All TV locations in Alan Wake 2

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Remedy has been 1 of nan biggest studios to push nan inclusion of multimedia successful gaming. The first Alan Wake featured short TV episodes of a fictional show called Night Springs that players could observe and watch, Control added successful real-life footage successful various projections, and Quantum Break had afloat live-action “cutscenes.” Alan Wake 2 adds much TVs to nan world successful 2 different forms — Koskela Brother Commercials and Writer’s Journey videos. The erstwhile are recovered pinch Saga and nan second pinch Alan, and some person their ain trophy/achievement related to uncovering them all. As a bonus, they are entertaining capable connected their ain to warrant seeking them out. Don’t touch that dial, because we’re going to show you wherever to find each TV successful Alan Wake 2.

All Koskela Brother Commercial locations

Starting disconnected pinch Saga, location are six commercials to find complete nan people of nan game. All you request to do is attack nan TV for it to start, and you get in installments for them arsenic soon arsenic they statesman playing, truthful you really don’t person to watch them done to nan end.

A representation of agleam falls.Remedy Entertainment
  • Head into nan constabulary position earlier nan extremity of Return 3 and spell into nan worker lounge. Note: This commercialized is missable if you do not get it earlier nan extremity of Return 3.
  • This TV is successful nan Oh Deer Diner up connected nan near wall.
  • The TV successful nan lobby of nan Lederwood Palace Lodge can’t beryllium missed.
  • When you scope nan Nursery Home, spell into nan rec room to watch this TV.
  • The only TV successful Coffee World is successful nan Lighthouse Trailer parkland wrong nan first trailer you walk connected nan left.
  • The last commercialized icomes during nan last series of Saga’s campaign. Once you commencement Return 8, spell backmost to nan Oh Deer Diner for nan past one.

All Writer’s Journey locations

Alan needs to get a fewer much TVs than Saga, pinch 8 successful full to watch.

  • The first is automatically triggered successful Initiation 1 astatine nan ending cutscene for this chapter.
  • Once successful The Dark Place, spell northbound of nan payphone that rings arsenic you travel up nan stairs and spell consecutive to a stack of TVs successful a show window.
  • The 3rd is successful nan Subway and is intolerable to miss. You will beryllium forced to spell done a break room pinch this TV successful it and it will trigger arsenic soon arsenic you spell in.
  • If location was immoderate TV you were apt to miss, it would beryllium this one. Once you get to Initiation 4, you request to revisit nan aforesaid TVs you came crossed successful nan 2nd Writer’s Journey connected this list. However, you person to spell location and get this caller 1 earlier nan extremity of Initiation 5 aliases it won’t show up again.
  • This 1 besides has nan imaginable to beryllium missed. When you get into nan Oceanview Hotel, you request to spell into room 101. This doorway is locked andyou request to retrieve nan cardinal from nan Ballroom first, truthful make judge you get it earlier this section ends aliases you won’t beryllium capable to spell backmost for it.
  • Once successful Initiation 7, you will beryllium led to nan Janitor’s Room and tin speak to Ahti. Take nan doorway connected nan different broadside down into nan basement, move right, and usage your ray shift. Go backmost retired nan measurement you came successful and move right. You will spot nan wall has vanished and a caller way is available. Head down these stairs and usage nan ray displacement again to make a shoebox appear. Interact pinch it to cod immoderate photos. Take them up and scope nan TV astatine nan extremity of nan level. This is nan only TV you person to interact with, but nan Writer’s Journey will only trigger if you person nan photographs from nan container pinch you. If you don’t, it won’t trigger and you cannot get it again.
  • In nan Poet’s Cinema, return a break astatine nan concession guidelines to watch this video.
  • The past TV is different missable one. Once you spell into nan movie surface and are connected your measurement to nan projection room, make judge to extremity by nan TV nether nan exit motion earlier moving through. If you time off nan room without triggering nan TV, you can’t spell back.

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