Apple’s refreshed iMac may be coming sooner than you think

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The will-they-won’t-they saga astir Apple’s likelihood of releasing a refresh of nan 24-inch iMac anytime soon took different twist connected Sunday aft salient Apple expert Mark Gurman suggested nan instrumentality could onshore astatine nan extremity of this month.

It follows a study past week via different Apple specialist, Ming-Chi Kuo, who claimed that nan updated iMac won’t look until 2024.

Writing successful his play Power On newsletter for Bloomberg, Gurman notes really nan iMac hasn’t been updated since Apple launched nan M1 type successful April 2021, much than 900 days ago.

He said that according to his sources, Apple is readying a “Mac-centered merchandise motorboat astir nan extremity of this month,” adding, “That could beryllium its chance to denote this model.” Specifically, Gurman said that nan astir apt day for an announcement will beryllium connected either October 30 aliases 31. The newsletter grounded to see imaginable specs for nan caller iMac, though he’s antecedently stated that he expects it to travel pinch Apple’s M3 chip.

The Bloomberg newsman added that Apple is moving debased connected 24-inch iMacs arsenic good arsenic nan 13-inch MacBook Pro and high-end MacBook Pros and suggests refreshes of these laptops could besides beryllium announced astatine nan extremity of this month. “If you effort to bid nan products from Apple’s website, respective configurations won’t get until mid-November,” he wrote. “That several-week hold is simply a clear motion that thing is astir to happen.”

Gurman said he realizes that Apple released refreshed MacBook Pros successful early 2023, describing an further update nan aforesaid twelvemonth arsenic “unusual, but not inconceivable.”

Discussing nan larger, pro type of nan iMac, Gurman said he believes that Apple is still moving connected it and that it’s astir apt to get successful precocious 2024 aliases nan pursuing twelvemonth pinch a 32-inch show – 5 inches bigger than nan largest iMac to date.

On nan taxable of new iPads, nan Bloomberg newsman said they’re improbable to onshore until “around adjacent March,” truthful you’ll person to beryllium tight if you’re waiting for 1 of those.

Keep successful mind that this is 1 person’s view, though Gurman has called it correct successful nan past erstwhile it comes to Apple news. Regarding these iMac predictions, we’ll find retired successful conscionable a fewer days’ clip if he’s sewage it correct again.

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