Best 65-inch TV deals: Get a 65-inch 4K TV for under $300

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If your eyes are squarely connected buying a 65-inch TV, you request to cheque retired TV deals pinch a attraction connected that size. That’s why we’ve listened each nan champion 65-inch TV deals presently disposable below, truthful you don’t person to spell searching yourself. The TVs beneath screen a assortment of different technologies arsenic good arsenic value ranges truthful there’s thing for you sloppy of what your plans are. Take a look beneath astatine what we’ve picked out.


  • Onn. 65-inch 4K TV — $298, was $348
  • TCL 65-inch Q5 Q-Class QLED TV — $400, was $600
  • Samsung 65-inch Q80C QLED TV — $1,000, was $1,400
  • LG 65-inch Class 85 Series QNED Mini-LED 4K TV — $1,200, was $1,400
  • LG 65-inch C3 Series OLED TV — $1,600, was $2,100
  • Sony 65-inch Bravia XR X93L Mini-LED 4K TV — $1,600, was $2,000
  • Samsung 65-inch QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV — $2,600, was $3,500

Onn. 65-inch 4K TV — $298, was $348

The onn. 75” Class 4K UHD (2160P) LED Frameless Roku Smart TV is simply a surviving room pinch orangish walls.Onn.

The Onn. 65-inch 4K TV is simply a straightforward TV that’s perfect if you’re connected a fund but still want a ample TV. It has Roku Smart TV built-in truthful you person entree to thousands of free aliases paid channels meaning an awesome magnitude of options of what to watch. There’s besides sound power support via nan Roku mobile app truthful you tin easy speak commands alternatively of typing things successful pinch nan remote. Three HDMI ports are useful if you person galore devices to hook up.

TCL 65-inch Q5 Q-Class QLED TV — $400, was $600

The TCL Q5 4K QLED TV connected a achromatic background.TCL

The TCL 65-inch Q5 Q-Class QLED TV offers a QLED sheet truthful you get a cardinal colors of richer and much lifelike images. It besides has a precocious brightness nonstop LED backlight truthful you summation brighter images mixed pinch support for Dolby Vision, HDR10+, HDR10 and HLG. Motion Rate 240 exertion ensures soft scrolling while there’s a Game Accelerator 120 mode for up to 120 VRR erstwhile gaming. During relaxing times, you tin easy find thing to watch acknowledgment to Google TV and extended sound adjunct support.

Samsung 65-inch Q80C QLED TV — $1,000, was $1,400

The Samsung Q80C placed successful a surviving room connected a TV stand.Samsung

Coming from 1 of nan best TV brands intends you’re onto a bully point pinch nan Samsung 65-inch Q80C QLED TV. It has Quantum HDR+ support truthful that you summation rich | specifications and much immersive colors than ever before. There’s besides 100% colour measurement pinch Quantum Dot exertion on pinch Motion Xcelerator Turbo+ truthful you tin bask smoother gaming and watching of accelerated moving scenes. A Direct Full Array sheet adds to nan value being capable to precisely power nan magnitude of lighting crossed each portion of nan picture. It each leads to a genuinely gorgeous image astatine each times.

LG 65-inch Class 85 Series QNED Mini-LED 4K TV — $1,200, was $1,400

LG 75-inch Class 80 Series QNED 4K UHD Smart TV merchandise imageLG Electronics

The LG 65-inch Class 85 Series QNED Mini-LED 4K TV offers Quantum Dot NanoCell colour exertion to supply richer and much meticulous colors. It has MiniLED backlighting to further thief pinch brighter colors and deeper blacks, while there’s precision dimming which improves opposition and minimizes nan halo effect. In conjunction pinch nan a7 Gen 5 AI processor, there’s AI Picture Pro 4K exertion which automatically enhances opposition and solution pinch AI 4K upscaling and AI Tone Mapping. A dedicated Filmmaker and Game Mode some thief pinch immoderate you’re watching, positive there’s Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos support.

LG 65-inch C3 Series OLED TV — $1,600, was $2,100

The LG C3 Series OLED 4K TV successful nan surviving room.LG

OLED panels are capable to person individually illuminated pixels truthful that you tin person nan brightest of moments connected surface alongside incredibly heavy blacks too. Improving upon its champion OLED TV, nan LG 65-inch C3 Series OLED TV now has Brightness Booster exertion truthful you get improved brightness moreover successful well-lit rooms. The dedicated Filmmaker and crippled optimizer modes are incredibly useful for providing you pinch a superior ocular experience, while location are 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos support. For galore people, this will beryllium nan best TV to buy.

Sony 65-inch Bravia XR X93L Mini-LED 4K TV — $1,600, was $2,000

Sony Bravia X93L Mini LED ReviewZeke Jones/Digital Trends / Digital Trends

The Sony 65-inch Bravia XR X93L Mini-LED 4K TV uses its thousands of mini LEDs to supply billions of meticulous colors. They’re each precision controlled by nan XR Backlight Master Drive and XR Triluminos Pro exertion that Sony provides. It has a Cognitive Processor XR which helps supply wide move contrast, elaborate blacks, and earthy colors. There are dedicated features for PS5 owners excessively pinch car HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Mode for amended value while you game. There’s besides support for Dolby Vision, IMAX Enhanced, Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode, and galore different cardinal features.

Samsung 65-inch QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV — $2,600, was $3,500

2023 Samsung QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV.Samsung / .

To early impervious you for a while to come, see buying an 8K TV for illustration nan Samsung 65-inch QN800C Neo QLED 8K TV. It uses a grid of Samsung Quantum Mini LEDs pinch a cardinal colors and genuinely aggravated contrast. A Neural Quantum processor 8K upscales thing non-8K truthful you won’t person to interest astir having constricted contented astatine your disposal. There’s besides Neo Quantum HDR 8K+ support for superior HDR on pinch 100% Color Volume pinch Quantum Dot arsenic you’d expect. Support for Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ guarantee you get a awesome aural acquisition excessively while you’re watching a movie aliases playing a game.

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Samsung is having a waste connected each size of nan S90C QD-OLED 4K TV

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If you're considering upgrading to an OLED TV this is simply a awesome opportunity. Samsung is 1 of nan champion OLED manufacturers retired there, correct adjacent to LG, truthful this S90C will decidedly unrecorded up to nan hype (and nan value tag). We're not judge really agelong this waste will last, truthful you should cheque it retired ASAP. Like we mentioned, this seems for illustration a occurrence waste to get free of stock, truthful these TVs are apt to waste retired very soon.

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