Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden review: solid action RPG dishes out some hard choices

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 Ghosts of New Eden's Red and Antea embracing each other.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden

MSRP $59.99

“Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden delivers some slick action and reliable civilized choices.”


  • Excellent worldbuilding
  • Strong sidequests
  • Engaging real-time combat
  • Compelling prime system


  • Choices tin consciousness excessively binary
  • Technical issues

I conscionable couldn’t bring myself to termination a killer, moreover if I felt she deserved it. As justified arsenic my unit mightiness person been, her motive was to protect her sister earlier she contracted a deadly illness from a man. That was conscionable 1 of galore difficult civilized quandaries that would trial my values successful Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden.

Developed by Life is Strange developer Don’t Nod, Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is simply a narrative-heavy action RPG group successful nan 1600s. That era isn’t a terribly breathtaking clip to beryllium alive, pinch a life expectancy of astir 30 years. However, Banishers’ paranormal open-world attack makes it a genuinely nosy clip play to explore, filled pinch impactful choices to bolster its beardown world-building.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden has an engaging overarching communicative supported by its fantabulous characters, further explored done engaging broadside quests. Even pinch a beardown attack to choice-driven communicative successful its standout main story, it falters erstwhile it railroads players into picking circumstantial options.

In nan sanction of love

Banishers follows Antea Duarte and Red Mac Raith, a brace of lovestruck shade hunters, arsenic they analyse a mysterious lawsuit successful nan municipality of New Eden. During their investigation, they brushwood an incredibly powerful shade called nan Nightmare, which subsequently kills Antea, turning her into a ghost.

Antea and Red’s narration is defined by conflicting ideals. Lingering ghosts suck nan life principle from nan hosts they haunt, truthful Antea believes that nan ghosts request to ascend to nan afterlife arsenic soon arsenic possible. Red has a much sympathetic view. Ironically, now that Antea is simply a shade herself, she has to look nan inevitability of having to time off Red aft they complete their travel to conclusion nan Nightmare and assistance New Eden’s curse.

The civilized grey areas had maine earnestly contemplating what actions I should take

That creates immoderate effective hostility passim nan story, arsenic Red’s secondary extremity is to grant Antea’s wishes and thief her ascend astatine journey’s end. Or, he tin participate successful a acheronian ritual that could bring her backmost to life — astatine a cost. Throughout nan story, players travel crossed broadside quests called Haunting Cases, wherever a shade is haunting a villager. It’s up to our banishers to fig retired why. You ne'er cognize what benignant of twist aliases guidance they’ll extremity up going in.

Many commencement pinch a elemental premise but past unravel, revealing much complexity down some nan shade and nan host’s motivations. For example, a elemental shopkeeper’s shop haunting ends up being nan consequence of a section Native American tribe’s demise by colonists. This is wherever Banishers’ prime strategy comes into play nan most. The civilized grey areas had maine earnestly contemplating what actions I should take. Should I mildly ascend nan shade aliases blasted nan host? Sacrificing nan big provides Red pinch their life essence, required to bring Antea backmost to life, but this sends him down nan way of a cold-blooded murderer.

 Ghosts of New Eden.Don't Nod Entertainment

Despite nan compelling Haunting Cases, I couldn’t thief but consciousness I had to instrumentality pinch nan aforesaid prime from nan very beginning. For my playthrough, I chose to ascend each azygous shade I came across, and that strict binary morality strategy dilutes nan emotion of choice. There were times erstwhile I thought decease was a worthy reward for nan host, but I still felt an responsibility to ascend nan shade alternatively truthful that I could enactment morally accordant for a circumstantial ending. There’s a 3rd action to banish nan ghost, but it’s conscionable a harsher measurement to ascend them. In astir cases, I felt for illustration nan big was successful nan wrong, much truthful than nan shade was, and banishing besides seemingly has nan aforesaid effect arsenic mildly ascending them. I didn’t find myself really utilizing that action much, if astatine all.

Lock and load

Banishers has a third-person real-time action conflict strategy that’s akin to immoderate of its contemporaries for illustration God of War Ragnarok and Forspoken. The twist present is that you tin move betwixt Red and Antea astatine immoderate clip during a fight. Their different attributes complement each different pinch nan kinds of enemies you’ll find passim nan game. Red does good against boned enemies and tin move betwixt his scimitar and his single-shot bolt-action rifle.

Banishers’ RPG leveling strategy does a awesome occupation of balancing some characters.

Antea’s fists grip nan glowing bluish spectral enemies that sometimes effort to invade adjacent corpses to turn stronger. Switching betwixt some characters connected nan alert depending connected nan force you’re fighting keeps combat engaging, particularly erstwhile Antea tin virtually punch nan shade retired of an invaded corpse.

Banishers’ RPG leveling strategy does a awesome occupation of balancing some characters, too. Antea mostly feels much powerful than Red because of her paranormal abilities but tin only travel retired for a constricted magnitude of time, moreover little truthful if she keeps getting hit. Another balancing enactment is that Red has a Banish gauge that, erstwhile filled, lets him wholly destruct a weaker force and woody monolithic harm to stronger ones. These gameplay specifications and mechanics adhd extent to nan combat that prevented maine from simply conscionable button-mashing.

 Ghosts of New EdenDon't Nod Entertainment

Both characters besides person abstracted accomplishment points; Red earns his from leveling up, and Antea earns hers from solving Haunting Cases. This adds moreover much complexity to gameplay, arsenic definite trade-offs could buff 1 characteristic but wounded another. For example, a accomplishment could summation Antea’s harm output by 30%, but harm taken by Red increases by 15%. Thankfully, these points tin beryllium distributed and refunded astatine immoderate clip pinch nary further cost, truthful there’s a batch of room for experimentation.

New Eden tourist

Much for illustration its combat, Banishers’ open-world traversal is rather akin to God of War Ragnarok’s. There are large spaces to explore, collectibles to find, and instrumentality to plunder. It each feels rather rewarding to spell retired of your way, and nan Haunting Cases will return you to each nan corners of New Eden successful a measurement that feels for illustration nan world is people unfolding. Banishers doesn’t person nan highest fidelity graphics, but there’s capable biology assortment that it makes nan world worthy exploring, from its forests to its astonishing underworld.

Antea’s belief powers are capable to break down definite biology obstacles, which adds a Metroidvania-like emotion to nan exploration. It’s satisfying to advancement done nan communicative and unlock caller powers for Antea and past usage them to revisit aged areas to yet get that 1 wealth thorax locked distant down a wall of vines.

Technical issues occurred much than I would person liked …

Navigation tin beryllium a spot tricky astatine times. Banishers uses a compass alternatively than a mini-map, but players tin entree a larger representation by pressing nan paper button. However, pulling up nan representation is simply a symptom owed to immoderate method hiccups. Playing connected Xbox, I recovered location was lag clip betwixt pushing nan paper fastener and nan representation appearing, which was annoying since I perpetually relied connected it and location was nary mini-map available.

I ran into immoderate different problems, specified arsenic my surface turning wholly achromatic erstwhile trying to prime a spot to accelerated recreation to. I occasionally knowledgeable difficult crashes for seemingly nary logic that sent maine backmost to my console’s dashboard. While nan method issues occurred much than I would person liked, they didn’t discuss Banishers’ value storytelling, characters, and combat.

 Ghosts of New Eden.Don't Nod Entertainment

Developer Don’t Nod is known for its communicative escapade games that empower players to make difficult choices for illustration Life is Strange. The studio’s 2018 supernatural RPG, Vampyr, was nan blueprint for mixing those successful pinch RPG elements, and Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden is nan adjacent measurement successful that coagulated foundation. Everything present feels bigger and much eager owed to its open-world structure, yet still focused and personable because of New Eden’s inhabitants. You couldn’t person maine to return a clip instrumentality backmost to nan 17th century, but I’d beryllium lying if I said I wouldn’t reconsider if it meant fighting ghosts.

Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden was tested connected Xbox Series X.