Amazon Prime Video Free Trial: Stream for a month for free

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Lucas Coll

By Lucas Coll October 31, 2023 11:36AM

The Amazon Prime Video app icon connected Roku.Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

It would beryllium almost intolerable to make it done life these days without proceeding astir Amazon Prime because it is 1 of nan largest ecommerce storefronts ever. What you really request to cognize is that nan online retailer’s premium subscription comes pinch a boatload of awesome benefits and services. You mightiness beryllium a spot little acquainted pinch Amazon Prime Video, though. Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming work that competes pinch nan likes of Netflix and Hulu, offering a wide assortment of shows, movies, and Prime original series. There are a mates of ways to get Prime Video, but it’s not free. However, if you’re here, you’re astir apt looking for an reply to nan burning question: Is location an Amazon Prime Video free trial? We’ve sewage nan answer, and more, below.

Is location an Amazon Prime Video free trial?

There is so an Amazon Prime Video free trial, but it’s tied into nan Prime free trial, which lasts for a period and whitethorn aliases whitethorn not beryllium disposable to you. To spot if you’re eligible, you’ll request to and check. The wide norm is that nan Prime free proceedings (and by extension, an Amazon Prime Video free trial) is disposable to Amazon accounts that person either ne'er signed up for a Prime proceedings aliases person not had Prime — either a proceedings aliases paid rank — immoderate clip successful nan past 12 months.

The Prime free proceedings is usually for 30 days, akin to nan Hulu free trial. If you’re not eligible for nan Amazon Prime Video free trial, though, past beryllium patient: Sometimes, Amazon will sometimes connection free tests to its loyal customers, truthful if you person an Amazon relationship (but not a Prime membership) and shop connected nan tract regularly, you mightiness find a Prime proceedings connection sitting successful your inbox 1 day. Often, though, these are shorter seven- aliases 14-day tests alternatively than nan 30-day trial. Nonetheless, it’s evident that Amazon is simply a spot much generous pinch these proceedings periods than different services — there’s nary Disney+ free trial aliases Netflix free trial, for example, but it’s thankfully overmuch easier to get an Amazon Prime Video free trial.

Can you get Amazon Prime Video for free?

Amazon Prime is beautiful popular, pinch much than 200 cardinal subscribers, and Prime Video is nary slouch, either. You mightiness beryllium amazed to study that Prime Video is disposable arsenic a standalone subscription wholly abstracted from Amazon Prime, and you tin motion up for Prime Video for $9 per month. Sometimes, you tin get Amazon Prime aliases Prime Video for free done third-party offers. These could travel pinch prime purchases from definite retailers aliases travel bundled pinch net aliases cellular web work (usually pinch upgraded plans, specified arsenic unlimited). If you’re looking to motion up for a caller ISP aliases move web carriers, do immoderate investigation to spot if immoderate of them are offering free Prime aliases Prime Video subscriptions, moreover if you’re only getting a fewer months earlier you person to salary aliases cancel your Prime membership.

One specified free Prime connection comes from T-Mobile, which is bundling Amazon Prime pinch its prepaid Metro Unlimited plan. Pricing for T-Mobile Metro starts astatine $60 per statement per period (and it’s cheaper per statement if you adhd much lines connected your plan), and since it’s prepaid, location are nary yearly contracts. That’s a bully measurement to get Amazon Prime for free, including Prime Video, if you’re shopping astir for a caller unlimited plan.

Alternatively, you mightiness see immoderate of nan different services pinch offers, for illustration nan Showtime free trial, HBO Max free trial, nan Sling TV free trial, aliases moreover nan Hulu pinch Live TV free trial. They’re surely not nan aforesaid arsenic Prime Video, but they connection plentifulness of contented to watch, particularly connected apical of a subscription you already have!

Are location immoderate Amazon Prime Video deals?

Amazon offers discounts to caller Prime members reasonably regularly, you conscionable person to support your eyes open. You tin ever upgrade to nan yearly membership, which is different measurement to people an Amazon Prime deal.

The Prime monthly rank comes to $180 per twelvemonth ($15 per period for 12 months), but an yearly Prime rank costs conscionable $139. That averages to astir $11.60 per period and saves you $41 — not a fortune, admittedly, but it’s money successful your pocket. Another measurement to prevention — provided you’re a assemblage student pinch a valid .edu email reside — is to motion up for a Prime Student membership. Not only is this cheaper than a modular subscription astatine $7.50 per period aliases $69 per year, but you besides get a whopping six-month free trial. That’s perchance nan astir generous proceedings connection of immoderate subscription work that we’ve seen, but existent to its name, Prime Student is only disposable to those enrolled successful astatine slightest 1 people astatine a U.S. university.

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