All Word of Power locations in Alan Wake 2

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Alan Wake 2 splits its run up betwixt nan titular writer from nan original crippled and a caller character, FBI supplier Saga. While nan 2 play mostly nan same, each 1 does person immoderate bespoke elements. Aside from smaller touches for illustration each having their ain weapons and inventory, they besides person different sets of collectibles to hunt out. While Saga needs to way down and lick things for illustration Nursery Rhymes and unfastened Cult Stashes, Alan’s hidden items, called Words of Power, are much successful statement pinch his profession. These are much concepts than actual, beingness items to grab, and must beryllium picked up successful a unsocial way. Not only are they worthy uncovering because they unlock a Trophy, but they besides will thief soft retired nan trouble curve since they service arsenic upgrades for Alan. Our words whitethorn not beryllium arsenic powerful arsenic Alan’s, but they tin still guideline you to each Word of Power location successful Alan Wake 2.

How Words of Power work

Words of Power are biology objects that only Alan tin interact with. While exploring his section, you will beryllium capable to hunt down these spots connected nan representation and find a spiral of words written somewhere. To “collect” one, you simply request to radiance your ray connected it from nan correct perspective — your controller will vibrate to fto you cognize you’re getting close.

Words of Power are divided into 7 types, each of which offers 3 different upgrade options successful different areas. Here’s each type and really they tin amended Alan’s skills.

  • Word of Fix: upgrades wellness stats
  • Word of Gun: upgrades limb and ammo stats
  • Word of War: upgrades limb damages
  • Word of Stuff: upgrades inventory space, shows resources connected nan map, aliases adds charges to your flashlight
  • Word of Aid: upgrades flares and treatment items
  • Word of Action: upgrades harm done aliases lowers harm taken
  • Words of Lamp: upgrades your torch abilities

All Words of Power locations

Like each collectibles successful Alan Wake 2, Words of Power are dispersed crossed each awesome area you visit, pinch immoderate only accessible later on, aft you’ve made communicative advancement aliases return earlier nan crippled ends.

Dark Place Words of Power

A representation of nan acheronian spot successful Alan Wake 2.Remedy Entertainment

There are 7 Words of Power to find successful nan first awesome area you scope arsenic Alan, but nan past can’t beryllium obtained until you travel backmost aft getting nan doorway codification that allows you into nan Oceanview Hotel.

  • The first connection you get is unmissable since it is portion of your main objective. You will get a Word of Fix from supra a doorway aft you get your revolver and flashlight.
  • Taking nan ray successful your lamp from nan first word, backtrack down nan alley to Caldera St. Station and usage nan ray to illuminate a lamp supra nan staircase going up. This will unblock nan way truthful you tin get up to nan tile and done a door. You should spot nan yellowish arrows directing you nan remainder of nan measurement to nan Word of Lamp.
  • In nan northeast conception of nan map, wherever you find nan sheriff, nan connection will beryllium successful nan aforesaid room.
  • Head southbound from nan sheriff and up immoderate scaffolding connected nan different broadside of nan street. This will move you astir and lead you to nan Word of War betwixt immoderate aerial ducts.
  • Go southbound again, and powerfulness up nan taxi pinch your ray to toggle shape it into a constabulary cruiser. Enemies will spawn erstwhile you do this, truthful beryllium ready. Go done nan area they ambushed you from. The connection is up connected nan wall.
  • After going down Draft Street, rotation astir and radiance a ray connected this connection connected nan underside of nan bridge.
  • Go down to Wheeler Street and snag this Word from extracurricular nan Talk Show Studio by immoderate garbage cans.

Subway Words of Power

A representation of alan aftermath 2's subway.Remedy Entertainment

The Subway besides holds a ton of Words of Power — 10 successful each this time.

  • Immediately aft getting into nan subway, you will usage an Echo to alteration nan environment. Once you do, nan connection will beryllium connected nan train door.
  • Look crossed from nan breakroom connected nan different broadside of a barricade for this word.
  • Take nan ray and transportation it down nan main passageway and look down a metallic shelving rack.
  • After climbing nan ladder out, rotation astir and duck nether immoderate construction. Look consecutive up to find this word.
  • Once you get wrong nan fire-damaged train, climb down nan ladder, but not down nan stairs. Instead, move astir and spell astir nan corner. You request to destruct a woody pallet to uncover nan word.
  • Now you tin spell down nan stairs and find nan adjacent connection connected nan near wall down a gate.
  • After reaching Shrine St. Station, caput done nan h2o and hunt nan wall connected nan left.
  • Climb up into nan train and scan nan wall to nan correct to cod this word.
  • On nan different broadside of Shrine St., nan adjacent connection is almost intolerable to miss arsenic it’s dormant ahead.
  • On your measurement up nan stairs and out, extremity adjacent to nan break room and look done nan closed obstruction for nan word.

Oceanview Hotel Words of Power

A representation of nan oceanview hotel.Remedy Entertainment

There are only 3 Words we request to cod from nan hotel.

  • On nan 2nd floor, participate room 224 and break nan woody plank to participate nan bath and get nan word.
  • While going done nan hall, cheque for a solid sheet supra a doorway connected your left. Through it, you tin snag this sneaky word.
  • Take a break astatine nan barroom and look consecutive up to cod 1 much word.

Poet’s Cinema Words of Power

A representation of nan poet's cinema successful alan aftermath 2.Remedy Entertainment

Our last 3 Words are successful nan Poet’s Cinema.

  • Once you find nan break room, spell up nan stairs and look astatine nan wall down a opinionated lamp.
  • Once connected nan roof, spell to nan spotlights and look down successful nan area beneath a window.
  • Finally, nan past connection is plastered connected nan large h2o tower.

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Alan Wake 2 preload guide: merchandise time, record size, and preorder

Alan Wake stands successful beforehand of a movie theatre successful Alan Wake 2.

It's clip to particulate disconnected your typewriter, capable up your thermoses pinch coffee, and dive into your mind palaces because Alan Wake 2 is fresh to return america backmost into nan acheronian and disturbing world of Bright Falls and nan Dark Place. Fans person been eagerly awaiting nan adjacent section successful nan scary writer's communicative for complete a decade, and nan clip to bring each nan mysteries to ray is astir upon us. It is rather fitting that this much horror-centric sequel is hitting successful nan spooky period of October, and now we cognize precisely erstwhile you tin subordinate up pinch Alan and newcomer Saga to hopefully put an extremity to nan evil forces astatine work. Aside from a flashlight and immoderate caller batteries, present are each nan preload specifications you request to cognize for Alan Wake 2.
Alan Wake 2 merchandise time

Alan Wake 2 will beryllium released arsenic early arsenic 9 p.m. PT connected October 26 and midnight connected October 27 connected nan East Coast, and your section balanced crossed nan world. The supra representation shows each nan awesome clip zones for you.
Alan Wake 2 record size
According to nan PC requirements, Alan Wake 2 needs 90GB of free space, truthful nan crippled should travel successful astatine conscionable astir that number. Console record sizes are still unclear, but should beryllium successful that aforesaid range, truthful beryllium connected nan safe broadside and make judge you person astatine slightest 100GB free.
Alan Wake 2 preload options
If you want to get up of nan crippled and preload Alan Wake 2 truthful you tin commencement playing nan infinitesimal it launches, preloading will go disposable connected October 25, truthful conscionable 1 time earlier nan afloat merchandise successful immoderate clip zones.
Alan Wake 2 preorder details
If you want to preorder nan digital-only Alan Wake 2, you tin get either nan modular version pinch conscionable nan game, aliases nan deluxe version that comes pinch nan description walk and immoderate limb skins and outfits.

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