Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom review: A sequel that flounders and soars

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Jason Momoa wears his Aquaman armor successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.

Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom

“Director James Wan's Aquaman sequel isn't peculiarly bully aliases memorable, but it is simply a striking, strangely admirable portion of superhero entertainment.”


  • James Wan's uninhibited, go-for collapsed direction
  • Jason Momoa and Patrick Wilson's infectious chemistry


  • A clunky, exposition-ridden script
  • A by-the-numbers plot
  • A formed of uninteresting, underdeveloped supporting characters

James Wan has made a batch of unusual films, but nary much peculiar than Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom. The new, purportedly last installment successful nan DCEU, is simply a gaudy, trashy comic book spectacle — a technicolor curio of exhilarating action and mind-numbing plotting. Thanks to each nan caller authorities changes astatine Warner Bros., nan movie is doomed to beryllium forgotten and near behind. Its viewers person been told successful beforehand that what they’re astir to spot doesn’t matter. That’s a unusual destiny to befall a movie for illustration Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom, a sequel to a 2018 blockbuster that earned complete $1 cardinal astatine nan container office, but present we are.

There’s a knowingness coursing done nan film, though, an consciousness that what is happening onscreen is mostly delirium and of small consequence. It’s arsenic if Wan knew each on that he was strapped to a sinking ship. Rather than phoning it in, he chose to crank nan measurement each nan measurement up, move connected a playlist of Steppenwolf’s top hits, and make a movie that is truthful brazenly goofy and overstuffed that watching it feels a spot for illustration going connected a nightlong bender pinch its beer-chugging, high-fiving lead (played erstwhile again pinch unreserved strength by Jason Momoa). You’re not judge whether you’re moreover enjoying yourself astir of nan time, and you decidedly don’t retrieve it all, but location are moments erstwhile you’re much than happy to beryllium taken on for nan ride.

Shark guards flank Orm and Arthur successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

We’re informed successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom’s opening minutes that rather a batch has changed for Arthur Curry (Momoa) since nan past clip we saw him. For starters, he and his paramour, Mera (Amber Heard), person not only gotten joined but precocious fixed commencement to a young boy who keeps them up astatine each hours of nan nighttime and, conscionable for illustration his aged man, gets a footwear retired of talking to fish. After defeating his half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson) astatine nan extremity of 2018’s Aquaman, Arthur has besides go nan full-time King of Atlantis, a occupation that he takes earnestly but feels he’s nary bully at, fixed his expanding vexation complete nan immovable quality of his underwater nation’s governmental system. Life’s ne'er been amended for Arthur, but arsenic is nan lawsuit pinch each caller parent, he’s besides losing his mind a little.

His overwhelming, chaotic regular is upended erstwhile his aged foe, David Kane/Black Manta (an appropriately menacing Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), unleashes a devastating onslaught connected Atlantis utilizing a postulation of advanced, unusual weapons, including a mysterious, powerful achromatic trident. When Arthur realizes that Kane intends to melt nan world’s remaining crystal caps and merchandise a long-lost root of vulnerable achromatic magic conscionable to get his long-awaited vengeance connected him, nan King of Atlantis is forced to break his half-brother retired of situation and inquire for his thief successful taking down his tiresome foe. What follows is partially a buddy drama astir a brace of distant brothers slow coming together and partially a by-the-numbers, world-ending superhero escapade that is overflowing pinch much uninteresting bits of lore than anyone, including Wan, knows what to do with.

David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick’s book doesn’t grip immoderate of Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom’s basal exposition dumps aliases melodramatic thumps pinch overmuch grace aliases elegance. It often falls backmost connected forced lines of voice-over speech to explicate moreover nan astir basal aspects of its crippled and its first enactment is simply a jumbled-together postulation of half-starts, flashbacks, and montages that beryllium solely to group nan shape for its existent story. Clocking successful astatine 124 minutes, nan movie is leaner than astir different superhero movie sequels, but it’s not difficult to ideate a type of it that was 20 minutes shorter and much evenly paced throughout. As it is, nan Aquaman sequel stops conscionable short of earnestly overstaying its welcome.

Black Manta holds nan Black Trident successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

Behind nan camera, Wan tries to dress up for nan shortcomings of his film’s book pinch an uninhibited, relentless ocular style. None of nan blockbuster’s group pieces emergence to nan aforesaid heights arsenic nan rooftop conflict from 2018’s Aquaman, but its action sequences are constructed pinch a much infectiously deranged power than you typically spot successful modern superhero movies. Orm and Arthur’s second-act infiltration of Black Manta’s concealed land mill features capable oversized bugs and instances of colorful sci-fi invention to consciousness for illustration it was ripped from nan pages of a Jules Verne story. Later, erstwhile nan duo lays siege to nan factory, they extremity up successful a well-staged conflict pinch a tentacled instrumentality that calls to mind genre classics for illustration The Incredibles and H.G. Wells’ War of nan Worlds.

Wan’s desire to battalion arsenic overmuch life into each framework arsenic he tin doesn’t ever activity successful his favor. A climactic trident vs. trident conflict betwixt Momoa’s Arthur and Abdul-Mateen’s David, for instance, is blocked and sped up successful a measurement that’s meant to make viewers’ hearts title but alternatively feels for illustration an out-of-place video crippled QuickTime event. For nan astir part, though, Wan pulls disconnected thing of a occurrence successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom. The filmmaker leans each nan measurement into nan CGI-influenced, cartoonish artistic of nan first Aquaman — delivering a sequel that is brimming pinch vibrantly rendered lands and characters. One flashback to an ancient, necromantic Atlantean kingdom feels for illustration a delightfully trashy homage to Peter Jackson’s Lord of nan Rings trilogy. A pursuit done Atlantis’ underwater markets, meanwhile, is visually and rhythmically reminiscent of nan Coruscant pursuit from George Lucas’ Attack of nan Clones.

As disparate arsenic each of these references whitethorn be, they make consciousness successful a movie for illustration Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom, which pulses pinch a consciousness of reckless wantonness that’s difficult to travel by successful nan 21st-century Hollywood blockbuster world. Wan’s consciousness of joke is evident and his ocular style isn’t truthful overmuch artful arsenic it is muscular, but it’s those 2 qualities that make him nan correct head to tackle a movie astir a sincerely goofy, burly leader for illustration Momoa’s Arthur Curry.

A instrumentality rises down Orm successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom.Warner Bros. Pictures

Among nan film’s cast, Nicole Kidman, Randall Park, and Dolph Lundgren each look a spot stranded and lost, unaware of what precisely nan intent of their roles is successful Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom. Heard, Wilson, and Momoa fare better, pinch nan second two, successful particular, establishing a likable, if thematically obvious, enslaved betwixt their estranged Atlantean half-siblings. The movie picks up considerably erstwhile Orm and Arthur person really joined forces, and Wilson proves to beryllium nan cleanable straight-faced foil to Momoa’s relentlessly jovial hero.

They, for illustration Wan, look perfectly alert of what benignant of a movie they’re making: A superhero blockbuster that isn’t peculiarly good, tasteful, aliases memorable but is unhinged and striking capable to still someway look worthwhile. It’s a movie that manages to enactment precocious connected its ain vibes, moreover arsenic some it and its franchise yet return connected much h2o than they’re tin of holding.

Aquaman and nan Lost Kingdom is now playing successful theaters.

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