Apple is repeating a major mistake from its past with the Vision Pro

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Apple’s Vision Pro headset could beryllium 1 of nan company’s astir precocious high-tech devices successful years, stuffed to nan gills pinch futuristic tech that acold surpasses thing moreover nan best VR headsets tin produce. From nan flashy demos to nan highly affirmative feedback from developers, it’s clear that Apple is making a beautiful singular device.

Yet contempt each that, there’s a problem. Not only will Vision Pro beryllium incredibly costly — expect to salary a whopping $3,500 — but Apple hasn’t announced an replacement headset pinch a much palatable value tag.

A personification sits down wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset.Apple

Sure, a cheaper version is rumored to beryllium successful nan works, but we’re not expecting that until precocious 2025 astatine nan very earliest. For almost 2 years, location will only beryllium 1 crippled successful town.

So, erstwhile Vision Pro launches successful early 2024, either you will person to scrape up nan rate or, much likely, Apple’s headset will beryllium hopelessly retired of scope for you and nan mostly of its imaginable customers. Apple is severely limiting nan product’s scope and threatening to repetition 1 of its biggest mistakes successful caller years.

History repeats itself

Apple HomePod 2023 adjacent to a TV.Zeke Jones / Digital Trends

This business is eerily akin to what happened successful 2018 pinch different Apple product: nan original HomePod. This high-end speaker boasted unthinkable audio specs,’ but was wincingly expensive, moreover considering everything it could do. Like nan Vision Pro, Apple didn’t connection a much affordable HomePod, truthful you were near to take betwixt a costly instrumentality and thing astatine all. In nan end, hordes of group opted for nan latter.

With rumors swirling of mediocre sales, it seemed that mean users didn’t attraction arsenic overmuch astir nan premium sound value arsenic they did astir having a decent, inexpensive speaker. When Apple yet offered 1 successful nan shape of nan HomePod mini, it sold truthful good that nan institution ditched nan original HomePod altogether. Even though a second-gen HomePod did yet travel out, there’s nary mobility that it’s overshadowed by its smaller sibling.

My interest is that nan aforesaid acquisition could play retired erstwhile again pinch Vision Pro. By mounting nan value truthful high, Apple risks hamstringing its ain merchandise until a cheaper replacement arrives to prevention nan day. But if that happens, really galore customers are going to fork retired $3,500 connected a high-end headset erstwhile nan toned-down version does nan occupation perfectly good for nan mostly of users?

It’s improbable Apple will ditch nan high-end Vision Pro altogether — aft all, rumors person claimed a second-generation flagship model is already being developed. But Apple’s attraction present is apparently connected reducing nan size and weight, not connected cutting nan cost. Either Apple is highly assured aliases sorely misguided.

Not learning from nan past

The Apple Vision Pro reveals nan wearer's eyes connected a front-facing display.Apple

There’s a logic why Vision Pro is truthful painfully expensive. Apple’s attack is to make nan champion merchandise it can, and successful this case, it’s done conscionable that. The Vision Pro is acold much precocious than rival headsets. In fact, reports person suggested it costs truthful overmuch to investigation and nutrient that Apple will hardly make immoderate profit connected it astatine all, moreover pinch its $3,500 value tag.

Apple is betting that customers will beryllium truthful blown distant by its headset that they will place immoderate value concerns. Often, this cognition useful well. After all, iPhones are getting much expensive, but proceed to waste successful phenomenal numbers.

But it’s a different kettle of food erstwhile you’re talking astir a $3,500 niche merchandise versus a $1,000 iPhone 15 Pro. One is simply a instrumentality you mightiness prime up and usage a fewer times a week, while nan different is thing you’ll interact pinch aggregate times each azygous day. Convincing group to walk $1,000 connected nan second isn’t truthful hard; doing nan aforesaid erstwhile nan erstwhile costs $3,500 decidedly will be.

The adjacent fewer years are going to beryllium perfectly important for Apple’s shiny caller headset. In nan play betwixt nan Vision Pro’s motorboat and its cheaper related hitting nan shelves, we’ll study conscionable really overmuch customers are consenting to tummy that $3,500 value tag. If they’re reluctant to bite, we could spot nan HomePod’s history repeating itself each complete again.

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