Apple TV’s tvOS 17.2 beta adds a sidebar to the TV app

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The caller sidebar visible successful nan TV app connected Apple TV successful nan tvOS 17.2 developer beta.The caller sidebar visible successful nan TV app connected Apple TV successful nan tvOS 17.2 developer beta. Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

One of nan messier pieces of nan Apple TV acquisition connected Apple TV 4K hardware has agelong been Apple’s TV app. It’s wherever Apple has attempted to aggregate each nan things you tin watch connected your Apple TV, from Apple TV+, to immoderate number of installed applications. (Another earnestly messy portion is nan myriad things Apple has named “Apple TV.” But that’s different problem for different time.)

With tvOS 17.2 — which was conscionable released successful beta to developers — it looks for illustration Apple is starting to cleanable things up a small bit.

Open nan TV app and things mostly look arsenic they did before. Recommended shows and movies, pinch previews. An “Up next” conception to get you backmost into immoderate it was you were watching. But look a small much intimately and you’ll announcement that nan tabs connected nan apical of nan surface person vanished (they were Watch Now, TV+, Sports, Store, Library, and Search), replaced alternatively by conscionable nan “Watch now” icon successful nan apical near corner. It points to a caller sidebar that’s acold much useful, albeit still a small clunky.

You unfastened nan sidebar pinch nan Siri Voice Remote, fundamentally by scrolling arsenic acold near arsenic you can. (You besides tin activate it by going up if you’re already successful nan previews astatine nan apical of nan mess.) It’s 1 of those things that’s a small much intuitive to do than it is easy to explain.

That sidebar is wherever you’ll find those tabs that utilized to beryllium astatine nan apical of nan screen. Interesting is that MLS Season Pass gets a statement of its own, if you’re a subscriber. And Search has moved to nan top. (It’s oddly utilizing my first sanction and mediate first successful that space, too, fixed that I don’t usage my first sanction pinch Apple stuff.)

Look beneath that, though, and you’ll spot a beautiful heavy database of “Channels & Apps.” That’s Apple’s caller measurement of trying to make it a small easier to benignant your measurement to contented from circumstantial providers, beryllium it a broadcast transmission for illustration ABC, a free ad-supported service for illustration Amazon Freevee, aliases premium services for illustration Paramount+ and Max.

It’s each portion of Apple’s continuing push to make nan TV app nan 1 app to norm them all, but it still has 1 awesome roadblock. If an app aliases a work isn’t participating, you won’t spot it — aliases its contented — successful nan list, aliases successful nan app astatine all.

In different words, still nary Netflix successful nan TV app connected Apple TV. At slightest not yet.

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