Aquaman 2’s ending, explained

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Alex Welch

By Alex Welch December 22, 2023 2:00PM

Orm and Arthur guidelines adjacent rubble successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom (2023).

It’s only astatine nan extremity of nan 2nd enactment of Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom that Arthur Curry (Jason Momoa) and his half-brother, Orm (Patrick Wilson), recognize nan afloat scope of David Kane/Black Manta’s (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) plans. Orm, still reeling from his little acquisition of holding Manta’s mysterious, powerful achromatic trident, reveals that nan limb is an artifact of Necrus, nan long-lost seventh kingdom of Atlantis, that was crafted utilizing acheronian magic by its power-hungry king, Kordax. When Kordax’s brother, King Atlan of Atlantis (Vincent Regan), realized what would hap to nan world if Kordax and Necrus continued to pain nan greenhouse gases emitted by their orichalcum reserves, he was forced to spell to warfare against him.

In his reckless pursuit of power, Kordax turned himself and his citizens into undead monsters, but he was nevertheless defeated by his brother. Cementing his triumph complete Necrus, King Atlan buried nan kingdom successful an iceberg and utilized his ain humor to magically seal his relative away. Orm and Arthur, overmuch to their horror, recognize that Black Manta’s concealed orichalcum mill successfully burned capable greenhouse gases to weaken nan barriers of crystal that person kept Necrus hidden distant from nan remainder of nan world for centuries.

In lawsuit that wasn’t bad enough, they besides recognize excessively precocious that Black Manta intends to usage nan humor of Arthur and Mera’s (Amber Heard) boy to free Kordax’s tone and undead assemblage from his brother’s spell. Unfortunately, they’re not capable to make it location successful clip to forestall Manta from kidnapping Arthur’s son, who is, for illustration his father, a descendant of King Atlan. The 3rd enactment of Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom, consequently, follows Arthur, Orm, Mera, and a prime group of Atlantean forces arsenic they bring their conflict to nan stiff passageways of Necrus.

Arthur Curry fights Black Manta successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

In nan end, Orm, Arthur, and Mera each travel to blows pinch Black Manta successful Kordax’s throne room. Manta’s effort to spill nan humor of Arthur’s young boy is thwarted by Mera, who uses her magical powers to rescue her kid and past fly pinch him earlier he tin beryllium put successful immoderate much danger. However, Orm and Arthur’s conflict against Black Manta takes a vulnerable move erstwhile Orm accidentally grabs nan achromatic trident and ends up possessed by Kordax, who uses Orm to spill immoderate of Arthur’s humor and free himself. While Kordax awakens from his centuries-long slumber, Orm and Arthur conflict for power of nan achromatic trident.

As they do, nan bitter emotions that beryllium betwixt them travel pouring out, but Arthur is yet capable to person Orm to fto spell of nan trident. Using his own, aureate trident, Arthur is subsequently capable to destruct some Kordax’s cursed limb and nan undead king himself. Following Kordax’s destruction, Necrus quickly originates to crumble and Black Manta ends up hanging onto nan separator of a deep, cavernous hole. When Arthur offers him a hand, Manta decides to fto himself autumn and dice alternatively than judge immoderate thief from his father’s killer. Arthur watches his longtime foe autumn and past leaves Necrus down everlastingly pinch Orm.

Reunited connected nan aboveground pinch their family members, Arthur decides to fto Orm rotation free alternatively than forcing him to return to prison. He and his Atlantean friends concoct a scheme to make Orm’s galore enemies judge he died fighting Kordax and nan forces of Necrus. In response, Orm acknowledgment Arthur, yet acknowledges him arsenic his brother, and assures him that he’s amended astatine starring Atlantis than he thinks. Orm’s words, successful turn, springiness Arthur nan assurance to override nan wishes of nan Atlantean assembly and uncover Atlantis’ beingness to nan world. Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom past ends pinch Arthur not only publically calling for unity betwixt nan forces of nan oversea and nan land, but besides accepting his spot arsenic 1 nan world’s top heroes and leaders.

Orm and Arthur guidelines together successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

Before it cuts to achromatic for nan past time, Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom concisely catches up pinch Orm successful its mid-credits scene. Enjoying his caller life, Orm yet tries nan benignant of surface-world cheeseburger that Arthur had been telling him astir earlier successful nan film. While he intelligibly enjoys his first wound of nan burger, though, it’s only aft Orm impulsively decides to adhd a adjacent cockroach to nan repast — different reference to 1 of Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom’s oddest scenes — that a grin spreads crossed his face.

And that’s really Warner Bros.’ supposedly last DCEU movie ends: pinch nan crunch of a cockroach burger and nan grin of a contented man. Depending connected really you consciousness astir nan DCEU and its way grounds complete nan past 10 years, that’ll either look for illustration nan worst imaginable ending for nan franchise aliases a tragically fitting one. Either way, it makes nan lighthearted, unambitious quality of Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom unabashedly clear.

Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom is now playing successful theaters.

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