Apple’s new M3 Pro might come with an unexpected downgrade

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Alex Blake

By Alex Blake October 31, 2023 8:13AM

There’s nary uncertainty that nan preamble of new M3 chips was nan main arena astatine Apple’s Scary Fast show. Yet it looks imaginable that nan M3 Pro mightiness really person a important downgrade compared to nan Apple silicon chips that came earlier it.

Apple explained that nan M3 Pro spot successful nan 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro is up to 40% faster than nan M1 Pro successful nan 16-inch MacBook Pro. Yet arsenic spotted by MacRumors, location are immoderate situations wherever nan latest chips really look a small worse than their predecessors — astatine slightest connected paper.

Logos for Apple's M3 chips.Apple

For instance, nan M3 Pro comes pinch 150GBps representation bandwidth, which is 25% little than nan 200GBps recovered successful nan M1 Pro and M2 Pro. One version of nan M3 Max, meanwhile, has 300GBps representation bandwidth, while its M2 Max balanced comes pinch 400GBps.

Because Apple spent astir of nan show comparing nan M3 chips to nan M1 series, it’s difficult to really cognize really overmuch of a quality successful capacity location will beryllium complete nan M2 chips. It’s imaginable that Apple’s comparisons disguise a little capacity leap complete nan M2 than had been hoped, aliases that improvements elsewhere make these downgrades little relevant.

Waiting for real-world testing

Two MacBooks Pro renders broadside by broadside against a achromatic backround.Apple

The reduced representation bandwidth is not nan only measurement nan M3 Pro has changed versus what came before. Apple has tweaked nan halfway configurations truthful that nan M3 Pro pinch 12-core CPU comes pinch six capacity cores and six ratio cores. The 12-core M2 Pro, though, has 8 capacity cores and 4 ratio cores.

There’s different point to consider. Every M3-series spot comes pinch a 16-cores Neural Engine, conscionable for illustration nan A17 Pro successful nan latest iPhones. However, while nan A17 Pro’s Neural Engine tin execute 35 TOPS (trillion operations per second), nan M3 maxes retired astatine 18 TOPS.

It’s unclear if immoderate of this will really beryllium a problem. It could beryllium that nan capacity cores successful nan M3 Pro are much powerful than those successful nan M2 Pro, truthful Apple doesn’t request to battalion arsenic galore of them in. Similarly, Macs mightiness beryllium capable to manus disconnected much processing to nan GPU than an iPhone can, meaning nan Neural Engine doesn’t require arsenic overmuch power.

Ultimately, we won’t cognize for judge until we get nan latest MacBook Pro models successful for testing. Until then, we’ll person to support our fingers crossed that nan gains from nan M3 spot are arsenic awesome arsenic Apple claimed.

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