Atlassian users complain of cloud migration dead ends, especially in UK

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The Register’s Monday story astir Atlassian’s looming end-of-support deadline for its on-prem server products has turned up a nasty dilemma for UK users who request section information residency, because Atlassian doesn’t connection it and whitethorn not do truthful earlier support expires.

Atlassian will extremity support for its on-prem server successful February 2024, and gave customers complete 3 years announcement of that decision. The institution offers 2 alternatives: SaaS aliases “Datacenter” licenses. The latter, however, are charged for astatine slightest 500 users. Customers who acquired licenses for server products, which started astatine 10 seats, truthful look large value rises.

A migration to nan Atlassian unreality is not an action for immoderate UK users.

“We presently person nary options pinch Atlassian,” 1 scholar told The Register. “We're ISO27001 certified truthful can't spell retired of support and can't big our information extracurricular nan UK.”

“When we've asked erstwhile UK residency will beryllium disposable successful consequence to Atlassian income emails trying to move america to cloud, they person ignored us.”

Atlassian’s roadmap for providing UK information residency states nan characteristic is “coming soon” successful “Q4 2023 - Q1 2024”. The institution confirmed that timeframe remains accurate. The Register pointed retired that Q1 2024 stretches beyond February 15th, nan time connected which support for Atlassian servers expires. The institution did not comment.

The scholar quoted supra told The Register they’ve started a migration to GitLab.

Another UK-based reader, who useful for a world strategy integrator and contacted america connected information of anonymity, revealed that nan institution he useful for has a important Atlassian merchandise lawsuit for its ain usage that will migrate to a Datacenter license. But it besides maintains galore mini Atlassian server licences for reasons of privacy. Atlassian hasn’t offered a solution.

“We’ll conscionable person to move distant from them to thing we dream is much sensible and stays that way,” nan scholar told The Register.

Other readers pointed retired that they’ve integrated 3rd statement products pinch their Atlassian software, and those links are not reproducible successful Atlassian’s cloud.

“The determination of whether aliases not to proceed aft February 2024 successful an abusive narration is simply a difficult one,” 1 scholar wrote.

This scholar shared a communicative we’ve heard from different sources astir Atlassian salespeople urging upgrades and not considering customer complaints.

“We person created spreadsheets for them showing nan costs comparisons [of migration options]. We person had them database nan benefits (nearly zero) and asked for nan justification. The reply is ever because SaaS is better.” This customer besides said Atlassian tried to migrate them good earlier nan extremity of support deadline, which they saw arsenic a rate drawback earlier it was needed.

Another consequence to our communicative came from an endeavor pinch 2,000 licences for server products that calculated licence costs would triple aft migration to either Atlassian’s unreality aliases datacenter licenses.

“It's really ridiculous nan value summation for america and we can't proceed pinch Atlassian products anymore, I conjecture it's aforesaid for galore others too.”

A reminder: 1 of Atlassian’s values is “Don’t #@!% nan customer”.

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Developer acquisition merchandise debuts
For customers consenting to instrumentality around, aliases clamber aboard, Atlassian coming released a caller merchandise called “Compass” that it bills arsenic a “developer experience” tool.

As explained to The Register by Taylor Pechacek, caput of merchandise for Compass astatine Atlassian, nan instrumentality represents a azygous root of each nan resources developers use.

“There is an detonation of components successful software,” he said. “Developers person to support way of galore much elements.”

Citing Gartner investigation that by 2026, 80 percent of package engineering organizations will found "platform teams" to negociate organizations' infrastructure, 75 percent of which will see developer self-service portals, Pechacek based on that managing package components is achy and hurts developer productivity.

Using Compass, he said, intends that erstwhile developers chat astir a work they’re moving connected “everyone knows astir what it is and nan resources to understand it better.”

Pechacek said Compass identifies applicable libraries and repositories utilized by a task and makes them disposable to developers truthful that if they’re moving connected related projects, they don’t person to hunt for nan resources they’re expected to use. The consequence is simply a instrumentality analogous to platform-as-a-service, but tuned to nan request of each exertion aliases work an org employs.

Compass is SaaS and is disposable today. A free tier creates a catalogue of package components. The $7/month version offers nan afloat “developer experience” platform.