Avira antivirus causes Windows computers to freeze after boot

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Since Friday, Windows users person reported problems pinch nan operating strategy freezing soon aft booting, an rumor linked to a faulty update for Avira's information software.

A sizeable number of Windows 11 and Windows 10 customers person knowledgeable these strategy freezes, pinch astir linking nan issues to Avira.

According to many of these reports on Reddit and Avira's ain customer forums, affected computers usually commencement normally, but immoderate neglect to load nan Windows desktop, arsenic first reported by Günter Born.

However, astir 20 seconds aft Avira launches, nan full operating strategy becomes unresponsive, pinch nan beingness restart fastener connected nan lawsuit arsenic nan sole intends to revive nan PC.

"Today, my PC abruptly started to frost connected startup. I tried disabling each inheritance apps until only Avira was left," 1 affected user said.

"So my machine (Win 10) was functioning conscionable good 2 days ago, I usually time off it running. (I person made nary changes to anything) I went to usage it coming and Start wholly freezes up and will not load anything," different one said.

Affected users person discovered that nan sole remedy is to uninstall Avira's package while booting into safe mode. Despite resolving nan freezing problem for some, definite impacted users person encountered difficulties removing Avira completely.

"I managed to hole nan rumor somehow... The past action was to uninstall Avira, one could do it during nan 20 seconds earlier nan rumor usually happens (just aft login)," 1 user added.

"I'm not 100% judge that is nan uninstall that resolved nan issue, I tried galore things earlier (chkdsk sfc, ...) It was intelligibly thing that forestall caller processes to beryllium executed, I judge an antivirus tin do that ... possibly a bad update from Avira ?"

After uninstalling Avira, Windows should automatically re-enable Microsoft's free Defender Antivirus software.

When approached for comment, Avira told BleepingComputer that they are alert of nan rumor and are presently investigating it, seeking a fix.

"A caller update from Avira is resulting successful Windows 10 and Windows 11 processes not starting. The rumor is caused by nan Avira soul Firewall nether a uncommon condition," Avira told BleepingComputer.

"The rumor was first reported connected Friday, December 9, and should beryllium fixed automatically by an update that was deployed connected Monday, Dec 11. In nan improbable lawsuit that nan machine did not person nan update, users tin scope retired to nan Avira support squad who is happy to help."