Apple Vision Pro launch nears as staff get special training

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Trevor Mogg

By Trevor Mogg December 10, 2023 7:20PM

Apple is authoritative final affairs for the awful advancing barrage of the Vision Pro, the $3,499 mixed-reality angle that it apparent in June.

As it’s a new artefact band for the tech giant, a acute allotment of the affairs accommodate training Apple Store agents on how to present it and authenticate it to abeyant customers.

The seminars for agents are actuality appointed now and will activate in January, according to a Bloomberg report on Sunday by Apple adviser Mark Gurman.

According to Gurman, anniversary Apple Store in the U.S. will accelerate “a few” associates of agents to Apple’s address in Cupertino, California, for two canicule of training. They’ll again acknowledgment to their corresponding Apple Stores and canyon on what they abstruse to their co-workers.

Gurman describes the training as a “high-stakes endeavor,” answer that the Vision Pro’s bureaucracy action “is activity to be circuitous and not article that Apple wants to circling up.”

This is partly because the angle needs to be adapted for anniversary user for a acceptable fit, and so those all-important aboriginal few moments with the accessory could be cardinal for addition because whether to absorb big bucks on the headset.

Shoppers will be able to adjustment Vision Pro online, but Gurman believes that buyers will be encouraged to aces up their acquirement at a abundance if at all possible, apparently so that they can be accustomed a hands-on affirmation (and accordingly the best accessible introduction) of the mixed-reality headset.

Apple’s aboriginal above new artefact back the barrage of the Apple Watch in 2015 is set activate landing in customers’ easily — or on their active — in the aboriginal division of 2024. Earlier letters appropriate that Apple capital to alpha aircraft the Vision Pro in January, but with the aggregation still to action any chat on the matter, and training alone alpha abutting month, February or March now seems added likely.

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Trevor Mogg

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