Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen) review: Sounds better than ever

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Third-generation Amazon Echo frames in abject apparent on a beauteous woman.

Amazon Echo Frames (3rd Gen)

MSRP $195.00

“The Echo Frames are thinner, complete better, and appear in a array of options — all with the ability of Alexa central them.”


  • Good aggregate with basal leakage
  • Nice audio affection for open-ear speakers
  • Excellent alarm quality
  • Access to the Amazon ecosystem
  • Not bound in to a specific device


  • No charging case
  • Expensive compared to earbuds

The chase to put computers on our faces continues. With the third-generation Echo Frames, Amazon afresh adapted its acute glasses with several refinements. There’s still no display, but the Amazon ecosystem is a acute acumen to accede this artefact if you’re in the bazaar for a wearable that includes a full-featured agenda abettor and a adaptable app for acute home control.

Because Echo Frames are beat on the face like any added pair of acute glasses, there are appropriate considerations, like appearance, comfort, array life, and durability. My stereo speakers can deeply blow in near-perfect assurance on a shelf or nightstand, but acute glasses charge bear the challenges of carriageable devices.

We activated Amazon’s newest Echo Frames to acquisition out how abundant they’ve improved, and whether there’s abundant amount to accomplish these audio acute glasses a acceptable buy.

Echo Frames design

Amazon Echo Frames are baptize aggressive so a bit of rain or snow is okay.Amazon Echo Frames are baptize aggressive so a bit of rain or snow is okay. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Amazon bargain the array of the earpieces by 15% in the latest adaptation of Echo Frames, authoritative them alike afterpiece in actualization to accustomed glasses. They’re closer, but still acutely thicker. With bristles frames and three lens options for each, there are affluence of choices in admeasurement and style.

I activated the prescription-ready (clear) lenses in the atramentous ellipsoidal frames. The gray adaptation has atramentous earpieces for a two-tone design. You additionally can aces frames that are aboveboard and black, abject and round, or amber and cat-eye.

Amazon Echo Frames attending nice, and it would be adamantine for anyone to acquaint I was cutting acute glasses unless they looked carefully at the earpieces. Thicker stems will be all-important for the accountable approaching to accommodate the electronics all-important to accomplish glasses smart.

Each anatomy is of a altered size, so check Amazon’s allocation guide afore ordering. The better glasses of this blazon are branded as Carrera acute glasses, but accommodate the aforementioned Amazon technology as the Echo Frames. You pay a little bit more, but sometimes beyond is bigger for sunglasses.

The weight varies, but the Echo Frames I activated acquainted aloof like approved glasses. The weight is aloof a little over an ounce (38 grams), and the eartips are adjustable to fine-tune the fit. I could abrasion these all day with no complaints. My wife, who has baby ears, additionally begin them actual comfortable.

Echo Frames audio quality

Echo Frames plays your admired anniversary tunes on Amazon Music, but you can use added services.Echo Frames comedy your admired anniversary tunes on Amazon Music, but you can use added services. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Because Echo Frames are audio-only acute glasses, acceptable complete affection is essential. Amazon decidedly bigger audio in the third-generation wearable, acceleration apostle volume, tripling the backbone of bass, and convalescent microphone clarity.

I begin the speakers to accept acceptable aggregate at hardly aloft 50%, so there’s allowance to get loud back my admired jam is playing. Music seems brittle and vibrant. Bass is able for such baby speakers, but good-quality earbuds or headphones will still accommodate the best alert experience.

Despite the open-ear architecture of Echo Frames, complete arising is minimal. That was a botheration with earlier versions of Amazon acute glasses. I had to accomplish the aggregate uncomfortably loud for anyone adjacent to apprehend what song I was playing. The complete ascendancy is agnate to the affection of Ray-Ban Meta acute glasses, which additionally absolute audio dispersal.

Amazon additionally abundantly bigger microphone affection in the third-generation Echo Frames. The aggregation claims up to 10 times bigger articulation recognition. That’s advantageous for interacting with articulation abettor Alexa and additionally helps with calling.

I activated calling in a allowance with a baby fan and a calefaction pump that runs continuously in the winter. The babble isn’t overwhelming, but my Apple Watch indicates it’s 45 decibels. I can allege normally, and that accomplishments complete is eliminated. I swapped with the addition to apprehend it for myself.

Amazon additionally is acquainted of aloofness apropos with wearables. If I appetite to be assertive I’m not heard by Alexa, it’s accessible to toggle the mics on or off with a double-click of the advanced appropriate button. Also, the Echo Frames beddy-bye as anon as I bend them and deathwatch aural about 10 abnormal of putting them on.

Echo Frames and Alexa

Alexa offers articulation control, but four buttons acquiesce quick, bashful adjustments.Alexa offers articulation control, but four buttons acquiesce quick, bashful adjustments. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Another key affection of audio acute glasses is the claimed agenda assistant. For Amazon, that agency Alexa, a well-established, voice-controlled assistant.

Alexa has been allowance Amazon barter administer their low-cost Echo speakers, Kindle Fire tablets, and Kindle e-readers for abounding years. If you apperceive how to use Alexa on a apostle or a Kindle, you’ll feel appropriate at home with Echo Frames.

I can set timers and alarms, accomplish notes, add items to lists, and ask about bounded advice or accepted facts. Alexa will draw abstracts from assorted websites to accumulation answers. It’s not perfect, but the Echo Frames acknowledge with advantageous answers abundant added generally than Siri does on an Apple HomePod.

Echo Frames can apprehend notifications. That could become overwhelming, so Amazon includes a customizable clarify — it’s actually alleged “VIP Filter” — to baddest which bodies and apps you’d like to apprehend from. The Alexa app additionally will handle any firmware updates.

Alexa isn’t as communicative as ChatGPT, but that should change back Amazon’s AI chatbot rolls out. A examination of this capability, “Let’s Chat,” is advancing soon.


Echo Frames are as ablaze as approved glasses and adequate abundant to abrasion all day.Echo Frames are as ablaze as approved glasses and adequate abundant to abrasion all day. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Amazon has a able-bodied ecosystem that I can acceptance with the Echo Frames. You don’t accept to be a Prime affiliate to booty advantage of Kindle eBooks, Amazon Music, and Amazon shopping.

There’s affluence of chargeless agreeable to accept to. I asked Alexa to apprehend me a book from my Kindle library and was admiring with the articulation quality, alike admitting it lacked the affect of a animal reader.

For Amazon Music, I can baddest specific songs from my library. Even if you don’t subscribe to this service, you can appeal 1980s archetypal rock, dubstep, electric blues, or any added brand and accept to chargeless radio playback ofsongs of that type.

The Echo Frames smartly put Alexa anon in your ears.

Echo Frames additionally acquiesce control of any acute accessories with Alexa compatibility. I activated this with a acute ablaze to change its blush and brightness, additional about-face it on and off. If you use acute accessories in Alexa Routines, you can ascendancy assorted accessories with a distinct command.

The acute glasses additionally serve as a Bluetooth headset, so any complete I comedy on my iPhone comes to Echo Frames. Echo Frames can affix to two accessories and automatically about-face to the best contempo audio playback. I can affix to my iPhone and PC, seamlessly switching aural a brace of seconds.

As abundant as these Amazon casework are, accepting a best is consistently nice. Echo Frames can be affiliated to added agenda administration and alternating music providers. When commutual with my iPhone, I can use a continued columnist on the appropriate rear button to acceptance Siri and affix to Apple Music. I additionally activated with Android, arena songs on Spotify and allurement Google Assistant for information.

Echo Frames array life

Echo Frames attending like accustomed glasses, but I still drew a army back cutting them.Echo Frames attending like accustomed glasses, but I still drew a army back cutting them. Photo by Tracey Truly / Digital Trends

Because Echo Frames serve as earbuds in a acceptable glasses form, array acceptance is minimal. I allegation all my carriageable accessories every night, and the Echo Frames array never fell below 50%.

Amazon claims you can use Echo Frames for up to 14 hours with abstinent usage, which is 40% best than the antecedent generation. That appraisal matches my experience, but it’s best to apprehend you’ll charge to allegation these acute glasses daily. The Alexa app additionally lets you accredit a low-power approach that disables the Echo Frames’ adeptness to accept for you to say “Alexa” or “Echo” to activate them.

If you comedy audio continuously, that could bead to 6 hours. Amazon includes a charging berth (completely with USB-C connector) that absolutely replenishes the array in 2.5 hours, so you can top up during the day.

The third-generation Amazon Echo Frames sitting on their charging base.The Echo Frames charging abject takes a little accepting acclimated to. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

The charging abject can booty a little accepting acclimated to. Amazon does a appropriate job answer in the included quick-start adviser that the lenses charge to face advancement in adjustment for the Echo Frames to charge, but it could accept been a little added specific in how to action the glasses assimilate the base. The abbreviate adaptation is that you’ll appetite to abutting the right-hand temple all the way to the frames, and leave the left-hand temple mostly chargeless as you blow the adenoids pads on the arch of the base. If it feels like you accept to force anything, you’re accomplishing it wrong. A hidden LED will change from aflame white to orange if you get it right; it’ll beam red if you missed.

A charging case — like what you get with the Ray-Ban Meta glasses — would be nice for portability, and it would abolish any apropos about application these back on the go.

Should you buy Amazon Echo Frames?

The basal band is value. Amazon currently accuse $195 for the atomic big-ticket third-generation Echo Frames, but the approved amount is $270 (that’s archetypal for best Amazon products). That’s big-ticket compared to the 2023 Amazon Echo Buds that retail for $50. Echo Buds accept around the aforementioned appearance and accommodate a charging case to extend array activity to 20 hours.

If you don’t like earbuds, the Echo Frames are a nice alternative. I acquisition them to be as adequate as sunglasses and as adorable as sunglasses or decree frames. The open-ear architecture makes it accessible to allege with accompany and ancestors after accepting to abeyance to booty out an earbud or about-face to accuracy mode.

If you are attractive for acute glasses that accommodate a screen, I afresh compared three top affectation acute glasses brands, so that ability be account a look. Echo Frames are an arresting advantage if you’re attractive for new glasses. However, if these acute glasses are above your budget, you ability appetite to add them to an Amazon ambition list.

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