Apple did something surprising with the iPhone last night

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The iPhone 15 Pro Max's camera module.iPhone 15 Pro Max Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

How do you flex nan camera chops of your flagship phone? Use it to sprout nan full motorboat arena for flagship laptops. Or that’s apparently what Apple thinks. The company’s Scary Fast event past nighttime was changeable connected an iPhone 15 Pro Max, and it’s rather a coagulated connection to remainder nan destiny of a merchandise uncover that brings successful billions of dollars for Apple each quarter.

So far, some Apple and Samsung person tried to one-up each different utilizing “shot connected XYZ” adverts to waste their camera-centric phones. It’s a agelong history. Lady Gaga utilized an iPhone 11 Pro to sprout nan euphony video for “Stupid Love” successful 2020, and Selena Gomez besides put her spot successful nan aforesaid telephone for her “Good for You” monochrome video.

John Legend deployed a Google Pixel 2 for “A Good Night,” Ellie Goulding utilized a Nokia Lumia 1020 to grounds “How Long Will I Love You,” while Grimes Went a measurement further and recorded 4 euphony videos connected a phone. All nan measurement backmost successful 2013, Finnish metallic set Constantine utilized a Galaxy S4 to seizure a euphony video for their way “World Undefined.”

But Apple’s latest arena was nan champion showcase of what nan iPhone 15 Pro Max tin do … successful master hands. The video, which you tin watch successful 4K resolution, features crisp transitions, spooky moonlit unreality views, drone seizure of Apple Park, and of course, Tim Cook stepping past fume to opportunity “Good Evening” for a change.

It’s magnificent to spot what a $1,200 telephone tin do, assuming you tin spend to walk a fewer cardinal connected top-notch filming hardware for illustration fancy lights, cranes, rail-mounted rigs, dollies, and drones. And, of course, a full movie unit pinch experts handling everything from camera, sound, and ray cogwheel to video grading, sound editing, and post-processing.

Apple’s caller fiscal 4th ending successful July saw nan institution station $81.8 cardinal successful revenue, truthful there’s a precocious chance that Tim Cook didn’t person to deliberation doubly earlier signing nan disbursal study for nan arena shoot. It besides helps that Apple has a full movie and streaming show empire of its ain that keeps churning retired critically acclaimed contented starring Hollywood A-listers.

The Scary Fast arena was changeable utilizing nan caller Log Encoding characteristic connected nan iPhone 15 Pro series, which allows an unprecedented level of power complete adjusting nan colour chemistry. But again, it requires an master manus connected nan editing table and costly computing cogwheel to grip nan load. Of course, Apple stuffed Macs successful its behind-the-scenes footage to nonstop location nan correct message.

Just successful lawsuit you’re emotion curious, Apple’s filming unit utilized nan Blackmagic Camera app for signaling nan event. It’s a free app loaded pinch professional-level controls. It’s besides somewhat of a funny situation, arsenic nan iPhone’s default camera app could usage much specified controls and modes to return advantage of its camera hardware.

Overall, Apple deftly marketed 2 merchandise categories successful 1 go. Bravo! But don’t beryllium swayed and pain complete a 1000 dollars to get nan iPhone 15 Pro conscionable yet. I precocious toured nan world’s highest motorable passes pinch an award-winning photojournalist and was blown distant by nan iPhone 14 Pro’s camera prowess. If you request much inspiration, you tin besides publication really a filmmaker changeable her documentary movie utilizing an iPhone 11 successful this Digital Trends interview.

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