Best Bank CD Rates for 2024

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Looking to make your money activity harder? Explore nan world of Certificates of Deposit (CDs), wherever you tin unafraid coagulated returns while locking successful your costs for a circumstantial time. Discover nan banks and in installments unions offering nan champion CD rates, and find retired really to maximize your savings pinch this low-risk finance option.

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) activity likewise to online savings accounts aliases money marketplace accounts successful position of offering awesome returns pinch zero risk. The quality is, CDs “lock your money up” for a specified play of time. To entree your costs earlier nan word ends, you’ll person to salary a penalty.

Although CDs connection little liquidity than a regular checking relationship aliases savings account, you mightiness get a higher complaint of return pinch this financial product. This is particularly existent if you unfastened a CD relationship pinch a longer timeline; for example, a 60-month CD alternatively of a 12-month CD.

According to nan Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), nationalist mean CD rates scope from 1.33% to 1.84% depending connected nan CD term, arsenic of writing.

However, rather a fewer banks connection vastly superior CD rates to consumers who do their research. We compared dozens of banks and financial institutions to find nan champion CD rates today. If you’re connected nan hunt for a high-yield CD, commencement your hunt here.

Important Factors for Certificate of Deposit Accounts

  • CDs are for semipermanent savings. Since CDs fastener your costs into nan relationship for a circumstantial word (usually 12 to 60 months), they aren’t perfect for money you mightiness request to entree successful nan short term.
  • CDs connection information for your funds. CD accounts are a unafraid spot to stash your money and gain interest, acknowledgment to FDIC insurance.
  • Check for CD fees. Most CDs complaint fees if you request to entree your money early. Make judge you understand these fees earlier opening this deposit account.
  • Online banks mightiness connection amended rates. Although brick-and-mortar banks connection their ain CDs, you mightiness find amended rates done online banks. Compare bequest banks and online institutions to find nan champion CD rates.

If your extremity is securing a superior short-term investment, nan champion CD rates are worthy exploring. To thief successful your search, we compared galore of nan apical financial institutions and online banks to find options pinch nan astir charismatic rates and terms.

Find nan Highest CD Rates from Banks and Credit Unions

Explore and opposition nan apical certificates of deposit (CDs) rates based connected nan highest Annual Percentage Yield (APY), spanning various position including 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year options.

For The Current CD Rates…

Raisin (Save Better) partners pinch immoderate of nan apical banks successful nan U.S. for nan highest rates connected CDs. Check beneath for nan existent rates.

Disclaimer: Interest rates are taxable to regular fluctuations, and we strive to supply you pinch nan astir existent information. Please verify nan rates pinch your slope aliases in installments national for accuracy!

The banks beneath made our ranking owed to nan liking rates they connection and different features.

  • PNC 
  • CIT Bank
  • Discover®
  • Marcus by Goldman Sachs
  • Synchrony Bank

Best Certificate of Deposit Accounts – Reviews

There are a fewer factors to see erstwhile choosing wherever to unfastened a certificate of deposit. These see whether you want to unfastened your CD successful personification aliases online, nan rates and position that apply, and nan fees required to entree your money early.

The pursuing reviews explicate nan CD rates for each of nan apical banks we floor plan and different specifications you should know.

PNC Bank

PNC Bank offers a assortment of celebrated banking products, including certificates of deposit. Its CDs don’t require immoderate monthly attraction fees, and you tin show your relationship astatine immoderate clip online aliases pinch nan BBVA mobile banking app.

CD position scope from 7 days to up to 10 years, and CDs pinch longer timelines salary higher CD rates. Note that penalties use if you entree your money early.

If you rate retired your CD early, pinch a word of 1 twelvemonth aliases less, you’ll salary $25 positive 1% of nan magnitude withdrawn. If you rate retired a CD pinch a longer-term early, you’ll salary $25 positive 3% of nan magnitude you rate out.

CD Rates: Online CDs pinch position from 11 months to 36 months presently salary up to 5.04% APY.

CIT Bank

CIT Bank is known for its celebrated high-yield savings account, known arsenic Savings Builder, but it besides offers an array of CDs pinch fantabulous terms. Its 11-month, no-penalty CD stands retired since it offers an fantabulous return rate. There are besides nary penalties if you request to entree your money early.

CIT Bank besides offers word CDs pinch various different lengths, arsenic good arsenic jumbo CDs for deposits of $100,000 aliases more. None of its CDs travel pinch relationship opening fees aliases relationship attraction fees.

CD Rates: CIT Bank presently pays from 0.30% to 3.50% APY connected their CDs, depending connected nan word you choose. Top rates are offered connected their 18 period CDs, which salary retired 3.00% APY, respectively. Additionally, they person an fantabulous 11-month No-Penalty CD astatine 3.50% APY arsenic of nan clip of this penning (04/05/23.)


With Discover, you tin unfastened a CD that lasts anyplace from 3 months to 120 months. There are nary fees to unfastened a CD, including relationship opening fees aliases attraction fees, though their minimum opening deposit is $2,500.

Discover besides stands retired owed to nan reasonable penalties it charges if you request to entree your money early. CDs pinch a word of little than 1 year, incur a punishment astatine 3 months of elemental interest. For a CD that lasts 1 to 4 years, nan punishment for cashing retired early is conscionable six months of elemental interest.

CD Rates: The 120-month (10-year) CD is astir rewarding, presently offering 3.75% APY, but that’s a agelong clip to wait. If you’re consenting to portion ways pinch your costs for conscionable 12 months, you tin gain a complaint of 4.70% APY.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs

Marcus by Goldman Sachs is simply a celebrated online slope for individual loans and high-yield savings accounts, yet it besides offers rewarding CDs. Terms for its CDs scope from 7 months to six years, pinch a minimum $500 deposit to get started.

Marcus by Goldman Sachs moreover offers a 10-day guarantee that says you tin move your complaint up if nan advertised rates connected nan CD you purchased summation wrong 10 days.

CD Rates: Some of nan champion CD rates from Marcus by Goldman Sachs are for its 9-month CDs, which presently salary 5.10% APY. Marcus by Goldman Sachs besides offers limited-time CD complaint promotions, for illustration 5.25% connected an 18-month CD.

What Holds It Back: Marcus by Goldman Sachs is an online slope only, truthful you don’t person nan action to unfastened your CD successful person.

Synchrony Bank

We chose Synchrony Bank for our ranking because it doesn’t enforce a minimum equilibrium requirement, yet has competitory CD rates. It offers a 15-day guarantee, which lets you raise your complaint if nan advertised complaint increases wrong 15 days of your CD purchase.

Terms are disposable from 3 months to 60 months. Early withdrawal fees for their CDs are besides reasonable. For example, early cash-outs connected CDs pinch position of 12 months aliases little complaint 90 days of elemental liking astatine nan existent rate.

CD Rates: Five-year (60-month) CDs presently salary 4.00% APY, and three-year (36-month) CDs salary 4.30% APY. They besides person a 16 period paying 5.40%

What Holds It Back: Synchrony Bank CDs are meant to beryllium opened and maintained online, truthful you see a different slope if you’re hoping for a personalized acquisition aliases you for illustration to slope successful person.

How We Found nan Best CD Rates

Finding nan champion CD rates is important if you want to maximize returns connected your savings, yet location are different factors to see earlier opening an account. We considered nan pursuing factors erstwhile compiling this database of banks pinch nan champion CD rates of 2024:

Rates and Terms

Although we gave penchant to banks that use nan champion rates to various CD terms, we focused connected banks that connection at slightest one CD pinch an APY that is astatine slightest double nan mean CD complaint nationwide.

BBVA didn’t people good successful this category, yet we included them owed to their deficiency of relationship fees and a beardown estimation among awesome U.S. financial institutions.

Account Fees

We only considered banks that don’t complaint fees to unfastened a CD account. We besides chose banks that don’t complaint immoderate monthly relationship attraction fees.

Early Withdrawal Penalties

Most banks complaint an early withdrawal interest if you rate retired your CD early, truthful we looked for banks pinch reasonable penalties. We besides gave penchant to accounts aliases CD options that don’t complaint immoderate punishment for early withdrawals.

FDIC Insurance

Finally, we only included institutions successful our ranking that connection FDIC insurance. This security secures up to $250,000 of CD costs per relationship holder.

What You Need to Know About Certificates of Deposit

If you person ne'er opened a certificate of deposit before, you mightiness wonderment really they activity and why group take this option. Here are immoderate important factors erstwhile considering a CD account.

  • CDs connection superior rates compared to different deposit products. According to caller figures from nan FDIC, nan mean nationalist CD complaint for a 60-month word is astir 4 times greater than nan mean nationalist savings relationship rate.
  • Longer CDs connection amended yields. Committing your money to a longer timeline tin lead to considerably higher returns. FDIC information shows that nan mean APR for a one-month CD is only .02% — not overmuch amended than a basal savings account.
  • CD rates tin spell up aliases down complete time. CD rates are wished based connected nan existent liking complaint environment, including benchmark liking rates. This intends that you mightiness get a amended CD complaint immoderate clip benchmark liking rates spell up.
  • CD rates tin beryllium higher connected larger amounts. If you person $100,000 aliases much to deposit, you mightiness suffice for a “jumbo CD”. This type of CD requires a precocious minimum deposit, but banks are consenting to salary higher APYs to fastener successful much funds.

Summary: Best CD Account Rates of May 2024

Raisin (SaveBetter)Short-term, nary penalty1 period to 14 months5.15%
PNCLong-term CD options1 period to 10 yearsUp to 0.04% APY
CIT Bank11-month, no-penalty CD option1 period to 5 years3.50% APY
DiscoverReasonable penalties for early withdrawalsThree months to 10 years5.20% APY
Marcus by Goldman SachsLow minimum deposit requirementSeven months to six years4.30% APY
Synchrony Bank15-day complaint guaranteeThree months to 5 years5.00% APY

The Bottom Line – Locking successful nan Highest CD Rates

Investing successful a certificate of deposit (CD) is 1 of nan safest ways to turn your money. CDs are low-risk investments pinch guaranteed returns, truthful they tin beryllium an fantabulous prime for those looking to diversify their portfolios and fastener successful higher liking rates.

When choosing a CD, it’s important to compare APYs (annual percent yields) and position betwixt different banks and in installments unions successful bid to get nan champion complaint possible. Shop astir for promotional offers aliases talk to financial advisors if you request thief selecting nan correct CD for your needs.

With observant investigation and comparison, you’ll beryllium capable to find nan CD that gives you nan highest complaint – and bid of mind – successful nan agelong run.

Some of nan cardinal factors you should see erstwhile searching for nan champion CD rates see nan magnitude of nan term, immoderate penalties for early withdrawal, and minimum deposit requirements. You’ll besides want to comparison nan yearly percent yields (APYs) of different products to guarantee you’re getting a bully return connected your investment.

Certificate of deposit (CD) rates whitethorn up and down passim nan twelvemonth arsenic liking rates change. It’s important to support an oculus connected existent marketplace conditions successful bid to maximize your earning imaginable by investing successful CDs pinch higher rates.

Yes, it is imaginable to get a higher APY than what is advertised by banks and in installments unions – particularly if you are consenting to discuss aliases shop astir astatine online banks that connection competitory CD rates. Additionally, definite banks whitethorn connection promotional offers aliases discounts that tin consequence successful moreover amended returns connected your investment.

When comparing CD rates, see nan magnitude of nan term, penalties for early withdrawal, minimum deposit requirements, and nan yearly percent output (APY). The APY reflects nan effective liking rate, including compounding.

While advertised rates are set, immoderate banks, particularly online ones, whitethorn connection speech options aliases promotional offers. Shopping astir and researching online banks could thief you find institutions that connection competitory rates aliases typical deals.