ASVEL basketball team confirms data breach after ransomware attack

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French master hoops squad LDLC ASVEL (ASVEL) has confirmed that information was stolen aft nan NoEscape ransomware pack claimed to person attacked nan club.

ASVEL is simply a French master hoops squad successful Villeurbanne, Lyon, headed by erstwhile NBA prima Tony Parker. The nine is considered nan astir successful 1 successful nan country, having won 21 nationalist championships and 10 cups.

ASVEL's says that they were alerted to a imaginable breach connected October 12 via nan press, pursuing their summation to NoEscape ransomware's extortion portal connected October 9, 2023.

"Alerted connected October 12 done nan property and having instantly contacted companies specializing successful nan section of cybersecurity, LDLC ASVEL is unluckily coming capable to corroborate that it has so been nan unfortunate of a usurpation of its machine system, pinch information exfiltration," sounds a press statement from ASVEL.

The threat actors claimed to person stolen 32 GB of data, including nan individual information of players, passports and ID cards, and galore documents relating to finance, taxation, and ineligible matters. NDAs, contracts, confidential letters. Contractual agreements pinch players are besides allegedly included successful nan stolen information set.

The NoEscape ransomware pack is utilizing this stolen information arsenic leverage, threatening to people it by October 20, 2023, unless ASVEL contacts them to discuss a ransom payment.

ASVEL connected NoEscape's extortion portalASVEL connected NoEscape's extortion portal (KELA)

ASVEL says they retained cybersecurity specialists who, connected October 18, 2023, confirmed that nan attackers breached nan club's systems and stole data.

Although nan breach did not effect nan club's operations, it is assessing nan harm to 3rd parties pinch information exposed successful this incident.

One interest is nan costs specifications of those who bought tickets, merchandise, and nine rank cards from nan charismatic website. As of today, ASVEL says it has nary grounds that nan attackers person stolen its fans' costs information aliases slope relationship details.

The incident has been reported to CNIL (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés), France's nationalist information protection authority, and a general title is soon to beryllium submitted to rule enforcement authorities.

It is worthy noting that ASVEL has been removed from NoEscape's darknet portal, and nan nexus to nan original introduction now returns a 404 error. Also, nary information has been leaked.

This could bespeak that nan nine is negotiating pinch nan ransomware pack to forestall nan leak of data.

NoEscape is simply a comparatively caller ransomware group launched successful June 2023, targeting non-CIS (ex-Soviet Union) organizations pinch double-extortion attacks and demanding ransom payments ranging from a fewer 1000 USD to complete $10 million.

Believed to beryllium a rebrand of Avaddon, which went defunct successful 2021, NoEscape is tin of targeting Windows, Linux, and VMware ESXi servers.