Apple may have great news for Mac gamers at its ‘Scary Fast’ event

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 26, 2023 2:36AM

Apple’s “Scary Fast” event is conscionable astir nan corner, and we already cognize Macs will beryllium nan focus. But a declare has conscionable been made that Apple will dedicate overmuch of nan show to Mac gaming, successful what could beryllium bully news for anyone who enjoys playing games connected Apple’s computers.

That’s nan assertion made by MacRumors, and nan news outlet puts guardant respective pieces of grounds to backmost up its ideas. In nan end, it makes a batch of consciousness — but there’s still nary definitive proof.

How to play Fortnite connected MacDan Baker / Digital Trends

One of nan hints MacRumors cites is nan A17 Pro spot wrong nan iPhone 15 Pro. This spot comes pinch hardware-accelerated ray tracing, and Apple made a constituent to stress its gaming chops during nan company’s September event. That spot is built pinch nan aforesaid 3-nanometer tech arsenic we’re apt to spot successful nan M3 chips rumored to debut astatine Apple’s “Scary Fast” event, suggesting hardware ray tracing — and games that utilize it — could soon travel to nan Mac.

As good arsenic that, Tim Millet, Apple vice president of level architecture, has antecedently gone connected grounds saying that nan institution is working pinch developers to bring flagship AAA games to nan Mac. Combined pinch nan motorboat of Game Mode and nan game porting toolkit successful macOS Sonoma, Monday’s arena could beryllium nan cleanable clip to show caller games moving connected caller Macs.

An arena to savor?

Gaming connected Apple's Macs being presented astatine WWDC 2023.Apple

There are much clues disposable erstwhile you look extracurricular Apple’s 4 walls, MacRumors claims. For 1 thing, crippled developer Capcom precocious revealed that Resident Evil Village would beryllium disposable connected iPhones and iPads connected October 30 — nan aforesaid time arsenic nan Apple event. This could beryllium a coincidence, aliases it could foreshadow immoderate benignant of Mac gaming tie-in astatine nan show.

Similarly, Sony is besides readying to motorboat a unreality streaming work for PlayStation 5 games connected October 30, perchance hinting astatine a co-ordinated uncover alongside nan Apple event. That said, nan shared day could simply beryllium a fluke.

Finally, MacRumors claims that a root has told its reporters that Apple has timed its “Scary Fast” arena for 5 p.m. PT because it will “fall during business hours successful Japan.” That’s important because nan show will apparently see “a awesome tie-in pinch a Japanese crippled developer” — which could mean Capcom aliases Sony (but is much apt to beryllium nan erstwhile fixed that Sony usually focuses connected gaming hardware complete software).

At nan extremity of nan day, astir of this accusation is reasonably speculative, and location has been nary confirmed impervious that Apple’s arena will attraction connected Mac gaming. But arsenic MacRumors has made clear, location are plentifulness of hints that that could beryllium nan case. If nan outlet is correct, it mightiness beryllium an arena to savor for Mac gamers.

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