Almost Debt-Free to Nearly $1 Million in Debt: Why We Moved to Nashville

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From almost being debt-free to accumulating astir $1 cardinal successful debt, our determination to relocate to Nashville was a pivotal one. We delve into nan compelling reasons down this transformative move, shedding ray connected nan financial and individual dynamics that led america connected this unexpected journey.

We had conscionable vanished building our dream home only a fewer years ago.  My businesses were thriving, and this allowed my woman and I to create a 3-year extremity that sounded much for illustration a fairy communicative — paying disconnected our mortgage.

We had astir $450,000 successful our home, but we only had astir $250,000 near to salary it off.  We were already up of nan curve compared to most, but to person it wholly paid disconnected BEFORE my oldest boy started precocious schoolhouse was difficult to judge arsenic a possibility.  

In our case, it wasn’t conscionable a possibility.  It was becoming a reality…

Well, that is until God gave america nan nudge to waste our dream home, uproot our family and move retired of state. 

And that’s precisely what we did; we sold our location to commencement a caller life successful Nashville, Tennessee.

But, nan roadworthy to get location wasn’t easy, and we deed a batch of bumps on nan way. When we started reasoning astir a move to Nashville, we quickly discovered buying a akin location successful specified a booming area would easy costs america 3x aliases 4x more.

That seems crazy erstwhile I deliberation astir it — nan truth we walked distant from a cozy financial business into a caller reality pinch astir a cardinal dollars successful owe debt.

The point is, our move to Tennessee really makes truthful overmuch consciousness to maine now. We were happy wherever we were, but thing needed to alteration truthful we could turn and go nan family we were meant to be.

5 Reasons We Went From Almost Debt-Free to Almost $1 Million successful Debt

Why did we move? And why did we willingly return connected truthful overmuch debt? There are really rather a fewer reasons, and only a fewer of them person to do pinch money astatine all. 

Reason #1: We Were 2.5 Hours From nan Closest Airport

The first logic we started considering a move has to do pinch convenience. Our location successful Illinois was awesome for sure, and it was awesome surviving adjacent to wherever my woman grew up, but we were truthful acold from an airdrome that going anyplace became an tremendous hassle — particularly pinch kids.

Imagine wanting to spell connected picnic and having to thrust 2.5 hours to get to nan airdrome earlier you could depart. Since you person to beryllium astatine nan airdrome 2 hours early, that would mean we’re packing up nan kids and nan car astir 5 hours earlier a formation leaves.

Early greeting flights were practically intolerable for this reason, and nan full process conscionable became a stressful mess.

We besides started to deliberation astir nan future. Would our kids want to sojourn america if getting to our location was specified a pain? 

We wanted to unrecorded successful a spot our kids could easy entree nary matter wherever they upwind up surviving arsenic adults. In nan mediate of Illinois is not that place, and that has go progressively evident complete nan years.

It’s funny; I still retrieve nan first clip I went to nan airdrome from our caller location successful Tennessee. It took maine astir 45 minutes to get from my driveway to TSA information astatine nan Nashville International Airport, and I was ecstatic! 

Reason #2: We Lived successful a Dying Area

While our finances were awesome erstwhile we lived successful Illinois, that didn’t alteration nan truth we were surviving successful an area pinch diminishing opportunities. The occupation marketplace successful Illinois seemed for illustration it was getting worse each twelvemonth we lived there, and taxes were starting to get crazy.

In fact, nan spot taxes we paid successful Illinois were doubly arsenic overmuch arsenic what we salary successful Tennessee for a location that costs 4x arsenic much!

That doesn’t moreover make immoderate sense, but that’s conscionable 1 illustration of Illinois making decisions that stunt economical growth. 

We besides worried astir really nan occupation marketplace would beryllium for our kids successful nan future, and what benignant of opportunities they would person if we stayed successful nan area. When we started looking astatine places to move, it didn’t wounded astatine each that Tennessee doesn’t person a authorities income tax, either.

At nan extremity of nan day, we were surviving successful a spot that seemed for illustration it was moving backward. We wanted much than that, and we knew sticking astir wouldn’t make nan business successful Illinois immoderate better.

Reason #3: We Needed Access to Healthcare Specialists

Another logic we near Illinois has to do pinch wellness and nan benignant of entree to healthcare we desperately needed astatine nan time. I’ve talked astir this rather a spot successful nan past, but my youngest boy has an attachment upset that has made our family life challenging to opportunity nan least. 

In Illinois, we tried moving pinch rather a fewer healthcare providers earlier we realized they didn’t really person nan benignant of specialists we required. To get our family nan correct help, we needed to unrecorded adjacent to a bigger infirmary strategy pinch a batch much resources.

Our move gave america entree to truthful galore professionals who had acquisition pinch nan benignant of rumor we were dealing with, and that unsocial made nan money we spent good worthy it. 

Reason #4: I Was Ready to Transition My Business

Around nan clip of our move, I was besides trying to fig retired who I was — astatine slightest successful a business sense. I had ever been a financial advisor, and I had built a successful financial readying believe successful Illinois.

In nan meantime, I had been blogging and increasing an online business, and I was starting to gain a lot much online than I was arsenic a financial planner.

For a while, I tried to person nan champion of some worlds. I hired financial planners who could beryllium successful nan agency each day, which gave maine nan action to activity connected my believe from a region — astatine least, that’s really it was expected to work.

The point is, being that adjacent to nan financial believe near maine perpetually putting retired fires aliases being asked to meet pinch clients who didn’t want to speak pinch my employees.

I very intelligibly retrieve when, 1 day, a longtime customer insisted connected gathering pinch maine connected a time I wasn’t emotion it, and it wrecked my full day. 

I was disappointment because I didn’t want to beryllium a financial planner anymore, yet I couldn’t look to get away.

I retrieve venting to my woman that time erstwhile she said thing that caught maine by surprise.

“Then why don’t you waste it?” she said.

I really had nary thought she would moreover see trading nan practice, and that was precisely what I needed to perceive astatine nan moment. Her words gave maine nan state to fto go, and that’s precisely what I did aft we moved.

Until past though, I conscionable felt for illustration I needed immoderate region from nan believe and that aged portion of my life. I was fresh to move on, some physically and mentally, and moving fto maine do both.

Reason #5: We Wanted to Give Our Kids More Opportunities

The last logic we moved ties backmost to nan truth our Illinois municipality was fundamentally dying. As astir group know, wherever we unrecorded now is nan nonstop other of that. In fact, Nashville, Tennessee is perfectly booming!

We person entree to truthful galore much opportunities than we would person if we stayed successful Illinois — immoderate small and immoderate big.

For example, 1 of my sons was capable to subordinate nan play squad successful 6th grade, which would beryllium unheard of erstwhile we lived successful Illinois since nary squad existed.

He loves play and it has been specified a blessing for him to activity connected his crippled and get progressive successful a schoolhouse sport, and I americium truthful grateful I was capable to springiness him that opportunity.

We person besides been capable to link pinch much entrepreneurs we person things successful communal with, and sometimes successful nan craziest ways. For example, I person a really bully friend named David Molnar who is simply a photographer.

I met him done a individual finance blogger friend I already had and I besides knew that David was friends pinch Josh Axe, nan laminitis of and nan co-founder of Ancient Nutrition.

Josh was personification I wanted to meet because he had a akin profession trajectory I did. While he was primitively a chiropractor, he yet discontinue his believe to activity connected his online business.

I figured I would meet him yet since he besides lived successful Nashville, but lo and behold, we discovered our caller next-door neighbour was nan COO of Ancient Nutrition — 1 of his companies!

It’s conscionable crazy really galore much entrepreneurs unrecorded successful this area. There are truthful galore group I tin link pinch and study from, and that’s thing I was decidedly missing.

Another Fun Fact:

Dan from nan state duo Dan + Shay was my neighbour for a while, and he lived pinch his family conscionable a fewer doors down. We coiled up making friends pinch his family and moreover went connected picnic pinch them.

Basically, nary of these things could person happened successful Illinois. 

The Bottom Line

If you deliberation taking connected almost $1 cardinal successful indebtedness for a large move sounds crazy, I wholly get that. But erstwhile I adhd up each nan blessings we sewage successful return, I consciousness assured moving was 1 of nan smartest decisions we person ever made.

We listened to nan nudge God gave us, and we put our fears speech to move toward thing caller — thing better. Along nan way, we learned that sometimes you person to get retired of your comfortableness area to get what you really want.

And clip and clip again, I’ve learned you often person to springiness up thing bully to get thing great!

When I look astir astatine our Nashville location and our kids who are genuinely thriving, I wouldn’t alteration a thing.

I whitethorn person a location costs now, but I person truthful overmuch more.