Apple’s next Mac event promises ‘scary fast’ reveals

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Apple's invitation for its Scary Fast event.Apple

Apple yet confirmed its adjacent arena for Monday, October 30 astatine 5pm PT, wherever we expect nan institution to present caller Macs. The event, which carries nan tagline “Scary Fast,” will beryllium streamed connected Apple’s website and Apple TV, but that’s conscionable astir each of nan specifications we cognize astir nan arena correct now.

The teaser connected Apple’s website shifts betwixt nan Apple logo and nan Finder logo, further suggesting Apple will beryllium talking astir caller Macs. The announcement comes astir a week aft salient Apple expert Ming-Chi Kuo revealed that an upcoming refresh to Apple’s 24-inch iMac had been delayed to 2024.

However, we’ve heard plentifulness of rumors successful nan past fewer months that Apple is getting fresh to overhaul its Mac lineup pinch nan preamble of nan M3 chip, truthful location could beryllium respective updated devices revealed astatine nan event.

This is simply a processing story. Please cheque backmost soon for updates. 

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