Apple killed its worst MacBook and replaced it with something way better

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The M1-powered MacBook Pro viewed from a precocious angle.Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

I’ve complained astir nan 13-inch MacBook Pro for years, often referring to it arsenic the worst Mac successful nan lineup. But astatine Apple’s Scary Fast Mac event today, nan institution decidedly killed nan merchandise — astatine slightest for now.

Rather than updating nan 13-inch MacBook Pro pinch nan new M3 chip, Apple has replaced it successful nan lineup pinch a caller configuration of nan 14-inch MacBook Pro featuring nan M3. Acting arsenic nan entry-level MacBook Pro, this caller configuration does distant pinch nan leftover oddities connected nan 13-inch MacBook Pro from its bygone era, specified arsenic nan Touch Bar, worse screen, aged webcam, outdated larboard selection, and large bezels. But arsenic of today, this 13-inch MacBook Pro is nary longer being sold by Apple — and we should each beryllium happy astir that.

While nan caller 14-inch MacBook Pro is simply a spot thicker and larger, it comes pinch a full big of benefits. It has nan aforesaid Liquid Retina XDR show that comes successful nan other MacBook Pros, which is still nan champion show successful a laptop that  you tin buy. It besides has nan 1080p webcam FaceTime, improved six-speaker audio system, amended microphones, larger usability statement keys, nan inclusion of an HDMI port, and nan MagSafe 3 charger. Of course, there’s nan M3 too, which brings a bully uptick successful capacity pinch improved CPU and GPU cores complete nan M2.

Two MacBooks Pro renders broadside by broadside against a achromatic backround.Apple

You get each that for nan aforesaid $1,599 value arsenic nan erstwhile 13-inch MacBook Pro. There’s 1 catch, though. Apple utilized to waste nan 13-inch MacBook Pro pinch only 256GB of shared representation for $1,299, and that configuration nary longer exists. The $1,599 exemplary comes pinch 8GB of representation and 512GB of storage, but that’s arsenic debased arsenic it goes.

So, Apple is nary longer trading a MacBook Pro astatine that affordable value point, but that is simply a really bully thing. There was very small astir that laptop that made it “pro,” particularly compared to nan M2 MacBook Air. Removing nan 13-inch MacBook Pro makes for a overmuch clearer favoritism betwixt Air and Pro models, protecting nan personality of some and making it overmuch simpler for shoppers to find thing they need. That’s particularly existent correct now, since nan MacBook Air is still awaiting its update to M3.

We don’t cognize for judge that Apple will ne'er bring backmost nan 13-inch MacBook Pro. While it’s been removed from nan lineup today, there’s nary guarantee that Apple won’t bring it backmost successful 2024 alongside nan M3 MacBook Air update that is surely successful nan works. But for now, I’m rather pleased that Apple has replaced it pinch thing decidedly much deserving of nan “Pro” brand.

The caller M3 14-inch MacBook Pro is disposable for preorder starting today.

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