Apple used this free iPhone app to shoot Monday’s Scary Fast event

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Behind nan scenes: An Apple Event changeable connected iPhone

Apple amazed galore folks erstwhile it revealed that Monday’s Scary Fast event was shot wholly connected an iPhone — nan iPhone 15 Pro Max, to beryllium precise.

The 30-minute stream, which showcased Apple’s caller M3 chips and caller Macs, was characteristically slick, and nan fantabulous image value and awesome accumulation values offered nary hint that a $1,200 smartphone camera was doing each nan work.

For sure, Apple besides deployed pro-level moviemaking kit for illustration drones, dollies, cranes, and lighting — not to opportunity a highly skilled unit — to springiness nan footage that master look earlier it was sent disconnected for editing … utilizing a Mac, of course.

But alternatively than usage nan iPhone’s somewhat rudimentary Camera app for nan shoot, nan accumulation squad opted for nan precocious released Blackmagic Camera app from Blackmagic Design, which is known for its precocious cameras arsenic good arsenic its celebrated video editing package DaVinci Resolve.

The powerful Blackmagic Camera app offers a slew of pro-level features to thief you get precisely nan benignant of changeable that you’re after, offering afloat power complete things for illustration framework rate, shutter speed, achromatic balance, and ISO.

As you’re shooting, you tin position nan histogram, attraction peaking, levels, framework guides, and more, though if you want a clear position of what’s successful nan frame, you tin banish nan information successful a azygous swipe.

With nan Blackmagic Camera app, you tin activity successful 16:9 aliases vertical facet ratios, but — and this is simply a neat small characteristic — it besides lets you sprout 16:9 while holding nan telephone vertically, useful if, say, you want to drawback immoderate footage unobtrusively.

Indeed, Blackmagic Camera has truthful galore features galore group whitethorn for illustration to instrumentality pinch nan iPhone’s simpler Camera app for shooting video. However, for those looking for much master features, it’s surely worthy a look.

And 1 of nan champion things astir nan package is that you tin download it from Apple’s App Store for free.

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