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On today’s show, we discuss:

  • At $2M per minute, treasuries mint rate for illustration ne'er before 
  • Cost of superior and superior allocation
  • The caller mathematics of driving your car till nan wheels autumn off 
  • Consumers fed up pinch nutrient costs are ditching large brands
  • Long-predicted user pullback yet hits restaurants for illustration Starbucks, KFC, and McDonalds
  • US spending and incomes proceed to turn a spot faster than earlier nan pandemic – and that’s okay 
  • The US system is already successful a recession, and it’s pursuing nan aforesaid way arsenic China by becoming reliant connected debt, seasoned forecaster says
  • Young American’s wealthiness has soared since nan pandemic 
  • BlackRocks Bitcoin ETF posts first time of outflows, starring grounds $563M exit from US spot products
  • National location value maturation this decade has already surpassed that of nan full 1990s and 2010s
  • The carnivore lawsuit for housing

Listen here:


  • The Godfather of American Economy 
  • Rotten Tomatoes 300 champion movies of each time 
  • Fallout 
  • Sugar
  • The Great Wall 
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Late Night pinch nan Devil 
  • Hereditary



"Fast nutrient restaurants are expensive" are a motion of a *good* economy, not a bad one.

We want labour to beryllium expensive! Fast nutrient was inexpensive successful nan 2010s because of a slack labour market.

— Matt Darling 🌐🏗️ (@besttrousers) May 2, 2024

Auto insurers are crushing nan S&P. I would slice this.

Yes, location is much to car security than nan worth of nan car (bodily injury, etc.)

But KBB says caller car prices are adjacent a 2-year low, utilized cars down 4% from past year. Tesla cutting prices.

— Jeff Weniger (@JeffWeniger) May 1, 2024

Torsten Slok pinch immoderate much cool play charts:

Inflation adjusted pandemic savings are up large clip for nan precocious mediate class. successful % position these folks that didnt get nan 20% raises $15/hr folks did. but btwn savings and smaller % bumps connected MUCH bigger guidelines salaries? theyre good

— talmon joseph smith (@talmonsmith) May 5, 2024

Feel free to push backmost connected this, but going backmost 50 years astir US recessions played retired arsenic an power value daze followed by an finance collapse. We had nan setup for that successful Q2 2022 but that’s agelong gone, truthful what’s nan point going to beryllium now?

— Conor Sen (@conorsen) May 5, 2024


The much information we get, nan much I interest astir nan risks progressive pinch Spot ETF.

🧵to update
Investment Advisors clasp astir 35% of each ETFs. However, they clasp little than 1% of nan caller Spot BTC ETF.

"Here travel nan boomers" was/is a myth.

— Jim Bianco (@biancoresearch) April 28, 2024

Whatever 1 insists crypto is - shop of value, a declare connected scarce integer existent estate, a nosy spec, a scam - since mid-2023 it's traded purely arsenic "The Next Big Thing" on pinch AI plays.

Bitcoin successful lockstep pinch $NVDA, pinch $MSTR and $SMCI acting arsenic leveraged versions of same.

— Michael Santoli (@michaelsantoli) May 1, 2024

Interesting stat from Freddie Mac. Even pinch higher rates and sticky prices, first-time homebuyers stay nan ascendant unit successful nan for-sale lodging market, representing 58.2% of each location sales.

This is simply a deflating stat for nan conspiracy theorists who proceed to falsely claim…

— Jay Parsons (@jayparsons) May 3, 2024

‼️NEW DCG POLL‼️ released coming reveals 1 successful 5 battleground authorities voters see crypto a cardinal rumor successful 2024 U.S. elections. In a study conducted pinch @HarrisPoll, plaything authorities voters telephone for greater sermon connected integer assets from governmental candidates. (1/4)

— DCG (@DCGco) May 7, 2024

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