B&O’s latest speaker is a love letter to aluminum

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Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 successful Spaced Aluminium.Bang & Olufsen

Bang & Olufsen (B&O) has released a caller type of its picnic basket-shaped Beosound A5 Bluetooth speakerthat’s wrapped wholly successful aluminum. The institution calls nan caller look Spaced Aluminium and says that you tin switch nan speaker’s screen pinch 2 different disposable finishes — Nordic Weave and Dark Oak. The Spaced Aluminium type is disposable for $1,399 starting October 26 from bang-olufsen.com and prime retailers.

What’s intriguing astir nan Spaced Aluminium’s creation is nan measurement it uses an array of 3,500 individual aluminum discs to shape nan speaker grille.

“We person worked pinch different information patterns crossed our speaker grille designs for galore years,” said Michael Henriksson, B&O’s vice president of merchandise marketing. “It has go a signature, but this is simply a brand-new style.”

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 successful 3 finishes.Bang & Olufsen

Normally, erstwhile B&O creates grilles pinch information patterns, nan circles are nan cutouts — nan portion of nan grille that’s acoustically transparent. On nan Spaced Aluminium cover, it’s nan opposite. Two layers of aluminum are utilized to springiness nan illusion that nan discs are floating and sound is channeled done nan spaces between nan discs.

B&O is nary alien to aluminum. We saw what it tin do pinch nan worldly erstwhile we reviewed nan company’s Beosound Stage soundbar. “We’ve sewage a rich | history successful aluminium,” Henriksson said, “and we’re intrigued by our past. Aluminium is simply a timeless worldly that ages gracefully and reflects our values for creating products that last.”

Other than nan visually and materially different cover, nan caller Beosound A5 version is identical to the speaker B&O launched earlier successful 2023. It has 280 watts of power, IP65 h2o and particulate protection, a rechargeable artillery that provides 12 hours of playtime, some Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for wireless speaker connectivity, and a useful wireless charger built into nan apical surface.

Bang & Olufsen Beosound A5 successful Spaced Aluminium, pinch an iPhone charging wirelessly connected its apical surface.Bang & Olufsen

Along pinch nan caller Spaced Aluminium model, B&O says it’s adding 2 caller features to nan Beosound A5. Starting successful November, you’ll beryllium capable to automatically stereo-pair 2 A5s that are physically adjacent to 1 different — a invited summation fixed that nan Beosound A5 is simply a mono speaker erstwhile utilized alone.

Then, successful 2024, nan institution says it will merchandise a characteristic called Fluid Sweet Spot. If you person an iPhone 11 aliases newer and a stereo-paired group of Beosound A5s, Fluid Sweet Spot tin change nan sound output of nan 2 speakers specified that it’s optimized for your listening position (as wished by your iPhone). The aforesaid characteristic was first announced successful September erstwhile B&O debuted its Beolab 8 speaker, though astatine nan time, nan institution hadn’t landed connected nan Fluid Sweet Spot name.

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