Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Mac event is tomorrow. Here’s how to watch it live

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Luke Larsen

By Luke Larsen October 29, 2023 12:00PM

Apple's invitation for its Scary Fast event.Apple

Apple has unexpectedly announced its last event of nan year, dubbed “Scary Fast.” October events are usually focused connected nan Mac, and pinch an arena sanction for illustration that, we’re each expecting nan attraction to beryllium connected caller Macs and Apple Silicon.

Fortunately, nan full point will beryllium streamed unrecorded for nan world to see. Here’s really to travel along.

When is nan event?

The arena takes spot astatine 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET connected Monday, October 30, which is simply a unusual clip for specified an event.

Some person speculated that it lines up pinch a imaginable gaming announcement successful Japan — aliases possibly Apple is conscionable being coy astir nan nighttime spooky vibes.

How to watch nan Apple October 30 event

Apple's invitation for its Scary Fast event.Apple

As always, Apple live-streams these merchandise motorboat videos online astatine, arsenic good arsenic connected its YouTube channel. Ever since 2020, Apple nary longer live-streams nan in-person motorboat event, but alternatively produces a slick video that goes unrecorded astatine a peculiar time. I would expect nary different this clip around.

We’ll embed nan unrecorded video correct into this article erstwhile it’s disposable truthful we tin watch on together.

As for what to expect, location are immoderate large questions we person going into nan event. Will we get nan announcement of nan anticipated caller M3 chip? Will Apple bring backmost nan long-dormant 27-inch iMac? Will this beryllium a gaming-focused event, arsenic some of nan latest reports and speculation indicate? There’s a batch up successful nan air, and we’ll beryllium pursuing on and commenting connected each nan announcements arsenic they rotation out.

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