Best Bubble Gems in Foamstars

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The awesome attraction of Foamstars is connected its characters and their abilities. Once you find 1 you like, it isn’t evident that there’s a spot much you tin do to tweak them extracurricular of unlocking caller cosmetics. Bubble Gems are difficult to travel by, but connection passive bonuses to whichever characteristic you equip them to. However, you don’t get them for free, and each characteristic tin only clasp 3 astatine a time. If nan process each seems a small muddled to you, we’re present to swipe distant immoderate disorder and explicate nan champion Bubble Gems to usage successful Foamstars.

How Bubble Gems work

A Foamstars lucifer pinch greenish and pinkish foam.Square Enix

We request to statesman pinch a speedy rundown of really Bubble Gems really activity successful Foamstars. Bubble Gems are fundamentally random rolls you tin make by spending Energy Stones, which you tin only get either by hitting definite level milestones (5 and 10) aliases by going done nan conflict pass. The existent walk only rewards Energy Stones astatine tier 41, truthful reaching that constituent will beryllium rather a grind.

While each characteristic has 3 slots for Bubble Gems, they person different Energy Stone costs. The first 1 you get only costs one, but nan 2nd costs 2 and 3 for nan third. You besides cannot person duplicates of a Bubble Gem successful much than 1 slot.

Note that erstwhile you usage your Energy Shards to springiness a characteristic a Bubble Gem, they cannot beryllium applied to immoderate different character.

Best Bubble Gems

There are a full of 14 different Bubble Gems successful Foamstars, and they each tin beryllium classed E done S. You will dream to get each S ranks, but you’re amended disconnected pinch these gems astatine a little rank than immoderate others astatine a higher rank.

Movement velocity Up

Even nan much nimble characters successful Foamstars aren’t arsenic speedy arsenic you mightiness want. Aside from surfing connected your ain foam, there’s nary measurement to spell immoderate faster than your default tally velocity without this gem, and moreover erstwhile you tin surf, you won’t beryllium capable to shoot. This will fto you move astir astatine a decent pace, dodge, and chase, positive ever beryllium fresh for a fight.

Skill cooldown clip Down

Skills tin scope successful really useful they are successful immoderate business based connected your character, but you ne'er want to deed that fastener successful a captious infinitesimal only for thing to happen. Slap this gem successful your kit to fto you entree your astir powerful devices measurement much often.

Foam harm betterment velocity Up

Think of this arsenic buffing your passive wellness regeneration. When you inevitably get coated successful nan force team’s foam, truthful agelong arsenic you survive, you will beryllium stuck waiting for it to lavation disconnected earlier you’re patient capable to get backmost into nan fray. This gem cuts that downtime truthful you tin enactment live and fighting.

Push backmost region Up

Don’t slumber connected immoderate knockback abilities successful Foamstars. Foaming up your opponents is nan astir evident measurement to “chill” them, but bumping them disconnected nan shape is faster and easier erstwhile you tin propulsion it off. Stages are connected nan mini broadside successful Foamstars, truthful this gem tin really propulsion its weight.

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