Best Car Insurance for Young Drivers in 2024

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Young drivers look unsocial challenges erstwhile it comes to uncovering nan correct car security successful 2023. How tin they unafraid nan champion rates without compromising connected coverage?

When you’re a teen aliases a young adult, buying car security is seldom nosy aliases affordable. This is existent for anyone trying to adhd sum to a parent’s existing policy, but it’s moreover much existent for young adults who request to find inexpensive car security connected their own.

That said, nan champion car security for young drivers offers value protection for nan full family without breaking nan bank. If you’re looking for nan champion inexpensive car security for young adults, however, you’ll request to comparison policies and plans while besides checking for discounts you mightiness suffice for.

In nan meantime, you’ll want to spot which types of car security you really request and which ones you tin spell without.

We compared much than 20 of nan champion car security companies to thief you find nan champion car security for young drivers successful 2024. If you’re fresh to bargain a argumentation aliases statesman comparing each your options, you tin extremity looking and commencement your hunt here.

Our Picks for Best Car Insurance for Younger Drivers

  • Nationwide: Best for Teen Drivers
  • American Family: Best for Usage-Based Discounts
  • Allstate: Best for Good Students
  • State Farm: Best for Safe Vehicle Discounts
  • Geico: Best Discounts Overall
  • USAA: Best for Military

The reviews beneath tin thief you study much astir nan best car security companies that made our ranking, including nan argumentation options and typical programs for young drivers they offer.

Nationwide offers an array of sum options for teenagers and young drivers, arsenic good arsenic discounts that tin make sum considerably much affordable. Young drivers tin acquisition security pinch liability-only coverage, but they tin besides opt for collision coverage, broad coverage, and moreover rental car reimbursement sum that kicks successful erstwhile a car is successful nan shop getting repairs aft an mishap occurs.

Accident forgiveness is different optional characteristic for young drivers. This add-on sum ensures that a teen aliases young driver’s car security premiums won’t surge correct distant aft their first at-fault automobile mishap occurs.

Major discounts disposable from Nationwide for teens and young drivers include:

  • Good Student Discount: If you’re a full-time student and a Nationwide customer, you tin get a discount connected your premiums if you support a people constituent mean of ‘B’ aliases better.
  • Employer-Sponsored Plan Discount: If you activity for an employer who participates successful a Nationwide discount plan, you tin get a break there.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: You tin besides get a discount by bundling your car security pinch different policies, specified arsenic renter’s insurance.
  • SmartRide Discount: Nationwide besides offers a discount if you meet safe driver criteria arsenic wished by nan usage of a plug-in device. It’s a usage-based security programme that enables you to gain a discount for safe driving.

American Family Insurance is different highly-rated security institution that extends sum to young drivers and teenagers who are being added to a family plan. This institution offers each nan basal security sum you would expect, from liability coverage to collision, broad coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, and rental car reimbursement. They besides connection optional emergency roadside coverage, which tin beryllium accessed pinch easiness utilizing nan MyAmFam mobile app.

This institution besides offers a Safe Driver Discount Program for Teens, which monitors your teen’s driving habits pinch nan thief of a mobile app. Once a teen drives astatine slightest 3,000 miles pinch nan app on, families tin suffice for a 10% discount connected their car security premiums.

Other notable discounts for young drivers include:

  • Away astatine School Discount: This discount tin use erstwhile a young driver is distant astatine assemblage aliases assemblage and their conveyance remains parked astatine home.
  • Good Student Discount: Students pinch bully grades tin salary little for car security premiums overall.
  • Multi-Product Discount: Pay little for car security premiums erstwhile you bundle aggregate policies pinch American Family.
  • Young Volunteer Discount: This discount tin use erstwhile a driver nether nan property of 25 completes 40 hours of unpaid activity per twelvemonth for a non-profit.

Allstate is different insurer that is known for its Accident Forgiveness program. While joining this programme doesn’t thief you little your premium astatine first, you won’t spot your monthly car security costs surge aft your first accident. In nan meantime, Allstate besides has a Safe Driving Bonus program. If you adhd this characteristic to your policy, you get a cheque successful nan message each six months if you don’t person an accident. This is Allstate’s measurement of incentivizing safe driving habits.

Also, statement that Allstate extends bully student discounts for drivers who are nether nan property of 25. This intends precocious schoolhouse students and teenagers pinch bully grades tin thief their parents unafraid little car security rates, but it besides intends young adults successful assemblage tin get a discount connected their ain policies.

Allstate’s champion car security discounts for young drivers see nan following:

  • Allstate Drivewise Discount: Young drivers who instal a instrumentality connected their conveyance and fto Allstate show their driving habits tin salary little for car security overall.
  • Multi-Policy Discount: A multi-policy discount tin use erstwhile young drivers acquisition aggregate policies from Allstate, specified arsenic car security bundled pinch a renter’s security policy.
  • Responsible Payer Discount: If you salary your premiums connected clip for an full year, you tin get a responsible payer discount nan adjacent twelvemonth you acquisition coverage.
  • Smart Student Discount: This discount applies to drivers nether nan property of 25 who meet 1 of 3 options, including getting bully grades aliases completing a teen driver acquisition program.

State Farm offers a programme for young drivers nether nan property of 25, which is called Steer Clear. This programme requires drivers to usage a mobile app that monitors their driving, and it is only disposable to young drivers who don’t person immoderate at-fault accidents aliases moving violations wrong nan past 3 years. Those who suffice for this programme tin prevention up to 20% disconnected their car security premiums erstwhile they debar accidents and thrust safely complete nan agelong run.

Not only does State Farm make it easy to adhd a young driver to a family car security policy, but they besides connection affordable premiums for young drivers who are retired connected their own. Additionally, this institution offers an array of discounts that subordinate to conveyance information alternatively of nan property of nan driver, including passive restraint discounts and discounts for having an eligible anti-theft instrumentality installed connected a vehicle.

Other discounts for young drivers offered by State Farm include:

  • Drive Safe & Save Discount: This programme uses accusation from your smartphone aliases your vehicle’s OnStar aliases SYNC connection work to cipher your discount.
  • Defensive Driving Course Discount: Young drivers who complete a protect driving people tin person 10% to 15% disconnected their yearly car security premiums.
  • Student Away astatine School Discount: If you are a student nether nan property of 25 and you are surviving distant from location while enrolled successful school, you mightiness suffice for this discount.
  • Good Student Discount: This discount tin trim your car security premiums by arsenic overmuch arsenic 25%, but you do person to station bully grades to qualify.

Geico is 1 of nan astir price-competitive car insurers connected nan market, and it offers rather a fewer discounts and programs for young drivers. For starters, this supplier offers a family pricing programme that lets young drivers get nan aforesaid argumentation rates arsenic knowledgeable drivers wrong nan aforesaid family. This intends young drivers get nan chance to found a bully driving record without paying precocious premiums that are emblematic for caller drivers.

Geico besides offers an Accident Forgiveness Program for drivers of each ages. This discount applies to only 1 personnel of nan family connected a azygous policy, but it helps forestall surging premiums successful nan arena of an at-fault accident.

Other celebrated discounts from GEICO see nan following:

  • Good Driver Program: Young drivers tin prevention up to 22% disconnected car security premiums pinch nan Five-Year Accident-Free Good Driver Discount.
  • Government Employee Discount: This discount is valid pinch participating employers, yet it’s besides disposable to national employees. It tin trim your premium by up to 12%.
  • Military Discount: Save up to 15% disconnected your premiums if you’re a personnel of nan military.
  • Good Student Discount: This discount is disposable to drivers betwixt nan ages of 16 and 24 who are full-time students pinch a “B” mean aliases better.

If you’re a personnel of nan subject aliases an eligible family member, you whitethorn besides suffice for car security done USAA. This institution is 1 of nan highest-rated security companies crossed nan board, and they connection an array of programs and discounts for young drivers and teenage drivers alike.

As an example, USAA offers a programme called SafePilot that tin thief anyone prevention up to 30% disconnected their car security premiums if they complete a safe driving programme and unrecorded successful an eligible state. Families who person a teen connected their argumentation tin besides thief their kids prevention erstwhile they time off nan next. In fact, big children of USAA car security customers suffice for a 10% family discount.

Other USAA discounts for young drivers are listed below:

  • Driver Training Discount: It’s imaginable to prevention connected car security premiums if you are nether nan property of 21 and consenting to complete a driver training aliases protect driving course.
  • Safe Driving Discount: You tin trim your premiums by maintaining a bully driving grounds for astatine slightest 5 years.
  • Good Student Discount: Young drivers get a discount pinch bully grades astatine school, and students from ages 16 to 25 whitethorn beryllium eligible.
  • Family Discount: Pay little for car security erstwhile you adhd a teen aliases young big to an existing family policy.

Car Insurance Guide

Before you settee connected a caller car security policy, you should understand nan ins and outs of car security for young drivers. For example, you’ll want to investigation nan different types of car insurance, arsenic good arsenic nan average costs of car insurance based connected nan argumentation you buy, wherever you live, and different factors.

How Does Car Insurance for Younger Drivers Work?

Car security for young drivers useful nan aforesaid arsenic sum for anyone else, yet this benignant of security protection tends to beryllium much costly overall. The truth is, young drivers person considerably little acquisition connected nan road, and they consistently person accidents astatine a overmuch higher complaint arsenic a result. According to nan CDC connected mean 18 teens dice each time successful fatal car crashes. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that teens aged 16-19 are 3x much apt to get successful a clang compared to those 20 years aliases older.

To relationship for this accrued level of risk, car security companies complaint higher premiums for nan aforesaid types of coverage.

Generally speaking, however, car security rates thin to spell down erstwhile individuals move astatine slightest 25 pinch a safe driving record. Getting joined tin besides thief little car security premiums considerably, arsenic tin becoming a homeowner, having a good in installments score, and achieving different important life milestones.

As we noted already, nan mean premium for young drivers varies depending connected wherever you live, whether you stay connected a parent’s argumentation and different factors. However, a caller report from The Zebra shows that immoderate property groups thin to salary overmuch higher premiums overall, including immoderate circumstantial property groups beneath 25.

According to 2023 figures released successful nan study, drivers successful nan “teen” property group salary nan most, pinch a emblematic 16-year-old driver paying an mean of $6,034 per twelvemonth for their ain car security policy. Meanwhile, nan mean yearly costs for each teenagers useful retired to $4,796 annually.

From there, each property group gets a amended woody connected car security premiums until drivers scope their 60s and prices statesman to tick up. The floor plan beneath shows nan mean car security premium by property group successful 2023:

Driver Age GroupAverage Car Insurance Premium (Annual)

How to Lower Car Insurance Costs

Whether you determine to lease aliases bargain a car aliases you’re presently driving an aged beater while you hold for nan best clip to bargain a caller car, location are plentifulness of steps you tin return to people much affordable car security premiums. Some of nan champion strategies you tin usage to save money are elaborate below:

  • Avoid accidents and moving violations. Getting into an mishap aliases getting a summons (or several) tin origin your car security rates to surge higher than they already are. To get nan cheapest car insurance possible, you’ll request to support a safe driving grounds for nan agelong haul.
  • Be consenting to return driving courses. You whitethorn beryllium capable to prevention money connected car security if you complete a teen driver acquisition people aliases a protect driving course. Make judge to cheque pinch your car security institution to spot which of these options tin thief you people a discount.
  • Check for each imaginable discounts. You whitethorn suffice for car security discounts you don’t moreover cognize about, but you’ll ne'er cognize unless you check. See whether your security institution offers conveyance information discounts, bundled argumentation discounts, loyalty discounts, aliases different discounts that tin thief you prevention money.
  • Get bully grades. If you’re a college student and you tin support a bully people constituent average, chances are bully you tin people a discount connected your car security premiums. For nan astir part, bully people discounts spell to those who tin support a GPA of 3.0 aliases amended (or equivalent).
  • Stay connected your parent’s car security scheme arsenic overmuch arsenic possible. Generally speaking, car security rates for young adults are little erstwhile they’re added to an existing policy. With that successful mind, it tin thief to put disconnected buying your ain car security argumentation for arsenic agelong arsenic you can.

These are conscionable immoderate of nan car security discounts for students, but location mightiness beryllium others depending connected nan institution you take for coverage. When you shop astir for your car security policy, make judge to inquire which discounts you mightiness beryllium eligible for.


You whitethorn besides prevention connected nan costs of owning a car if you put successful a coagulated car warranty. The best car warranties require an upfront costs aliases regular payments, but they tin thief you debar pricey car repairs down nan line.

How We Found nan Best Car Insurance for Younger Drivers

To find nan champion car security companies connected nan marketplace today, we looked for providers who person an ‘A’ standing aliases amended for financial spot from A.M. Best.

We besides looked for companies that connection highly-rated mobile apps, arsenic good arsenic those that advertise typical programs and discounts for teen drivers.

Finally, we only considered car security companies that person an ‘A’ standing aliases amended pinch nan Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Summary of nan Best Car Insurance for Younger Drivers May 2024

  • Nationwide: Best for Teen Drivers
  • American Family: Best for Usage-Based Discounts
  • Allstate: Best for Good Students
  • State Farm: Best for Safe Vehicle Discounts
  • Geico: Best Discounts Overall
  • USAA: Best for Military