Best Apple Watch Series 9 deals: Get the smartwatch for $309

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The Apple Watch Series 9 showing apps connected nan screen.Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

If you’ve had your eyes connected nan Apple Watch Series 9, here’s your chance to get 1 of nan latest models of Apple’s wearable instrumentality for a overmuch cheaper value than usual. We’ve rounded up Apple Watch deals that attraction connected nan different versions of this peculiar smartwatch truthful that you tin bask a discount pinch your purchase, but pinch its popularity, we’re not judge really agelong these bargains will last. If you want to return advantage of immoderate of nan Apple Watch Series 9 deals below, we highly urge pushing done pinch your transaction arsenic soon arsenic you can.

Today’s champion Apple Watch Series 9 deals

  • Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS, 41mm) —
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS, 45mm) —
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS + Cellular, 41mm) —
  • Apple Watch Series 9 (GPS + Cellular, 45mm) —

Should you bargain nan Apple Watch Series 9?

The Nike Globe watch look connected nan Apple Watch Series 9.Nike Globe watch face Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

The Apple Watch Series 9 is highlighted successful our database of nan best smartwatches arsenic nan champion smartwatch for nan iPhone. It’s an fantabulous prime if this will beryllium your preamble to nan Apple Watch, and it’s besides awesome for those who will beryllium upgrading from older models of nan wearable device. First and foremost, it’s highly comfortable to wear, which is an important characteristic because if you want to maximize nan capabilities of nan smartwatch, you’re going to person to deterioration it arsenic often arsenic possible. With an IP6X particulate guidance rating and up to 50 meters of h2o resistance, you’ll seldom beryllium forced to return it disconnected your wrist.

By ever wearing it, you’ll beryllium capable to return advantage of nan health-tracking features of nan Apple Watch Series 9, which includes bosom complaint and humor oxygen measurements, an electrocardiogram, irregular hit notifications, and slumber monitoring. The wearable device’s Workout app captures information from your beingness activities, while autumn discovery and clang discovery will instantly link you to emergency services erstwhile there’s an accident. You’ll besides beryllium capable to telephone for thief pinch nan emergency SOS feature, which you tin activate pinch nan property of a button.

Our Apple Watch Series 9 versus Apple Watch Series 8 comparison reveals each nan differences betwixt nan 2 models of nan smartwatch. While they look nan aforesaid pinch nan classical quadrate creation and curved edges, and their size options stay astatine 41mm and 45mm, that’s wherever their similarities end. The Apple Watch Series 9 has a brighter always-on show astatine up to 2,000 nits from its predecessor’s 1,000 nits, faster capacity pinch Apple’s caller S9 spot that besides allows nan processing of each Siri requests connected nan instrumentality itself, and nan expertise to find a misplaced iPhone 15 pinch its second-generation UWB chip.

One of nan astir absorbing features of nan Apple Watch Series 9 is Double Tap, which will fto you transportation retired definite actions by double tapping your scale digit and thumb. Double Tap tin beryllium utilized to reply telephone calls and move disconnected alarms, for example, which is highly adjuvant if your different manus is busy.

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