Ark 2: release date speculation, platforms, trailers, gameplay, and more

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In the billow of survival games that abounding the bazaar about the time of Minecraft‘s release, alone a few were able to carve out an admirers and, well, survive. Those that did were the ones that had able mechanics, lots of content, and a different circuit on the world. Ark: Survival Evolved was a little backward to the affair in some ways, hitting aboriginal acceptance in 2015 and absolutely ablution in 2017, but it was a hit appropriate from the start. That was, of course, acknowledgment to the key affection of the game: dinosaurs.

Ark 2 is a rare sequel to a bold that about tries to artlessly body on and aggrandize a abject bold with connected updates. However, a aftereffect was not alone announced, but additionally has the captivation of none added than Vin Diesel himself. Seeing Diesel benumbed on the aback of a T-Rex ability be abundant on its own to advertise best bodies on this aggressive adaptation game, but for anybody abroad who needs a bit added advice afore advance in this aged adventure, here’s aggregate we apperceive about Ark 2.

Release date

People benumbed a T-Rex in Ark 2.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Originally appear in 2020 and appointed for 2022, the date was pushed aback to 2023 during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase in 2022, but was already afresh delayed till the end of 2024. The account that came from Studio Wildcard was: “We’ve put abundant anticipation into dabbling Ark 2 for the advancement of the final artefact and the team’s abundance … So why the delay? Our ambition is to accomplish Ark 2 the best bold it can be and accommodate a absolutely aberrant and advantageous acquaintance for players.”

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Things alone got added circuitous back the aggregation appear and appear Ark: Survival Ascended, a accommodate of the aboriginal bold on Unreal Engine 5. What has abounding admirers anxious is that a alley map for Ascended has agreeable planned into 2025.


Two raptors altercation ion Ark 2.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Unlike Ark: Survival Evolved, Ark 2 will barrage on animate and PC simultaneously. However, as adumbrated by Microsoft on their website, Ark 2 will be a animate barrage absolute for the Xbox Series X/S. That agency that, for some continuance of time, PlayStation 5 players will not be able to play. This could be as little as three months but could additionally be as continued as a year depending on the deal. We do apperceive that it will alone be a PC and current-generation game, though, so no Xbox One or PS4 versions will appear out at all.


The advertisement bivouac for Ark 2 fabricated its admission on the Game Awards date in December 2020 with a flashy, and lengthy, video.

The bivouac opens on a babe celebratory a aberrant animal buried as a flower. She watches it barrel alternating a annex as none added than caveman Vin Diesel comes up from abaft and tells her they charge to leave. They acknowledge their baby association abnormality through the jungles but are stalked by buried beast-men. Vin faces off adjoin the baton of this accumulation in a boring action that ends up accepting cut abbreviate back a T-Rex break through the copse and eats the beast-man.

As it attacks Vin’s tribe, addition sacrifices themselves to save the girl. There’s a lot of fighting, running, and ballsy music until Vin, the girl, and a woman escape into a cave. Here, we see that anybody has a aglow bean anchored in their forearms that is reacting to some sci-fi technology. A awning scans Vin, anecdotic him as Santiago Da Costa, alternating with a agglomeration of capacity about him, including that his Engram Imprinting is abridged and he’s belted from cloning access.

Santiago turns off the device, and they leave the cave and angle on a massive angle of absurd landmasses and dinosaurs.

Acting about like a re-reveal of sorts, the abutting Ark 2 bivouac didn’t bead until the June 2022 Microsoft and Bethesda Showcase.

This abundant beneath bivouac assuredly gives a little ambience to the adventure and apple of Ark 2. The aperture address from Meeka, the babe from the aboriginal bivouac and babe of Diesel’s Santiago, explains that there was a war in the accomplished that led to the accompaniment of the apple actuality a mashup of aged animals and affected technologies. Their activity on this new planet, which was busy by animals beatific there from Earth, is a connected attempt for survival.

The big attempt of the bivouac is Santiago and Meek benumbed on the aback of a massive anachronistic that has been decked out with a saddle and armor.

Despite the above focus in the trailers so far actuality on Diesel’s Santiago character, Ark 2 will still primarily be a head bold aloof like the first. According to the belief from the aboriginal game, Santiago is a carbon of the amateur appearance from that game. Ark 2 will be placed afterwards the final amplification to the aboriginal bold from 2021, admitting there was never a huge accent placed on adventure in the aboriginal place.

Studio Wildcard did confirm with Gamespot that no gameplay would be apparent in 2023 and that the aboriginal bivouac showcasing the bold in action would appear ancient in 2024.


A animal stands in advanced of a T-Rex.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Everything apparent in Ark 2 has been cinematic, but as a sequel, a lot should backpack over from the aboriginal game. We apprehend it to abide focused on adaptation and crafting, with bags of recipes and things to discover, upgrade, build. Either abandoned or with friends, we ahead a bold area you alpha off with nothing, but can assignment your way up to near-invincible levels. The aboriginal bold additionally had association mechanics and some actual absorbing means characters could collaborate with anniversary other.

Combat, afresh cartoon from the aboriginal game, may or may not accept as abundant affected weaponry. We haven’t apparent any yet, but the aboriginal bold hosted all address of sci-fi accoutrements abutting to your archaic spears and axes. As in any shared-world adaptation game, you can aggregation up with, or action against, added animal players, alternating with the AI enemies.

The action is said to be added Souls-like, area locking on, dodging, combos, poise, and appropriate moves are all included. To go alternating with this, in a big change, Ark 2 will now be a third-person or first-person game. Not alone will this advice with the new combat, but additionally the new methods of traversal. The developer said as abundant back anecdotic the experience. “Ark 2 has some appealing cogent architecture changes from the aboriginal game, which may not accomplish it as ambrosial to anybody — attractive at you, Souls-like combat, primitive-only weaponry, austere third-person mechanics, and an all-embracing ‘very serious’ accent — which is why we feel it is capital to accommodate players with a absolutely next-gen adaptation of the aboriginal acquaintance to ensure that admirers can abide to adore the Ark they apperceive for years to come.”

Ark 2 will affection affluence of RPG elements, mainly in the anatomy of leveling up and alive through a accomplishment timberline with altered abilities, parks, and buffs.

A new adversary band in the bold will be alleged the Atarai, who will advance any amateur from on foot, but can additionally arise their own dinosaurs as well, authoritative them potentially actual deadly.

Finally, the big one: dinosaurs. There was no way Ark 2 would canal that aspect, and it looks like it’s acceleration bottomward on the adeptness to acclimatized and ride on these aged monsters. How it will assignment this time around, we don’t know, but we’re aflame to acquisition out.


A appearance modeled afterwards abecedarian Vin Diesel rides a dinosaur.Image acclimated with permission by absorb holder

Ark 2 is absolutely multiplayer, and that’s about all we apperceive so far. We don’t apperceive what multiplayer mechanics from the aboriginal will backpack over, or alike how abounding players will be able to be in the aforementioned apple together. We additionally don’t apperceive if you can accomplish your own, clandestine apple and comedy abandoned at this time.

One affair we do apperceive is that Ark 2 will at atomic accept cross-platform abutment for PC and Xbox players, but presumably, PlayStation as able-bodied already it launches there.


Ark: Survival Evolved thrived acknowledgment to dozens of updates and DLC additions, so Ark 2 is about absolutely activity to chase that aforementioned trend. It isn’t technically actuality billed as a alive account game, but in the aforementioned way that Minecraft is, Ark 2 is meant to be a bold you accumulate advancing aback to whenever a new zone, dino, or set of items to accomplish is added.

One air-conditioned affection is that user-created mods, which acquiesce for new monsters, items, and alike bold mechanics, will be aggregate amid PC and consoles. The bold will be absolutely accordant with’s cross-platform mod content. The developer stated, “ARK 2’s absolutely stackable, user-created mods will accessible the aperture for players to accomplish new dinosaur[s] and creatures, items, and gameplay features, with maps broadcast above all platforms — including assimilate Xbox — and abutment for modded servers, via!”


There’s aloof a ample window of backward 2024 for a absolution window appropriate now, so no preorders are accessible anywhere. However, there is the advantage for PC users to add the bold to their wish account on Steam if they appetite to get advanced of the curve. We additionally apperceive that it will barrage on Game Pass, so if you are subscribed to that service, you will be able to comedy it on day one. For anybody else, we’ll let you apperceive back accurate preorders go up.

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