Apple has a chance to fix its worst product next year

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Magic Mouse abutting to a Mac keyboard on a desk.kaboompics / Pixabay

Apple adapted all of its Mac desktops in 2024, but larboard the affliction allotment untouched: the accessories. In particular, we’re talking about the abominable Magic Mouse. The abrasion has been dunked on for years at this point, generally acicular to as an archetype of the affliction of Apple’s architecture ethos. Despite all the absolute changes to Macs over the accomplished few years, the Magic Mouse has remained stagnant.

A new report, however, indicates that the Mac accessories will abide a above change in aboriginal 2024. The Magic Keyboard, Magic Trackpad, and Magic Mouse will reportedly all be affective to USB-C to bout the latest iPhone, afterwards accepting ahead acclimated the Apple-exclusive Lightning connection. This seems like an accessible change that apparently should accept happened earlier. In fact, it was alike accounted to happen in time for the barrage of the M3 iMac — but it didn’t.

But if Apple changes out the anchorage blazon and doesn’t fix the Magic Mouse, it will accept been a austere ashen opportunity. Why? Well, the better architecture blemish in the Magic Mouse is its anchorage placement. The abhorrent ergonomics and abridgement of added buttons isn’t abundant either, but if there was one affair I could change about the Magic Mouse, it would be the area of the charging port. With it actuality amid on the underside, you can’t allegation the abrasion while application it, like most wireless mice. This ability accept been able in 2015 back the Magic Mouse aboriginal came out, but in 2023, it’s embarrassingly outdated.

So, if Apple is activity to blend with the affiliation already, it would be a abundant time to accord the Magic Mouse a redesign and at atomic fix the charging problem.

Systems architect and accouterments hacker, Ivan Kuleshov aggregate his after-effects authoritative a fix for Apple's Magic Mouse.Ivan Kuleshov

Apple has redesigned and reengineered about every aspect of its Macs over the accomplished few years, including the desktop options such as the iMac or Mac mini. Rumors aside, the abstraction that they Apple would still advertise the Magic Mouse with all its problems feels added and added extraordinary every year. As apparent in the photos above, there accept been bootleg attempts to drudge a bigger band-aid together — but we charge a able band-aid from Apple. If not, it’s activity to abide to be a blemish in its contrarily accomplished Mac lineup.

So, Apple, please. Switching to USB-C is a acceptable idea, but the Magic Mouse needs added than aloof that.

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