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On today’s show, we discuss:

  • Weekly S&P 500 ChartStorm – 13 February 2022 
  • Was nan 401(k) a mistake?
  • RoMac lumber and commodity reports
  • Homeowners are getting rich. Renters? Not truthful much 
  • 1 large thing: The retire-early economy 
  • A clip we ne'er knew 

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  • NightSwim
  • The Beekeeper
  • American Fiction
  • The Iron Claw
  • The Edge



My dada ever utilized to opportunity that nan measurement you build wealthiness is by building equity successful your home.

My lodging scheme would thief Americans execute homeownership by giving households $400 a period for 2 years erstwhile they bargain their first home.

— President Biden (@POTUS) May 10, 2024

A grounds 63% of US workers are satisfied pinch their jobs. That’s nan highest level ever for this study which goes backmost to 1987. Take a look astatine nan spike upward aft nan pandemic.

— Eric Soda (@EricSoda) May 8, 2024

If these numbers were nan opposite, if homicides were up 19% truthful acold this twelvemonth it would beryllium nan number one, aliases astatine slightest apical 3 home story.

— Chris Hayes (@chrislhayes) May 7, 2024

"Bone Tomahawk" head S. Craig Zahler is group to reunite pinch his “Dragged Across Concrete” and “Brawl successful Cell Block 99” prima Vince Vaughn and Oscar victor Adrien Brody for caller crime thriller “The Bookie & nan Bruiser.

— Variety (@Variety) May 8, 2024

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