Atari’s latest acquisition is a game preservation power play

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Atari continues to turn its liking successful nan crippled remaster marketplace pinch nan acquisition of Digital Eclipse, nan developer down 2022’s awesome Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration collection.

Digital Eclipse has existed since nan early 1990s but has made a sanction for itself complete nan past decade aliases truthful successful creating awesome remastered collections for illustration Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection. More recently, it has honed a documentary-style position for titles for illustration Atari 50 and The Making of Karateka, providing thorough looks astatine nan history of important companies and games. Atari seems willing successful increasing its room of IP and liking successful retro re-releases, truthful it’s understandable why Atari would acquisition Digital Eclipse pursuing its acquisition of nan System Shock remake’s Nightdive Studios earlier successful nan year.

It’s a $20 cardinal acquisition, pinch Atari paying $6.5 cardinal erstwhile nan woody closes soon and different $13.5 cardinal complete nan adjacent decade if Digital Eclipse meets capacity targets. As for what this intends erstwhile it comes to Digital Eclipse functioning day-to-day, an FAQ connected nan developer’s website goes into much detail.

Digital Eclipse confirms that while this acquisition will springiness it greater entree to nan room of franchises that Atari owns, it is not locked into only moving connected Atari properties. The Gold Master Series that The Making of Karateka is simply a portion of will proceed arsenic well, pinch Digital Eclipse teasing that nan adjacent introduction is almost done successful a caller newsletter. Ultimately, Digital Eclipse seems to dream that Atari’s support will chiefly springiness them much resources to proceed to refine projects that align pinch what nan workplace is already known for, including a Wizardry: Proving Ground of nan Mad Overlord remake that’s presently successful early entree connected Steam.

“Our acquisition collaborating connected Atari 50: The Anniversary Celebration was revelatory. The spot that Atari showed our team, and our clear communal emotion and respect for nan content, positioned america to nutrient thing genuinely remarkable,” Digital Eclipse President Mike Mika said of nan acquisition. “I cognize Atari will proceed to champion our attack and that we will beryllium bringing fans breathtaking caller projects for years to come.”

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