All upcoming Xbox Series X games: 2023, 2024 and beyond

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Sam Hill

By Sam Hill November 1, 2023 8:37AM

The Xbox Series X and Series S person now been retired for 3 years, bringing amended resolution, higher framework rates, and ray tracing to gamers astir nan world. And nan upcoming Xbox Series X games connected this database committedness to proceed to show disconnected each those bells and whistles successful fun, caller experiences.

If you’re eager to find retired what Microsoft has successful shop for nan years ahead, we’ve rounded up each crippled confirmed truthful far, including caller offerings, franchise installments, and ports of existing titles. We’re looking beyond nan first-party projects present to encompass each nan awesome games coming to this powerful portion of gaming hardware. Maybe immoderate of them will extremity up being among nan best games connected Xbox Series X.

Upcoming Xbox Series X games 2023

The games listed beneath either person 100% confirmed merchandise dates aliases coagulated merchandise windows that we expect them to deed this year.

Upcoming Xbox Series X games 2024

With 2024 yet almost here, we’ve sewage a fistful of confirmed merchandise dates and rumors for adjacent year. Here’s everything that’s connected our radar for 2024.

Possible 2024 releases

These games are confirmed to beryllium coming to PS5 astatine immoderate constituent soon. We aren’t wholly judge when, aliases if, they’ll driblet successful 2024, but we person hope.

Games pinch nary merchandise window

All we cognize astir nan games listed beneath is that they’re successful development. Most of them are astir apt a fewer years distant from launch.

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The champion games connected Xbox Game Pass for correct now (September 2023)

As nan Xbox Game Pass programme has grown, truthful has our database of nan champion games connected Xbox Game Pass. After nan motorboat of nan Xbox Series X, Microsoft has doubled down connected Game Pass, now offering good complete 350 games connected nan console alone. To thief you done action paralysis, we rounded up nan apical games connected Microsoft's subscription platform.

Many titles are disposable crossed Xbox and PC, and immoderate of them moreover person cross-save support. Most of nan games are disposable for streaming connected mobile too, arsenic agelong arsenic you person Game Pass Ultimate. The Game Pass room is besides perpetually changing, truthful cheque retired our monthly guideline for summation and removal announcements.

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Xbox’s Phil Spencer responds to blockbuster leak: ‘So overmuch has changed’

Xbox Series X connected a table.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has yet commented connected nan monolithic Xbox leak that happened earlier today. In his nationalist statement, he explained that "so overmuch has changed" since galore of nan documents were created and asked fans to beryllium excited astir Xbox's future.
On Tuesday morning, unredacted versions of a batch of documents pertaining to nan Xbox vs. FTC proceedings appeared. These emails and documents, astir of which were created aliases written sometime betwixt 2020 and 2022, revealed a batch of unannounced information. That included things for illustration a mid-gen refresh for nan Xbox Series X and S, immoderate unannounced Bethesda games, and moreover Microsoft's early goals for its next-generation console. Hours later, Spencer commented connected nan leak.
"We've seen nan speech astir aged emails and documents," Spencer explained connected X (formerly known arsenic Twitter). "It is difficult to spot our team's activity shared successful this measurement because truthful overmuch has changed and there's truthful overmuch to beryllium excited astir correct now, and successful nan future. We will stock nan existent plans erstwhile we are ready."
At first, group didn't cognize wherever nan leak came from, pinch nan FTC quickly denying that it leaked these things. Ultimately, United States District Judge Jacqueline Scott Corley revealed that Microsoft had done it to itself while trying to supply nan tribunal pinch a unafraid unreality nexus to applicable exhibits for nan trial. The Verge went connected to study that Phil Spencer besides sent retired a memo internally astir nan leaks today, echoing nan statements successful his tweet.
"Today, respective documents submitted successful nan tribunal proceedings related to our projected acquisition of Activision Blizzard were unintentionally disclosed. I cognize this is disappointing, moreover if galore of nan documents are good complete a twelvemonth aged and our plans person evolved," Spencer's memo reads. "I besides cognize we each return nan confidentiality of our plans and our partners’ accusation very seriously. This leak evidently is not america surviving up to that expectation. We will study from what happened and beryllium amended going forward. We each put unthinkable amounts of passion and power into our work, and this is ne'er really we want that difficult activity to beryllium shared pinch nan community. That said, there’s truthful overmuch much to beryllium excited about, and erstwhile we’re ready, we’ll stock nan existent plans pinch our players. In closing, I admit each of nan activity that you move into Team Xbox to astonishment and delight our players."
The truth that Microsoft did this to itself is an embarrassing accident, particularly erstwhile immoderate of nan accusation contained wrong nan documents and emails is nary longer accurate. For now, each we tin do is hold and spot if Microsoft will really merchandise caller versions of its Xbox Series X and S consoles adjacent twelvemonth and if games for illustration Doom Year Zero, a sequel to Ghostwire: Tokyo, and Dishonored 3 get announced.

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