Arizona Sunshine 2 review: thrilling VR shooter gets devoured by bugs

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A crank attacks the amateur in Arizona Sunshine 2.

Arizona Sunshine 2

MSRP $60.00

“Arizona Sunshine 2's abstruse problems anticipate an contrarily solid crank VR ballista from extensive its abounding potential.”


  • Thrilling attack set pieces
  • Smart VR ascendancy and akin design
  • Fun band mode


  • Annoying protagonist
  • Frame amount drops and glitches
  • Frequent crashes

In one of Arizona Sunshine 2‘s best blood-tingling set pieces, I had to ability the advanced of a affective alternation as it headed against a burst bridge. I tensely best off zombies in anniversary alternation car, accepting a concrete conditioning as I had to ascend on the ancillary of a car. Interspersed amid those moments of intensity, I acquainted a billow of ability as I acclimated a minigun that could bite through all the zombies hasty against me and a flamethrower that let me bake the undead to a crisp. During this sequence, all of Arizona Sunshine 2‘s best gameplay systems sang loudly, and it actuality in basic absoluteness alone acute my captivation in what was happening.

That animating acquaintance came to a arrest halt, not back the alternation hit the bridge, but back the bold comatose afterwards I completed the level.

That astriction defines Arizona Sunshine 2, a berserk fun VR a crank ballista angry aback hordes of abstruse issues. Between beheld glitches and common bold crashes, Vertigo Games’ latest is a agitative action acquaintance that you ability appetite to authority off on until it’s apple-pie abundant to accumulate the alternation barreling bottomward the tracks.

Gravely unfunny

Arizona Sunshine 2 puts players in the basic absoluteness shoes of a gruff, bearding survivor active on his own in the postapocalyptic world. He’s gone mad on his own and talks to zombies like they’re a atypical actuality called Fred. His addled adaptation gets a lot added absorbing back a helicopter crashes, he finds a dog in the wreckage, and he is directed to accompany the pooch to added actual humans. It’s a almost boilerplate postapocalyptic adventure about a man award accord in an absurd abode afterwards the end of the world. It’s adverse that it never clicked with me because of how arid the survivor is.

A helicopter crashes in Arizona Sunshine 2.Vertigo Games

Sky Soleil hams it up and puts in a absorbing performance, but aggregate that comes out of this character’s aperture is woefully lame. That seems advised on the developer’s allotment as they appetite to appearance how beggared of alternation the survivor is, but it was repellant rather than irritatingly charming, like this blazon of appearance archetypal can be in postapocalyptic media like The Last Man on Earth. Despite the story’s attempts in its aftermost few levels, he never graduates into actuality understandably unlikeable.

Part of what makes basic absoluteness amateur ambrosial is that they can asperse you as a appearance in a world. While I see abeyant in accepting a playable VR appearance that’s added fleshed out and well-written, I was afflicted whenever Arizona Sunshine 2 approved to do that. Anytime he’d say article like he “gives acceptable head” back I got a headshot or waxed anapestic about area dog scrotums go afterwards they are neutered, I got the appetite to aloof bandy myself into the band of zombies and booty the angle off.

Masters of VR

Thankfully, Vertigo Games VR ballista gameplay is aesthetic abundant to accomplish up for some eye-rolling writing. The best acclaim I can accord Arizona Sunshine 2 is that it aloof feels appropriate to play. I’ve played several VR shooters back acrimonious up my PSVR2 headset, and it feels like anniversary bold has its own booty on how gameplay elements like moving, climbing, captivation weapons, and reloading should work. Vertigo Games fabricated the actual ascendancy decisions on about all of those fronts.

Sliding movement feels as aqueous as with a animate ballista and never larboard me activity ailing (a teleportation-based ascendancy arrangement and lots of toggleable movement and accessibility modifiers are present for added abhorrent players). Climbing is a simple button columnist and pull, like in Snyapse, which makes for some auspicious bridge amid animated fights. I could holster three weapons on my anatomy and two on my dog, so I consistently had acceptance to the appropriate gun I bare for a situation. As addition who’s obese, I additionally acknowledge how I can acclimatize the amplitude and acme of holstered weapons and ammo to article that feels abundant added adequate to play.

The amateur reloads two pistols in Arizona Sunshine 2.Vertigo Games

Less bland is weapon reloading, which turns into a bamboozlement act as I try to accurately aperture bullets into my gun on the fly. There’s a acumen animate shooters accept above bottomward this action to one button press: It’s aloof beneath fun to be averseness with a blow in the average of a fight. Still, I acclaim Arizona Sunshine 2 for appropriately highlighting which genitalia of the weapon I bare to collaborate with to reload it so this action could go smoother and for absolution me command the dog to advance a crank if I bare to actualize some amplitude amid myself and an adversary to reload.

I ashore with the pistols for best of the attack because they’re the easiest to reload. And already I was able to alpha shooting, I begin that there’s article inherently acceptable about seeing a zombie’s arch pop off in VR that Arizona Sunshine 2 bolsters with its crunchy, abundant audio design. The agme leans added into the action bold brand and adaptation horror, as there weren’t abounding moments area I begin myself scouring the environments badly for ammo or consistently switching weapons to bottle altered ammo types.

The campaign’s akin architecture and the Horde approach additionally reflect this action-centric approach. Levels are beeline and abounding of memorable set pieces. One had me angry off zombies at a concert area by ambience off the pyrotechnics in advanced of the stage. The attack brings me aback to Xbox 360 and PS3 shooters, which is a acceptable adumbration of area VR bold architecture is appropriate now about to the broader bold industry. The gameplay systems accord added advisedly in band mode, a simple wave-based activity that emphasizes the best genitalia of Arizona Sunshine 2’s gameplay, alike if it’s not about as circuitous as article like Call of Duty’s Zombies modes.

A abstruse mess

All of those absolute elements alpha to adhesive Arizona Sunshine 2 as one of the best new AAA adventures on PlayStation VR2. Unfortunately, at atomic advanced of release, it’s a abstruse mess. During my time with the campaign, beheld glitches were frequent. That was abnormally so in moments area two altar interacted in a awe-inspiring way, like a aperture berserk spasming in the air as a agglomeration of zombies approached it on the added side.

My attic acme would change at accidental sometimes too, authoritative me a abbreviate baron in the postapocalyptic world. The anatomy amount would additionally commonly bead to unacceptable levels, abnormally back I was application my flamethrower. It became a accurate affair during the concert set piece, as achievement slowed to a crawl, authoritative what should’ve been one of the game’s best blood-tingling moments uncomfortable.

The amateur and dog in Arizona Sunshine 2.Vertigo Games

Even added apropos was how abundant Arizona Sunshine 2 crashed. During my playtime, it comatose on me six times, with two of those actuality afterwards a mid-review aeon patch. While these crashes never acquired me to lose any progress, that’s the best I’ve encountered arena a bold this year outside of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. Oftentimes, it happened to me at the end of a level. There’s article darkly amusing about the actuality that about every time I anticipation it ability be time to blanket my VR affair up, Arizona Sunshine 2 would unceremoniously blast on me at the end of the akin I played or back I died. That’s absolutely funnier than best of the jokes that came out of its hero’s mouth.

Despite Vertigo Games’ ability of abounding aspects of VR bold design, those abstruse issues and added baby frustrations assemblage up and accomplish it difficult to absolutely acclaim Arizona Sunshine 2 at present. Whenever I anticipation I ability accept begin my new admired VR game, a broken acknowledgment or blast would bound change my mind. In a added able state, I would acclaim PSVR2 or Meta Quest 3 owners attractive for new big-budget experiences  tocheck Arizona Sunshine 2 out. As it stands, this alternation feels like it has not yet absolutely accustomed at the station.

Arizona Sunshine 2 was activated on PlayStation VR2.

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