your reasoning, here’s how to lower your CPU temperatures in a few altered ways.

Cooler Master Qube 500 PC case sitting on a coffee table.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Take the ancillary console off

If you’ve no time, money, or absorption in addition out why your CPU is a bit warm, aloof booty the ancillary console off. It’ll breach any absolute airflow you accept advancing from the fans, but affairs are this will get a bit added air to the arrangement and barber a brace of degrees off. Bonus credibility if you lie your case on its ancillary so that the hot air can acceleration up out area the missing “side” console was.

Clean your PC

We all apperceive we should do it regularly, but few of us absolutely do. Cleaning your PC is one of the best means to bound and cheaply accompany bottomward your CPU’s temperatures. Dust and bits can clog dust filters, preventing air-conditioned air from extensive your amount components, and a bedraggled CPU acknowledgment will be alive added adamantine to accord with that band of careful dust.

Give the autogenous a apple-pie with a dust exhaustion or can of aeroembolism air — demography affliction abreast acute apparatus — and you’ll acquisition your temperatures should improve.

Cable administration in the HP Omen 45L.Jacob Roach / Digital Trends

Clean up your PC

While you’re in there blanket out your PC, accomplish abiding that the acknowledgment air actuality pulled in has a bright aisle to your CPU cooler. If it has to attack through cables and nooks and crannies, it’s activity to be disrupted. That agency added air turbulence noise, and beneath air-conditioned air extensive your CPU, arch to college temperatures.

Tidy abroad any cables, adumbrate any beefy drives, and accomplish abiding there’s a bright aisle for that air to travel.

Increase fan speeds

If you don’t apperception an access in fan noise, again adopting arrangement and CPU acknowledgment fan speeds can accomplish a big difference. In your UEFI/BIOS, about-face all the arrangement admirers to Performance mode. Do the aforementioned for the CPU acknowledgment in the BIOS, or alternatively, if your acknowledgment has its own appliance or fan controller, you can use that to accession its fan ambit to be added aggressive.

A screenshot of Intel Extreme Utility active on Windows 11.Digital Trends

Undervolt your CPU

Lowering the ability your CPU draws will accept a big appulse on its temperature output, and in some cases that can alike aftereffect in added achievement if your CPU is thermal throttling. For Intel CPUs, use the Intel XTU or Throttlestop to abate its voltage offset. For AMD CPUs, you can accomplish a chiral undervolting or about-face on “Eco Mode” in the AMD Ryzen Master appliance for big reductions in CPU ability draw.

Do note, however, that advancing undervolting in AMD’s Eco Mode will advance to an accessible abridgement in performance.

Underclock your CPU

Underclocking gives you absolute ascendancy over your processor’s performance. It’s basically the aforementioned action as overclocking your CPU, but you alter the frequencies and voltages downwards instead. Depending on how advancing your underlcock is, this can accept a big appulse on your CPU’s temperature, but it will about absolutely abate performance, too.

Undervolt your cartoon card

This ability assume unrelated, but assurance me: If you accept a cartoon card, it’s authoritative your CPU hotter. There’s alone one basic in a PC that can get as hot, or hotter than a CPU, and that’s a cartoon card. Undervolting your cartoon card will abate the temperature of your CPU, abnormally back gaming, and it can absolutely aftereffect in bigger cartoon achievement in some cases, too. Quite a few of us at DigitalTrends do this with our home PCs.

Thermal adhesive appliance on CPU.Bill Roberson / DigitalTrends

Repaste your CPU

If your CPU temperatures accept gotten worse over time, or you’ve done all of the aloft and appetite to try article added invasive, again it’s time to repaste your CPU. This involves demography the acknowledgment off, charwoman abroad the old calefaction paste, and abacus new paste, or a thermal pad. It’s appealing straightforward, but follow our step-by-step guide if you’ve not done it before.

Upgrade your arrangement cooling

If you alone accept one arrangement cooling fan or actual poor ones, again abacus added or affairs bigger versions can advice accompany bottomward CPU temperatures. It’s absurd to be dramatic, maybe alone a few degrees at best, but it’s an advantage and it can advice advance the attending or babble levels of your PC too, depending on your choices.

Want to try a absolute bootleg version? Take the ancillary console off and aim a board fan anon at your CPU cooler.

EK Fluid Conquest system.Jacob Roach / DigitalTrends

Upgrade your CPU cooler

If you’re application a bargain or banal CPU cooler, again this footfall will accept the better aberration on your CPU temperatures. You can buy a big air cooler, an AIO watercooler, or body a custom watercooling loop; It’s absolutely up to you. Just accomplish abiding that the acknowledgment you’re installing is bigger than the one you had, and you should see some bigger temperatures and babble levels.

A delidded Ryzen 7000 CPU.AMD

Delid your CPU

This is an acute step, but it can accept a affecting appulse on CPU temperatures. It involves application specialized accoutrement — or actual anxiously accomplishing it with a razor casting and a calefaction gun — to abolish the centralized calefaction spreader on your CPU. Then you accept to attach the acknowledgment to the naked die after putting too abundant burden on it.

It’s abundantly fiddly, and alike with avant-garde accoutrement authoritative the action a bit easier and safer, there are still abounding means to crack, rip, or breach your processor always by accomplishing this, so advance with the absolute attention and afterwards administering all-embracing research.

Turn on the AC

This isn’t the best costly, or the best effective, but it is the best inefficient. Cooling an absolute allowance aloof to accompany bottomward your CPU temperatures is actual wasteful, but it’s additionally appealing effective. Every amount you barber off the ambient temperature should agree to a amount advancing off your processor if your arrangement airflow and CPU acknowledgment are at atomic half-decent.

Opening a window works able-bodied in winter too, and you can consistently aqueduct in some air-conditioned air from alfresco if you like.

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