Apple’s October Mac launch event was shot on … an iPhone?!

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Apple Scary Fast arena extremity paper showing nan arena was changeable connected iPhone.Apple

Apple ever talks a large crippled astir nan videography capabilities of nan latest iPhone — and coming it put its money wherever its rima is. At nan extremity of the “Scary Fast” arena wherever it unveiled caller Macs, Apple subtly fto america cognize that nan full 30-minute video was “shot connected iPhone and edited connected Mac.”

The second portion isn’t astonishing successful nan slightest. But shooting an entire Apple arena — moreover a less-consequential 1 specified arsenic this — connected an iPhone 15 Pro Max is frankly incredible. Though a batch of fancy graphics and editing magic is required to return nan iPhone’s output and move it into this level of vanished product, don’t return excessively overmuch distant from them, this is simply a bully flex. Even nan superfluous swooping drone shots were changeable connected a telephone — that’s dedication.

Does this mean that you and your friends could return a mates of iPhone 15s retired and sprout a TV-worthy accumulation tomorrow evening? Well, no. I tin only ideate nan number of group and magnitude of supporting cogwheel progressive pinch shooting moreover this merchandise motorboat arena pinch conscionable a mates of scenes involved. I stake it required more than a elemental 14-inch MacBook Pro, moreover pinch its powerful caller M3 chip.

But it judge is simply a awesome show of what nan phone’s hardware tin do if put successful nan correct hands. There are a full batch of companies that would kill to nutrient a merchandise motorboat video arsenic slick arsenic Apple conscionable did pinch its October Mac event, and Apple conscionable did it with a telephone camera. Kudos.

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