Apple ramping up production of Vision Pro for sooner-than-expected launch

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg December 20, 2023 5:45PM

Apple is aiming to motorboat its Vision Pro headset “by February,” according to caller accusation from reliable Apple tipster Mark Gurman.

The tech elephantine unveiled nan $3,499 mixed-reality headset to awesome fanfare successful June, and said astatine nan clip that it would motorboat first successful nan U.S. successful “early 2024.”

Since then, aggregate reports suggested nan Vision Pro headset would onshore successful Apple Stores successful March, but successful a study by Bloomberg connected Wednesday that cited group pinch knowledge of nan matter, Gurman said nan institution is now “ramping up accumulation … mounting nan shape for a motorboat by February.”

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The study said nan manufacturing of Apple’s astir important caller merchandise successful years has been moving “at afloat velocity astatine accommodation successful China” for nan past fewer weeks, pinch a unit motorboat group to beryllium fresh successful conscionable complete a period from now.

“The institution sent an email to package developers connected Wednesday encouraging them to ‘get ready’ for nan Vision Pro by testing their apps pinch nan latest devices and sending their package to Apple for feedback,” Gurman said, adding: “It’s different motion of an approaching release.”

Earlier this month, nan Bloomberg newsman revealed that Apple was in nan last stages of arranging seminars astatine its office successful Cupertino, California, for training respective members from each Apple Store connected really to coming and show nan Vision Pro headset to imaginable customers. For shop assistants, this is surely nan fiddliest merchandise that Apple has ever brought to market, pinch unit having to activity pinch imaginable customers to find nan correct headband and ray seal for a comfortable and effective experience, while besides considering nan request for medicine lenses.

Although it seems clearer than ever that Apple is pushing for an imminent launch, nan study cautioned that “last-minute accumulation hiccups aliases different snags could, of course, push backmost nan planned timeline.”

While Apple is resting a batch connected nan occurrence of nan Vision Pro, its precocious value — much than double that of a maxed-out iPhone 15 Pro Max — will beryllium prohibitive for many. With that successful mind, Apple is besides thought to beryllium preparing a much affordable version of nan Vision Pro that comes pinch less features but capable to still make it a compelling product.

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Trevor Mogg

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